Monday, October 30, 2006

Clinton Lies, Kerry Cries

October 30, 2006

With mid-term elections just days away, the Democrats, hoping to re-grab power in Washington D.C. are sparing no expense and pulling no punches, thinking they have the Republicans on the ropes. Listening to our lamestream media one would think Democrats are shoe-in next week, but seeing the pleas coming in my email, apparently even the Democrats can see it isn’t a slam dunk, like they wish.

Today is another one of those days I received two emails pleading for donations and slamming Republicans. One was from former President and prominent draft dodger and womanizer, B.J. Clinton. The other was from failed 2004 Presidential candidate, John ‘F’in Kerry (who is rumored to have once served in Viet Nam).

From Clinton’s plea, we read, “We cannot continue in the same direction that we have been going for these last five and a half years. The extreme ideological approach of the Republican leadership in Washington is spectacularly ill-suited to face the challenges of today and tomorrow. We need a Democratic majority to take us in a new direction.”

Just what “new direction” would that be? The same direction he placed the country in during his 8 years of acting like a President? Where he ignored terrorism and played with a White House intern? Where he obstructed justice in probes of his own misconduct, lying and being impeached by the House of Representatives for lying under oath? Maybe where he cut defense and intelligence spending, reduced the size and capability of our Military while deploying them more than Presidents before them, ordering them to run away like dogs with their tails between their legs when attacked and bodies of our brave fighting men were drug through the streets? Maybe he means another massive tax increase on all Americans, not just the wealthy, as they so fond of claiming, stifling economic growth, preventing minority Americans from attaining the American Dream of owning a home.

That is just a small portion of what we saw during his Presidency and given the chance, Democrats will bring us back to that, while we are at war!

He continues, “It's as simple as this: a small group of the Republican Party controls Washington. It is the most right-wing, radical, special-interest-dominated segment of their party.”

I wonder why he doesn’t name this “small group of the most right-wing, radical, special-interest-dominated Republicans?” Surely, since he speaks of them, he can identify them.

He neglects to mention that if Democrats return to power, it will be a case of “a small group of the Democrat Party controlling Washington. The most left-wing, radical, special-interest-dominated segment of their party.” Power would be placed in the hands of Democrats like Pelosi, Kerry, Kennedy, Rangel, Conyers, Feinstein, Waxman, Hastings, Reid and others. These left-leaning Democrats have repeatedly voted against nearly every measure President Bush has tried to install to protect America, after the devastating attacks of September 11, 2001. They have filibustered Judicial Nominations, a U.N. Ambassador and demanded captured detainees be treated with dignity, respect and with kid-gloves, preventing them from possibly giving up information on future plans for terrorist attacks.

Clinton carries on, “These people believe they already have all the answers, and, therefore, differences of opinions are irrelevant. That is why they govern and campaign on an ethos of divide and conquer.”

Previously, I posted about an email as these I received today, one from B.J. Clinton received on September 27, 2006, titled, “The Difference Between Us and Them.” Who is actually trying to “divide and conquer?” Ever since President Bush won the tightly contested election in 2000 and again in 2004, we have been inundated with messages of incompetence, lies, special interests, corruption and on and on and on, nearly every single day by Democrats and their willing accomp0lices in the lamestream media.

I even challenged the left to show me some pro-Bush articles from the lamestream media since he took office in January 2001 to prove the media isn’t biased against him. One person thought of the 2004 Times Man of the Year, which went to George W. Bush. That’s it, one article, in 6 years. To count the anti-Bush tirades I would need help from my calculator. But, Clinton can now claim it is Republicans trying to “divide and conquer?” I don’t think so!

Clinton adds, “Look at their "stay the course" policy on Iraq and Afghanistan. Look at their insistence on cutting taxes for the wealthiest Americans, while adding $3 trillion to the national debt. Look at their energy and Medicare policies, which leave middle-class families struggling, while the oil and drug companies see record profits. Look at their refusal to raise the minimum wage, and their cuts in college aid.”

Democrats seem to think throwing out the catchy phrase “staying the course” shows Bush isn’t facing the challenges of the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. Quite the contrary, “stay the course” actually means finish the mission, reducing terrorism to an ineffective group of crybabies again, not a force of radicals hell-bent on world domination.

He speaks the common Democrat lie of “tax cuts to the wealthy,” an open attempt at class envy between Americans. Speak of “divide and conquer.” I don’t know about you, but I received that tax cut as well. I’m far from wealthy, just an everyday average blue collar worker who will never see any wealth if Democrats continue taking so much of my paycheck to give away to their “special interest groups.”

Let’s look the “energy and Medicare policies.” It’s been Democrats blocking all efforts at drilling for oil in known large oil reserves in Alaska and off the coast. It is they who have refused to allow refineries to be built to process oil into gasoline. And Medicare? Seems to me more people are using than ever before, especially since Bush raised and added the prescription benefit as he did. Of course, in more attempts at class envy, he can’t resist taking a shot at “oil and drug company profits.” He fails to mention most of their profits come from overseas investments and operations. Then again, isn’t it drug companies they are fighting so hard to receive federal money for embryonic stem cell research? This, so far, has shown no positive outcome to help disadvantaged people needing medical help. Why do they need more money while the Democrats are complaining they have too much?

