Monday, September 04, 2006

September 11, Where is the anger?

September 4, 2006

Last evening, my wife and I watched the Discovery Channels specials on the attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Titled “What Really Happened When... Inside the Twin Towers” and “Attack on the Pentagon.” We are within days of the 5-year anniversary of this tragic and unparalled sneak attack on our soil and citizens.

Throughout the programs, we watched as the horrors of the morning were relived along with some reenactments of those who selflessly gave their lives rescuing and saving others. Interviews with loved ones of those who died were shown along with interviews of those who survived the horrific attack, some horribly disfigured today due to severe burns and injuries.

We listened as a Navy Chief Petty Officer that worked at the Pentagon described losing his 11-year-old son who was on Flight 77 that fateful day. We watched as one man and his wife were interviewed and as the camera panned to him today, he was revealed as a horribly disfigured person, missing much of his flesh still due to extreme burns. A man very lucky to even be alive. A little girl was spoken of by her Mom as she recalled her daughter urging Mom to take her to the Pentagon to help pull Grandpa out of the building, finally looking at the TV and tearfully saying, “bye bye, grandpa.”

People spoke about cell phone calls they received from loved ones who were stranded in the Twin Towers, thinking they would soon escape. People that were rushed out by the brave New York City firefighters were shown with tears in their eyes still because those firefighters didn’t get out, but died trying to rescue even more people. Office workers were shown in reenactments selflessly directing people to safety while refusing to leave themselves until they knew others were safe. Men spoke of their own cowardice of not remaining to help, opting instead to flee the burning and soon to collapse buildings and who live with guilt today.

Firefighters that were trapped in the rubble of the collapsed buildings and were rescued were shown recounting their hours of being trapped in a fluke two-story area of the rubble of the North Tower that didn’t fully collapse, allowing them the chance to survive, yet denying it to so many others on other floors. A civilian woman who was with them recounted her own feelings of despair and relief as they were rescued hours later.

In all, a very heart wrenching yet necessary reminder of the horrors our fellow citizens went through that day.

What struck us both as very odd was towards the end of the programs; nearly all they actually showed expressing similar sentiments. In their own way, they expressed no anger, no outrage; one even saying it just doesn’t matter any more. Can we imagine if survivors of the sneak attack against Pearl Harbor had no anger? Would our young men have flooded to enlistment offices in 1941 if the country had no anger? Could we have won World War Two if our country held no anger to be channeled against the enemy and drive them back to their homeland, defeating their totalitarian regimes, then helping them rebuild to become functioning free societies today?

I will not judge the emotions of those loved ones and survivors. While I watched the horrors on Television some 3,000 miles away, they experienced it first hand. But, I just don’t understand this emotion of forgiveness over an unwarranted, unprecedented attack and slaughter of nearly 3,000 innocent people as this, knowing it is bound to happen again if we don’t stay on our toes.

Many others throughout the nation seem to express the same sentiment of harboring no ill will against these terrorists, seemingly seeing them as innocent third world “freedom fighters” so oppressed by American policy that they have no recourse but to engage in suicide attacks against our wealth and success.

Have we fallen back asleep? Do we honestly feel these terrorists aren’t bent on world domination, but are so oppressed they need to attack us, the ones who actually buy their products?

Next Sunday, September 10, 2006, we may see the answer to these and other questions as the Discovery Channel shows another special, “The Price of Security,” hosted by Ted Koppel. Given that Liberals like Mr. Koppel have fought every security measure that the current administration has tried to institute or propose, one can only imagine the slant of this inaugural report by Ted Koppel. Being billed as a debate the nation "must have before the next terrorist attack happens," I will be very surprised if anything other then the usual left-leaning diatribe masquerading as a “fair debate.”

I can only wonder, where is our nations anger? How will we win the War on Terror if so many have forgiven those that planned the attacks and trained the 19 to carry out the sneak attacks of September 11, 2001 and humanized our latest enemy?

