Friday, October 27, 2006

Where Do Democrats Stand?

October 27, 2006

Less than 2 weeks left before ballots are collected, tallied and hopefully, not subjected to endless recounts to favor one party stealing an election, and what do we still hear? The Government is Broken. Bush is a failure. Allen is a racist. McGavick will privatize Social Security. Irey’s husband made money off of the Iraq War. Republicans hate Blacks and gays, but have them secretly in the party. Foley is corrupt, so that makes every Republican corrupt. DeLay is indicted and in politics, that’s as good as convicted.

DeLay can’t remove himself from the ballot to let someone else run, after he resigned, because Democrats sued to force his name to stay on, giving them an decidedly strong advantage, running against someone who resigned and is not running, or so they think.

In Florida, a simple sign to inform voters that voting for Foley is actually a vote for his replacement, state Sen. Joe Negron, is blocked in court by the Democrat party. Isn’t this the same party that in the 2000 Gore grab for the electoral votes complained that voters couldn’t tell just for sure who they were voting for? Now, they block efforts to let voters know who they are actually voting for.

Fortunately, just today, an appeals court ruled that election workers could pass out signs to voters listing all of the candidates

Also received in today’s mail is a flyer from the Washington State Democratic Central Committee bashing challenger to Democrat Maria Cantwell, Mike McGavick, over his tenure with Safeco, once failing Insurance Company that he lead out of near bankruptcy. Imagine, he saved a multi-billion dollar company and got a bonus for that! Maybe Democrats would be happier had he let the company fail and everyone working for Safeco lost their jobs?

Candidates try to inject issues into the campaign and in return, they find themselves shielding mud pies thrown at them, with no mention of issues at all. In the Cantwell McGavick campaign, we see Mike always mentioning his stand on pertinent issues while the Cantwell camp can only try to say she took tough stands and McGavick took a large bonus for saving a major Pacific Northwest company from bankruptcy.

On a more personal note, I do not hesitate in contacting my Representatives over matters I feel important. Even in disagreement, I have always received a kind reply from 2 of them. To date, I have NEVER received any reply from Maria Cantwell’s office. And, I should vote for her?

There are many issues pending this election that could have a major impact on our future. The Tax Breaks that have spurred our economy to the success we see today, although listening to Democrat challengers, one might think it a depression we are in. The War on Terror, particularly in Iraq. Other than Bush is incompetent and should be impeached, he’s a liar, a fraud, not elected, and such, what solution have they proposed? Abandoning another ally in their time of need, again?

Is that the Democrats plan to honor nearly 3,000 fallen heroes? Abandon Iraq and let Al Qaeda have it? Stop supporting the Iraqi people and let them fall into disarray? Cut off support for Israel, another fledgling country that is surrounded by enemies?

We also have a flood of illegal immigration facing us today that quite frankly, neither party has been responsive to for decades now. After 9/11, we cannot afford to keep allowing the influx flooding our borders to continue, considering some potential terrorists have also crossed with simple farm workers seeking work. Where do Democrats stand there?

Where are they on National Security, in light of the devastating attacks we suffered just five years ago? Can we afford to place control in those who bragged about killing the Patriot Act, the law passed to give our law enforcement and intelligence people the tools needed to discover and prevent another terrorist attack?

How about our energy needs? They also complain about dependence on foreign oil. Yet, when announcements are made of unusually large oil reserved discovered within out own land, do they support drilling it? Do they support building more refineries to process that oil into gasoline, the same gas they were complaining was costing too much recently?

With the institution of marriage being eroded away, do they stand to protect it or further erode it away? Do they wish to see our National Flag protected or are they pleased to see it burned in protest? Will they support English being our National language or persist in the bilingualism that ends up costing more and more in taxes to print and broadcast in several languages instead of just one?

Will unborn babies continue to be slaughtered by the droves, out of convenience and without parents being notified if it is there underage daughter? Will they take a stand to stop paying Social Security benefits to those that are in our country illegally?

You see, there are several important issues actually facing the country today. In the case of the Republican challenger to Democrat incumbent, Maria Cantwell, I know where he stands; he speaks his values and thoughts. From Cantwell, as with several other Democrats, I get a song and dance about some program they may have played a small hand in and eventually, get to hear how incompetent Bush and Republicans in general are.

If they are really all that incompetent, we voters will see that and will vote for someone else. If we see they are doing well for the country, we will vote to either retain them or replace an incumbent Democrat with them. We are entitled to know where each candidate stands on the issues. How else may we make an intelligent decision and vote according to our conscience?

Maybe that is what the Democrats are hopeful of, that we won’t notice it is actually they who are incompetent and deserve to be out of power, as they have been the past 12 years.

One thing we don’t need is to receive a reply to a pertinent question on important issues of, “well, the Republicans are corrupt and incompetent.” Try telling us how you stand, for a change.


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