And finally, “refusal to raise minimum wage?” BWAHAHAHA!!!!! Did he miss it being the Democrats that refused to vote for the last projected increase because they might have to reduce the death tax on estates of people who have left something for their survivors?

Clinton concludes, “They have certainly shown us what they're capable of.”

Yes, Mr. Clinton, they have and so have you and your cronies in the Democrat party. That’s why Congress has been under Republican control since 1994 and also why President Bush has been elected twice. God help the nation should you succeed in your subterfuge of misleading the sheeple into believing there are so bad off. You don’t mention that home ownership is at an all time high, unemployment is the lowest in decades and budget deficit is lower than it has been for a very long time, in the middle of a war! Things are a lot better for America then when you ran the country, B.J. Clinton.

John Kerry (suspected of being a Viet Nam veteran) chimes in, stumping for his favored few, “In the NH-01 district, Carol Shea-Porter has mobilized an army of active, fired-up volunteers to take on an attack campaign run by a close ally of Karl Rove. And in NH-02, Democrat Paul Hodes is facing a merciless barrage of special interest-funded attack ads.”

Once again, we see some “unnamed” ally of a Republican, as if they are a big secret and revealing their names might be offensive. So what is a friend of Karl Rove helps a candidate? You can’t tell me that screaming Louisianan James Carville doesn’t have friends helping others and that he isn’t helping campaigns himself. With his red-faced demeanor and constant screaming and intimidation, Democrats should be scared of him, should they cross his path, not soft spoken Karl Rove.

I just love it when they claim “special interest-funded attack ads.” What does the recent gaff released on TV by Michael J. Fox qualify as? He admitted he hasn’t even read the bill he is stumping for and we should listen to him? He and the have kept the lies of Rush Limbaugh’s comments about his own actions in that ad going, knowing full well that what was said in the ad was a lie. Even if he didn’t know it was a lie, it has been exposed and he doesn’t retract anything he said. Another example of pot calling the kettle black.

Kerry continues, “Our third candidate is Iowa's Leonard Boswell, who is facing more than $1 million in attacks from a group with direct links to the people who funded the Swift Boat attacks of 2004.”

Still sore over former shipmates and others that served either with him or alongside of him and then exposing him for the phony and opportunist he is, Kerry tries to convince voters that the Swift vets were funded by Republicans. Well hello, Kerry, Democrats wouldn’t be expected to donate money to them, would they? Yes, an initial very generous donation was made to get them started. After that, their funds were backed by little people like yours truly. Literally thousands of devoted Americans stood up and sent what we could afford to get their message out and stop Kerry from seeing the view of the Oval Office from behind the President’s desk.

That’s called a “grassroots” movement, Kerry. Not only legal, but a first in my lifetime that so many, Veteran and non, that came forward opposing one we all saw was not going to make America better. Instead of always whining, why not make your entire Military Jacket, un-sanitized, available to the entire public? Why won’t you allow the scrutiny of your record, as you demanded of President Bush’s? Questions were raised and still remain unanswered because your refuse to make your records public.

From these 2 emails I have to conclude the “slam dunk” next Tuesday isn’t as secure as they think. Once again, Democrats rely on obfuscation and disinformation to make their candidates appear as conservatives while they bash conservatism. That is the only way Democrats can get elected, though, pretending to have some conservative values, just as the bulk of America has.

Time to wake up, America. Democrats are once again trying to mislead you to return them to power. You want outrageous taxes again? You want to be forced to drive less and in a tin box? You want a return to the draft? You want even more gridlock in Washington, while we are at war? Do you want to see the brave sacrifice of our fighting people besmirched and go for naught, again? Then, vote for Democrats.

As for me, I’ll vote for real Americans, conservatives. Hopefully, they can show the RINOs either the error of their ways, or the door.



Jeremayakovka said...

Your distaste at Democrats is so clear, and I share it.

Yet I would temper that with the following: No matter which party prevails next Tuesday, neither will have a mandate to govern in the next Congress. In many ways it will be scratch-and-claw, thisgate and thatgate through the next election cycle. And that the GOP has not expanded its clear mandate of the mid 90s is to its, and the nation's, discredit.

LewWaters said...

Jeremiah, for me, a recovering Democrat myself, it's Liberal Democrats that raise my ire. They are little more than Socialist orges, in my estimation.

True, neither party will carry a mandate next week. If the Republicans maintain their majority, we are still stuck with many RINOs that abandoned the clear message they ran on in 1994 that appealed to America.

Like Democrats, power went to their heads and retianing office becomes their number one priority. This is where I think Term Limits should be imposed on them, regardless of their performance.

The left thinking that permiates Congress has done a lot of damage and it wil be very difficult to overcome, especially with so many thinking that is the real America, where they sit on their butts and just take from others.

We have to start somewhere to clean things up and handing Democrats back the reigns of power will do nothing but make matters much worse.

A strong conservative third party, true to Reagans conservative principles would be a big help.

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