Monday, October 09, 2006

What Price Victory?

October 9, 2006

No, I don’t mean a victory in the War on Terror. I mean the Democratic Party’s efforts at regaining political power in the U.S.

We first saw the frustration in 2000 when Al Gore barely lost the State of Florida to George W. Bush. I can’t fault Gore for desiring a recount when the outcome is that close. But, the endless maneuverings and shady actions we all saw there were just ridiculous. Having a State Supreme Court allow changing recount rules in the middle of the recount to favor Gore was just too obvious. Thankfully, the Supreme Court stepped in and told the Florida Court they may not change the rules in the middle of the game.

Ever since President Bush has been in office the Democrats have spared no effort at unseating him, demanding impeachment over even a sneeze. The attacks of September 11, 2001 came and once again, after a short period of appearing like we were unified, the left wasted no time in claiming Bush did it, he set explosives in the buildings and such. Many in the Democratic Party followed suit by starting to claim he was asleep at the switch and missed signs that the attack was coming. Never mind the previous administration, Democratic, by the way, saw several terrorist attacks worldwide, including one within our shores and did very little about it, other than prosecute a couple terrorists as criminals.

Democrats claimed Bush was slow to respond by not attacking someone over the WTC attacks, prompting President Bush to say, "When I take action, I'm not gonna fire a $2 million missile at a $10 empty tent and hit a camel in the butt." After, some even questioned the plan to attack Afghanistan and take the fight to the Al Qaeda terrorists. Barely 3 weeks into the War, the New York Times was already claiming a quagmire and relating it to Viet Nam.

President Bush said we would go after terrorists wherever they are and their supporters. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein has been an ongoing thorn in the sides of free world and still refused to come clean on his own WMD programs. After a six month long “rush to war,” Bush invaded Iraq and shortly dispatched Saddam into hiding, only to be found later cowering in a dirt hole in the ground.

After virtually every Democrat having claimed the WMD’s were there and dangerous and could possibly fall into the hands of terrorists, Democrats changed their tune and started claiming Bush lied and misled them. Several of these same Democrats called for similar actions to be taken long before George W. Bush was even a candidate for President. Still, they now claim they were misled by Bush and wouldn’t have voted to invade, had they been told the truth.

They also forget they claim Bush to be a stupid and uneducated man with a low I.Q. Could a man that ignorant so easily mislead all the elitist Democrats? Would we even want someone who could be so easily misled leading our nation? I sure don’t.

Many of these same Democrats have said Bush used far too many troops, spreading our Military thin. Others started claiming he didn’t use enough and if manpower was short, we needed another Military Draft. Two Democrats, Rangle and Conyers actually proposed such legislation which ended up being voted down. Of course, the rumors from the left started almost right away that it was Bush trying to draft American youth to turn them into cannon fodder. Claims are made of gross misconduct of our troops because now, Bush has them spread too thin and they are over stressed. No one asks the troops, though.

Democrat Congressmen have spoke on the Floor saying our troops are cold blooded murderers, terrorize women and children in dead of night and comparing them to Nazis and Soviet Gulags over what many did while in College Hazing.

Day after day we hear Democrats and their strategists appear on talk shows claiming the economy is faltering, that the Bush tax cuts (for the wealthy only, of course) were draining our economy. They neglect to also mention the Dow Jones average has set new records recently, unemployment is at an all time low, more people own their own homes than ever before, especially amongst minorities. This, the Democrats declare, is proof the economy is failing.

One of the worst hurricanes to ever hit the country ravished New Orleans and surrounding areas. Right away, Bush was blamed for not doing more, for not having everything needed so the people’s lives living there will not be interrupted, of being to slow to come to the rescue and evacuate those who either could not or would not get out before the massive Hurricane Katrina struck. They never mention Mayor Ray Nagin and Governor Kathleen Blanco taking no action and leaving over 500 fully serviceable buses sitting in the bus barn to be flooded out. Issuing evacuation orders until a mere 12 hours before the hurricane hit also was blamed on Bush, not Mayor Nagin. Could it be because both Nagin and Blanco are Democrats?

One area they could really and truthfully attack Bush is on border enforcement and illegal immigration. They don’t speak too much about this, probably because they too have little or nothing to stem the tide in the 4 decades they were the Congressional power.

Just recently a Republican Representative was discovered to have been engaging in cyber sex with Congressional pages of the same sex. Whether this is deemed criminal remains to be seen. I do see it as an abuse of position, though and the Representative deserved to resign, as he did. That has not stopped the Democrats, who just a few short years earlier excused similar and worse conduct by Democrat Congressmen and even a President, from claiming for every Republicans head over one Republican Congressman’s illicit activity.

I seem to remember hearing actions of actual sexual contact were “private and personal.” They had no bearing on a person’s ability to govern and even character doesn’t even matter. That is, until it was discovered a Republican had been engaging in homosexual cyber sex.

Have Democrats finally found and embraced moral values? Do they now see why the Boy Scouts of America desire to keep homosexuals out of leadership positions over young boys in their troops? Still, the conduct was all Bush’s fault, as expected.

Now, it is highly suspected that North Korea has detonated their first nuclear weapon underground. Once again, you got it, it’s all Bush’s fault and he must be investigated for impeachment because he didn’t prevent this nuclear test. There is still disagreement over whether it as really nuclear or just a lot of regular explosives trying to make it appear to be nuclear.

We have even had the last Democrat Presidential candidate supposedly joking about, “I could have gone to 1600 Pennsylvania and killed the real bird with one stone,” on the Bill Maher television show. Once was the time even joking about killing a sitting President got you a visit from the Secret Service.

The country is much divided, maybe even bitterly divided and yes, they lay that on Bush and Republicans as well, ignoring their constant drone of discontent and trying to convince America how bad off they are under Republicans in the White House and running both houses of Congress.

Is it worth destroying the country to reclaim power lost by their own malfeasance?

Apparently they think so as they are not letting up one iota.

It all reminds me of how the Soviet Union came into being after the Bolshevik Revolution towards the end of World War One. Russia too was ripped apart and reborn as the Communist Soviet Union that also failed to produce and ended up falling, as has every Socialist Regime ever established.

I fear this is what we will end up with if Democrats regain Control of Congress next month. We will see investigation after investigation in efforts to impeach Bush. We will see tax cuts reversed and raised. Jobs and wages will once again stagnate and more imposing regulations will be passed further stripping us of basic liberties, for the good of all, mind you.

In the end consider one thing. If, as Democrats claim, Bush is so dumb, do you want people running Congress that were so easily misled by one with such lack of intelligence? I don’t.

To regain power, the Democrats don’t care what they have to do or who may get hurt. It’s regain power at any price for them and it will cost the rest of the country heavily should it happen.



Anonymous said...

So sad and true. If there is a silver lining, perhaps we need two years of a Democrat Congress for the country to wake up for the 2008 election.

LewWaters said...

That may very well happen, sad to say. I certainly hope not as once back in power, there is no telling what damage they will do in two short years.

It all still reminds me a lot of the Bolshevik Revolution. Destroy society as we know it and they step in to take charge, which is their plan all along.

Sad to say also, many will never wake up, having been indoctrinated in our fine liberal institutions of brainwashing.