Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Florida Democrats, First Rush, Now Ann Coulter

November 1, 2006

We all sat and watched as Rush Limbaugh was drug over the coals for some two years over his alleged 'doctor shopping' for illegally acquiring prescription drugs. Unable to ever prove anything and making a fuss because Rush was caught with a bottle of Viagra, they settled the matter after their lengthy and costly investigation by asking Rush to periodically submit to urine tests for drug use.

If we thought the Democrat controlled prosecutors in Florida were ridiculous in their witch hunt against Rush, now the Palm Beach County prosecutor is investigating Ann Coulter for the alleged crime of voting in the wrong precinct, a felony punishable by up by five years in jail.

Since investigators released information prematurely to the media there, I assume to besmirch her name, as they did Rush's, she and her attorney are not answering in writing, but will only do so in person.

Prosecutors Eye Ann Coulter Voting Probe

As a displaced Native Floridian, born and raised in Southeast Florida, seeing this nonsense being carried on against prominent conservatives reaffirms to me my decision to leave Florida for good. If allowing the murder of Teri Schiavo wasn't enough, conservatives seem unwelcome down in my home town area (I grew up in Broward County, graduating from South Broward High in 1966).

I realize the three counties of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach are notoriously Democrat, not to mention corrupt, but are they sending a message that prominent conservatives aren't welcome there now?

Florida used to be a great state at one time. The last few years make me wonder just what the hell is going on down there. What I hear coming out of there sure isn't the Southern State I grew up in.

Ms. Coulter, you don't need advice from an old Vet like me, but stick to your guns. Like Rush, don't let these liberals railroad you over something as menial as a voting precinct. Even if you did go to the wrong poll, surely there are drug dealers, murderers, pedophiles and such laughing away as Palm beach County ignores them and pursues conservatives that irritate them.

This old Florida "cracker" is in your corner, ma'am.



Cinnamon said...

Geez, will they be following me to the polling place on Tuesday?

I'd welcome you to California, but well, it's California ;-)

Did just spend a weekend in the libertarian-leaning state of Nevada and I loved it! Conservatives are most definitely welcome...

LewWaters said...

Cinnamon, I'd hate to see just what they would pul next down there. As an old Floridian, they embarrass me and I haven't been there in nearly 20 years.

We conservatives are working harder than some imagine to take back Washington State as well. We just have to do something about King County ;)

EPUnum said...

My goodness Lew, you're attracting some most interesting participants...and much easier to look at that you are...LOL!

Hmmmm...cinnamon...9/11 Republicans...neo-neocons from the darkside...I need MORE of this! ;-)

LewWaters said...

No argument from me, epunum. I need a little class to stop by once in a while;)