Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democrats Pull It Off, It Appears

November 7, 2006

If early reports and calls are to be believed, it looks like the Democrats have either succeeded in fooling enough Americans or stuffing the ballot boxes well enough to have re-stolen control of the House of Representatives. Life goes on.

Of course, now they will have to actually work and do things. We can be the ones nitpicking their every move and opposing every step.

It remains to be seen if they can also steal the Senate.

Something I am gleefully looking forward to with Democrats controlling of the House.

This means that Charlie Rangle (D.N.Y.) will now Head the powerful Ways and Means Committee. As late as last week he was calling for reinstating the Military Draft. I'm giving him all my support to do just that.

Imagine, all the anti-war lefty's that pushed so hard for Democrat Control of Congress getting drafted to serve because a Democrat got his Draft Proposal put through.

They can walk around and whine in their BDU's while I smile wearing my "Don't Blame Me, I Voted Republican" T-Shirt.

You usually get what you ask for, whether you wanted it or not.

For all you Republicans that sat this one out to “teach the Republican Party a lesson,” don’t complain as the stock market goes down, taxes go up, our troops get pulled back and terrorism once again flourishes and we are frozen in time with endless investigations seeking a way to impeach both Bush and Cheney and install Nancy ‘Stretch’ Pelosi as POTUS.


UPDATE: CAUTION, GRAPHIC!!!! Bin Laden thanks America


Anonymous said...

that's right. republicans "win" elections, democrats "steal" them.

LewWaters said...

All day, we have been hearing reports of "irregularities" at predominantly Democrat polling places. One Republicanpoll I heard of ran out of ballot cards and couldn't get more, while a Democrat precinct nearby was getting all they asked for.

Another, a Democrat poll worker denied a Republican poll worker entry citing "we are a 100% Democrat precinct, you don't need to be here."

Spineless Republicans won't challenge these and several others and will just lick their wounds.

As I said on Free Republic, a major difference between Democrats and Republicans is that Democats circle the wagons around their people, Republicans eat theirs.

Ms Calabaza said...

the mainstream media played a tremendous part in informing the public "what the issues are". The Foley and Haggart scandals I believe were perfectly timed. George Allen's "macaca" statement was 3 weeks worth of media attention. Another point, many democrats elected appear to be centrists or at least moderate. The people think they have elected a moderate government but when the leaders of this party take over - watch out (Rangel, Congers,Pelosi, Kennedy ...) I think this will be two years of spinning and investigations with a lameduck president. Do you think it would help if Bush were to quietly ask Rumsfeld to resign?

u∃∃l!∃ said...

The video was thought provoking.
Very biased, but none the less thought provoking.
I have more knowledge of what is right and left, than I do of what is right and wrong.

Anonymous said...

Come on Lew. You love the Republican Party more than you love your country. You can't see straight because of the hatred you hold for your fellow Americans that disagree with you. I will pray for you to rid yourself of the resentment, fear and hate that controls you.

Kodiak said...
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Kodiak said...


If the dem's force a (redeployment)loss on our troops similar to Vietnam, who'll volunteer for a loser military? Charlie's draft will be needed. Maybe he knows something that those who voted democratic don't.

LewWaters said...

Slampussy: You love the Republican Party more than you love your country.

Other than being full of pure unadulterated fertilizer, you haven't a clue. If you had bothered to look through anything I've ever said, you would see that I have always maintained I am a conservative first and a Republican second, as long as they are conservative.

As for loving the country, I'll be happy to compare your DD214s to mine.

You can't see straight because of the hatred you hold for your fellow Americans that disagree with you.

I don't have a problem with disagreeing, but I don't consider you Stalinist Socialist Liberals as true Americans.

As for not seeing straight, wrong again. If you could see beyond the end of your nose you would see teh fallacy of your ways. I'm close to retirement age and ready to draw off the money you will still be paying in to support me. The left loves these entitlement programs and I'm going to enjoy receiving what you pay in.

I've always placed the country's best interest above my own, but at this age, no more. You all can start paying for me to retire soon.

I will pray for you to rid yourself of the resentment, fear and hate that controls you.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! Who to, Allah? Bezelbub?

All the hate came from the left the past 6 years, as I and many bloggers have noted, but I do thank you for a good laugh.

LewWaters said...

Coboble, the media played a very large role. Their bias was so obvious, but unchallenged by the Republicans. Scandals were payed to the hilt, as long as it was a Republican. Democrats involved in any scandal received only cursory mention, as did Kerry's slam against the troops and Clinton's joking about terrorist and illegal aliens. Too many people cannot see the spoon fed propaganda coming out of the lamestream alphabet medias today and believe they are being told truth.

As for right and wrong and right and left, I don't see much difference. I saw as they abandoned Viet Nam and disparage the sacrifice of 58,000 Americans.

We bailed on Somalia and they are now controlled by terrorists with calls of Bush should do something about Darfur.

If reports about the Dems getting control of the Senate now are true, watch as we follow Pelosi's "responsible redeployment." Retreat, when winning, is is just another abandonment.

Of course, as Hamas has called for attacks against America today, we'll see how fast they try to sing Kumbaya to them as well.

Neville Chamberlain must be very happy in his grave, today.

u∃∃l!∃ said...

Lew said "As for right and wrong and right and left, I don't see much difference."

Not seeing or recognizing this difference is a problem.
Tell me what in the platforms of either the right or left indicates that they should come to such different conclusions about the realities which should be used to make decisions concerning Iraq?

I understand why different individuals might come to different conclusions. But I would not expect these differences to fall down party lines, for this type of issue.
If you can point out, what in the platform (belief system) of the different parties is causing this, it would be helpful to me.
Please stick to beliefs and platforms and not actions. All actions tell me is that the person blindly followed their own party, or even worse (and more common) took the ANTI-THE-OTHER-PARTY stance.

"If parties here were divided merely by a greediness for office, to take part with either would be unworthy of a reasonable or moral man."
[Thomas Jefferson] [Quote taken from PurpleOregon website, and I did not verify it but I believe it is credible.]

u∃∃l!∃ said...

How the Democrats handle the next two years, could help determine the outcome of the next Presidential election.
So for those who are very strong Republicans (which I am not), this could be the silver lining in what you now see as a black cloud.

I was about to tune out politics for 18 months, but I may stay tuned in, and watch what is going on (that way I won't have to cram for the next election).

Anonymous said...

i just came here to gloat. it was fun to read the right wing blogs & the swiftvets board today.

LewWaters said...

Coboble, the Jefferson quote appear genuine.

As for things going down party lines, it shouldn't be, but it is. It has become about power, both parties. We can elect one that sounds good to us, but all too often when they get in Congress, they also fall along party lines, partly so they can keep their cooperation from party officials.

As to how they will handle this power, Pelosi aims to block Democratic hawks from key posts

Only time will tell.

LewWaters said...

Anonymous, you are entitled to gloat, for a while. Problem is, it's in your lap now, have fun.

Democrats will have to actually produce results, not just sit back and complain. If you are young enough and anti-war, enjoy the coming Democrat draft.

Kodiak said...

The coming democrat draft will come about something like this.

The democrats will force a withdrawal from Iraq that counts as a loss by our military. Since we depend on volunteers to staff the military recruiting will drop off significantly as no one wants to join a loser. The lefties rejoice for a short period until the democratic congress passes a bill establishing a draft.

The lefties start to jump ship as they are drafted going to fun places as Canada to avoid the draft.