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Nancy Pelosi, Too Liberal for America

October 29, 2006

In an article today (click the title to access the article) Robert Caldwell has very adequately exposed the very left leanings of Nancy Pelosi (D. Ca.). For some time, I and many conservatives have been speaking out tying to show the country just what damage this woman could do should the Democrat Party regain political power in Washington D.C. in the upcoming mid-year elections.

In the article, Mr. Caldwell says, “Pelosi is fond of deflecting the “San Francisco Democrat” charge by noting that as a mother and grandmother, she's hardly the left-wing icon figure her critics allege.”

I am a Father and Grandfather as well. That fact affords one nothing! It does not take my conservatism away from me or hide it. On the contrary, I am proud of my conservative values. If, as Ms. Pelosi does, one needs to hide their political leanings and deflect attention from their values, or lack thereof, could it be that even she realizes her values are against what America stands for? Do we really want someone third in line for the Presidency that isn’t up front about their values, or lack thereof?

Caldwell goes on to say, “Less than a year after 9/11, Pelosi said publicly that she didn't consider the United States at war. This year, she said that national security should not be a campaign issue in the 2006 midterm elections.”

Am I the only one that can see the glaring danger in her attitude? Maybe she doesn’t consider us at war, but we are. National Security is a very big issue and one that September 11, 2001 should have taught us all. There is a very gruesome enemy in the Middle East with operative freely roaming within our borders just waiting for the chance to another massive attack. This enemy, radical Islamofascism, desires to dominate the entire world with their misguided and highly oppressive version of Islam. And, Ms. Pelosi doesn’t think we are at war or that national Security is an issue?

Says Caldwell, “Pelosi voted repeatedly against the counterterrorism Patriot Act, opposed creation of the Department of Homeland Security and voted against a resolution condemning the leak of the National Security Agency's highly classified program for monitoring terrorist communications.”

I guess since we are not at war, by Pelosi’s misguided thoughts, we don’t need the measures to prevent another 9/11. Makes me wonder if she even realizes nearly 3,000 citizens lost their lives that day to radical Muslims.

All potential appointments she wants would end up raising taxes, not just on the wealthy, but on us all. Two she wants in leadership positions, Conyers and Rangle, are the only two Congressmen to propose and try to pass a new Military draft, forcing people against their will to serve in our Military, something even the Military doesn’t wish at this time.

Her and her cronies have repeatedly voted against appropriations for our Intelligence agencies, actually reducing the size and scope of them early on in the Clinton administration. Maybe that is why warnings of 9/11 were missed.

She denies they will try to impeach George Bush once she is in power, something that her past words have clearly indicated she does desire. Can the country afford this direction while we have people fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan in a war she says doesn’t exist? Can the last two years of his administration be so distracted that we lose even more brave troops and actually lose the War on Terror, inviting more radicals to attack us within our shores again?

She blasts Bush on border security, and rightfully so, I think. But what of her own party? What have they done during their 40 year tenure in control of Congress to secure the borders and ebb the tide of illegal immigrants? Isn’t it the Democrats that have told Illegals to vote for them so they can continue receiving benefits from Social Security when they haven’t paid in a dime? She has no room to complain but instead should standing with Bush to curtail this massive invasion of Illegals.

Caldwell closes his article with, “Most of Nancy Pelosi's Democrats are too liberal for the country. Worse yet, they would be decidedly weak in protecting national security in a time of war. That ought to be a determining factor for voters about to make some fateful choices.”

How very true. We cannot afford to vote in someone that desires to see the downfall of our country while claiming to be patriotic.

I urge any who are considering voting Democrat to rethink your position. America cannot afford the likes of Nancy Pelosi having such a powerful position within our government. While Mr. Caldwell says she is just too liberal, I think she is just too subversive as well as hypocritical.

She and her husband own a NAPA Valley vineyard. She says that labor unions are vital to negotiating good wages and working conditions. She won the Cesar Chavez award from the United Farmworkers Union in 2003. However, in the vineyard owned by her and her husband, they will not use members of the United Farmworkers Union, they hire only non-Union employees. In the hotel and restaurants they co-own, once again, non-union employees. Can we afford someone so hypocritical who would be just as hypocritical in her leadership?

In a September email received from her, she said, “I promise you that we will not be intimidated for one second by this despicable attempt by the White House to scare Americans.” Since when is warning of terrorists considered despicable? Once again, she shows that 9/11 was nothing to her and she would set us up for a repeat.

In a June 2005 speech addressing a Bush speech, she said, “The President missed an opportunity tonight for straight talk to the American people. He would have done more to honor the sacrifices of the brave men and women of the All-American Division before whom he spoke had he given all Americans specifics about a strategy for success in Iraq.”

Can you see the dangerous fallacy here? If we state our strategy outwardly, the terrorists also hear it and can counter it. And, Pelosi thinks we should give our plans to our enemies? Is she nuts?

Clearly, as I have said many times and now as Robert Caldwell as joined in on, Nancy Pelosi is not right for America. Her party, Liberal Democrats, is not right for America.

We cannot afford these people running our country ever again.


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