How can we have forgotten our anger so soon?



Anonymous said...

Your article and thoughts created a stir on Free

Thought you'd be interested in how people still feel a great deal about September 11.

Link to responses:

LewWaters said...

Thanks, I have been watching it.

We on the right still hold anger over it, but I am mostly addressing a National Anger that seems to be missing. Too many have simply moved on and forgiven.

I will not forgive!

Anonymous said...

Nice, thought provoking article. I caught the wee am hour repeat and found several video clips I never saw before. One of the clips that I found most striking included the sound of the collapse of the first tower (a sound I only heard for the first time). The horror of that sound and the screams of pedestrians running for their lives, followed by near deafening silence broken by the countless alarms coming from every direction. I shake thinking about it again.

As for the forgiveness . . .perhaps these generous survivors are of the belief the 19 terrorists (as part of that minority of believers who hijacked a religion) were solely responsible.

It's a foolish and ignorant ideal to give 1400 years of jihad conquest the benefit of the doubt.
The ideological foundation as the example of their prophet (the perfect man, uswa hasana, al-insan al-kamil) remains intact, hence the threat for future jihad continues to exist.

I still have my anger. I will never forget, nor will I ever forgive.

LewWaters said...

Thanks for your comment. I too saw and heard clips I had never seen before. The eerie sounds of it all are chilling.

Another clip I heard recently was a man near the top of the South Tower, the first to collapse, on his cell phone, nervous and agitated, as anyone would be.

His please for help were interspersed with profanities and the 911 operator was doing her best to calm the man.

They had the call timed to video of the outside of the building. As it started collapsing, all that could be heard was him screaming "OH GOD, OH GOD" into the phone, then deathly silence.

I don't ever want to lose my anger lest I not support the total destruction of the pure evil that brought this senseless and brutal murder of nearly 3,000 of our citizens.

It isn't a blind anger, but a focused anger. Focused on seeing these evil doers behind the 19 who carried this our utterly destroyed.

Anonymous said...

I didn't see any of this, but I've not lost any of my anger or sadness or resolve. I didn't lose anyone close to me and my heart breaks for those who did, but all of America must understand, this happened it New York and Washington, D.C. and Pennsylvania, but it was done to all of us. We shouldn't have to wait till 3000 more or even more die to understand they want us dead.....even the lefties.

Anonymous said...

the amount of able bodied ,young men walking around living lives of normalcy,continuing school/jobs/social lives---while your kids are out there in the service,speaks volumes for the state of this city (ny) and the mind set.
it's very hard to express this.
we will never forget what we witnessed that day and are getting very tired of carrying the dead weight of the left,the big mouths,the indecisive, etc.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for providing an angle on how 9/11 is being "memorialized." Now I wished I'd seen the program. As for anger, my first thought is that considering how much the US does for other countries - direct $ aid, intervention, allowing immigrants in here - that our anger would not only be more "out there" but also more precise and effective.

When the Red Army got to Berlin, nearly 100,000 German women were raped; nothing close to that happened in the Allied zones. Soft-hearted types think that anger is "bad" or "counterproductive" or maybe they equate it with "hate" (another favorite "bad" word of the sappy sentimentalists). But because we are often generous and tolerant, our anger can, should have more moral and more real force.

(Such are the thoughts your post kicked in for me.)

LewWaters said...

Jeremiah, what I hope for is that more people rekindle the anger they felt the morning of 9/11. Not a blind anger wanting to lash out, but a focused anger desiring to eliminate this scourge that brought this upon us.

All the finger pointing towards politicians past and present, isn't going to get the job done. Focusing on the destruction of this radical faction of Islam that sends subordinates to their death with an empty promise of something better will.

After they are neutralized, I hope the rest of Islam will see the hatred of the Jews is futile and will learn to co-exist.

I can always hope, but we will see on that one. One thing at a time.