Thursday, October 05, 2006

Pelosi Thinks They Are Winning; Kerry Hawks a Movie

October 5, 2006

It’s unusual I receive two emails in the same day from the DCCC, but I did just that today. One from Nancy Pelosi and the other from John ‘F’in Kerry (you do realize he served in Viet Nam?).

In Pelosi’s, the desperation is apparent as she tries to convince herself and followers that they are winning. In the same old nonsense we always read:

“After years of unbridled corruption and deception, under the pressure of a relentless Democratic surge, the Republican Party is imploding with just over 30 days left before Election Day.”

Sorry, Nancy, but nothing is further from the truth. You may think you have the conservatives on the ropes, but don’t be surprised to find out you are wrong. As Yogi Berra once said, “it ain’t over until it’s over.”

“On issue after issue, they have shown they cannot be trusted. Whether it is corruption within their ranks, the truth about what is happening in Iraq and why we are there, or putting the struggles of working families above handouts for their special-interest friends. They have squandered the trust of our nation -- and they know it.”

Ms. Pelosi, if you desire to discuss “corruption,” perhaps you need to look into your own party closets. Maybe you could start by explaining just how three-year-old IMs that were sent as pranks between two adults have become the scandal du jour. Maybe you could also explain to constituents why it is you demand an investigation in he Foleygate matter, yet have stated you will block attempts at appointing a top-notch investigator to investigate the matter, Louis Freeh. Maybe you could also explain to the nation why, if you had nothing to do with any of it, this close to elections, why you refuse to submit to a polygraph, testify under oath or submit a sworn affidavit yourself? What are you hiding, Ms. Pelosi?

“The Republicans are desperate. The only thing they have left to offer is fear. And the fear mongering is turned up to full volume in congressional races all across the country. Their attacks will get dirtier. Their lies will get more outrageous.”

Ms. Pelosi, grow up. You are an adult now and even though you have that evil liberal streak, informing the nation there is still a strong terrorist threat, a threat that was started under the Democrats watch, incidentally, is not “fear-mongering.” You complain because President Bush didn’t do anything pre-911 and you complain now because he has effectively prevented a repeat.

As for “dirty tricks” and “outrageous lies,” Puleeze. The Foleygate scandal speaks louder than anything the Republicans have done. In 2000, your party waited until the final days to spring an almost 30 year-old DUI charge on President Bush. In 2004, your party started on a campaign outing Vice-President Cheney’s daughter as a lesbian in a vane effort to disenfranchise right wing voters. In 2000, your party tried desperately to steal a legitimate election in Florida, even to the point of disallowing absentee military mail-in ballots because of a minor technicality. In 2004, a false memo appeared accusing George Bush’s former TNC Commander as speaking against him. I guess it really helped that the man being quoted was deceased.

NO, Ms. Pelosi, your party has a copyright on “dirty” tactics and you are using them to their fullest extent.

John Kerry sends in his email:

“You and I know that President Bush and his administration have created a disaster in Iraq -- and instead of setting a deadline to bring our heroes home and make Iraqis stand up for Iraq, the administration says "stay the course."

Lurch, your lies and anti-American activities helped lose another war that had a deadline. That ended up costing millions of deaths needlessly. You like a catchy phrase like “stay the course,” but the “course” is our protection and freedom for the Iraqis. Your Advocacy for “cut and run” is typical of someone desiring for America and it’s allies to fail. Your Communist Nirvana failed. Bringing America to it’s knees this time won’t rush in a Socialist haven, it will end up allowing us to be overrun by terrorists intent on imposing Sharia law, on you as well as us.

“This Administration is terrified that enough Americans now realize that the war in Iraq has overstretched our military, served as a recruitment tool for terrorists, divided and pushed away our traditional allies, diverted critical billions of dollars from the real front lines against terrorism, and diminished our moral authority in the world.”

Again, slick words, but your defeatist attitude, desiring to be seen as someone important, is very laughable. You lost in 2004, get over yourself!

“The idea that American troops were sent into battle without the body armor they needed, and that American tax dollars meant to win the hearts and minds of Iraqis instead lined the pockets of contractors and big corporations while the insurgency grew, is an outrage of historic proportions.”

Care to reveal your profits, Senator? Care to reveal your votes on Military equipment in the past? Care to discuss your speech in 1997 calling on President Clinton to take the very actions President Bush is taking today?

When do you open your FULL and UNSANTITIZED Military Jacket to the public for full scrutiny? Why is you self-proclaimed “war heroes” hide your records from the rest of us?

“And the big Republican dollars flowing from the same Texas Republicans who funded the Swift Boat smears of 2004 are being spent in the hopes of making sure you and your families don't ever hear the truth over the noise of fear.”

Still crying that same nonsense? Yes, Kerry, you were “Swift Boated,” and rightfully so. Of course, you can’t comprehend the true meaning of “Swift Boating.” That being, “exposing the truth about a politician they desperately desire to stay a secret.”

Your paranoia about a “rich Republican Texan” is pitiful. I’m one that donated part of my vast fortune to finance the Swifties. I’m neither rich, a Texan, but am a conservative.

If you wish to disprove any “smears,” just release your FULL and UNSANTITIZED military jacket to the public. Not 3 friendly reporters, Senator, but open to the public for all of us to see. I don’t proclaim any heroism, but will place my full records right next to yours.

“…the new film by Robert Greenwald, "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers," because here in the weeks before the midterm elections we need as big and broad and full-throated a debate as possible about the war in Iraq.”

If profits concern you, Senator, maybe you could reveal what profits your cousin made in a deep-sea port in Vung Tau Viet Nam, right after you and your bud John McLame buried the POW/MIA issue. When do you reveal what agreements were made between you and the North Vietnamese delegates at the Paris Peace Talks you came home advocating after your unauthorized meeting with them during the Viet Nam war.

Before you complain about others, Senator Kerry, explain yourself! You could start by explaining why your discharge is dated 6 years after your ETS date and why it had to be submitted to a Board of Officers. Explain 3 Purple Hearts in 3 months service with not a single day spent in a hospital. Explain a Bronze Star for a standard Man Overboard drill. Explain a Silver Star for shooting and killing a wounded Viet Cong youth.

Mr. Kerry, when you point fingers at others, look down. There are three pointing back straight at you.



Anonymous said...

I keep my email subscriptions to similar organizations, too. The rhetoric is often ripe for the picking. And you're the right guy for picking these.

LewWaters said...

Funny thing, Jeremiah, I never signed up for any of them. I don't know how I got on their mailing list, but I don't complain. I just read, laugh and easily pick them apart.

Ms Calabaza said...

John Kerry was actually able to do one thing. He has knocked off Hillary Clinton on my list of candidates that most scare me as presidential material. Kerry is so smug, hypocritical and elitist that he makes Hillary almost appear to have some human traits.

LewWaters said...

If sKerry thinks the Swift Boat Vets got to him, just wait until he is subjected to the Clinton War Room in the '08 Primaries.

Defeating an opponent isn't good enough for the Clintons, they have to destroy them.

In some ways, I'm looking forward to the Democrat Primaries in '08. Ought to be some fun watching them.