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Gold Star Families Surprise Visit in Iraq

November 4, 2006

Don’t expect to see or hear much about this historic trip in our lamestream media. We all know that anything that might come close to a positive report on the War on Terror, especially from Iraq, won’t be reported on.

Through efforts coordinated with Move America Forward , several Gold Star Families, familes of fallen American heroes, traveled to Iraq last evening to show support for the Iraqi people and to counter reports of nothing being accomplished there. They are also showing that recent reports from the New York Times, ostensibly designed as another slap in the face to our President, showed that our troops did break up a WMD program being restarted by the Saddam Hussein regime.

Melanie Morgan, Chairman of Move America Forward, said of the trip, “The American people are shown a skewed picture of the situation in Iraq day after day by the international news media. We felt it was time to allow the families of U.S. troops who died in Iraq to come see the progress being made in Iraq and report it back to the American people.”

Updates and links to articles detailing this historic trip will continue to be posted on their website,

Statements made by some family members about this unprecedented trip:
“I want to see for myself what America has been able to accomplish to help the Iraqis help themselves. I will be asking the Iraqis what message do they want me to give for them to the people back in America. Finally, I came because I wanted to experience the same feelings that my son experienced when he was preparing to go to Iraq, sort of like walking in his shoes.”
“I want to carry a message of love, support and hope to our troops. I want them to know that despite the negative media and despite our loss, we are there for them with all of our hearts. I hope to take some pictures with some of the troops and send pictures and cards to their families when I get home. These cards will help their families know that someone cared to spend a little time with their soldier.”
“This trip is something that I will gain additional closure from. Losing my only son, namesake, and first born, has been the toughest thing in my entire life. I continue to gain strength from Mike Jr. When they say Marines are a different breed, they are right - this kid was as tough as nails, and a force to be reckoned with.
I want tell anybody that will listen, the good that we have done, and are currently doing. We cannot find security by turning a blind eye, or thinking that “if we leave them alone, they’ll leave us alone”. That’s utterly ridiculous.”
“I am proud of my son and his service to this nation. He made the ultimate sacrifice so that each of us may live in peace, blessed with freedom. America has carried the torch for freedom, fighting for individual liberties against Communism, Fascism, Totalitarianism and now once more against Terrorism. If we cut and run from Iraq, that will deal a devastating blow in the war against terrorism. Will any terrorist group ever fear us again, or will they know that they need only outlast us. We must stand by our heroic military men and women in Iraq and the mission they are serving there.”
“I’m anxious but excited...after all, it is still a war zone over there. I want to go see for myself what is going on over there. I have heard from a lot of people, both ways, and I want to be able to say I personally have been there and saw it first hand.”
“I want to be able to tell the troops that there are Americans who still believe we are doing the right thing by being here. We want them to know that there are people back here who are supporting and praying for them daily.”

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