Thursday, November 16, 2006

Iraq Survey Group Report Released

November 16, 2006

The weekend prior to the elections earlier this month, a group of American Gold Star families traveled to Iraq to see for themselves how the battles are progressing and if their sacrifices were worth it. At Move America Forward, their report is ready for downloading in pdf format.

"The Gold Star Families Iraq Survey Group has released a new report, "A Brighter Future for Iraq," to help enhance the debate and discussions concerning the United States’ commitment to achieve success with the mission of Operation Iraqi Freedom."

"The authors of this report have all traveled to Iraq since the commencement of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Seven of the individuals are known as “Gold Star Families” as they have lost a son in the war effort. Two of the individuals, Gold Star Father Joe Johnson and Marine Reservist John Ubaldi, served in Operation Iraqi Freedom themselves. Additionally, group member Melanie Morgan led a delegation to Iraq in 2005 where she had the opportunity to speak with both U.S. and Iraqi military leaders."

Since the lamestream media saw fit to ignore this historic trip, my guess is they will also ignore the report. Only through the efforts of Patriotic Americans like Melanie Morgan and several other bloggers will this historic event be known.

Move America Forward

See the report as well as pictures and audio files at Move America Forward and be sure to check back as more information is added.


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