Wednesday, November 08, 2006

L'union d'Etats socialistes d'Amérique*

November 8, 2006

Welcome to the new America. Democrats vowed to “take our country back” and apparently, they have. Of course, it makes me wonder who had it if Americans didn’t. But, we conservatives are the divisive ones with no civility, right?

Under the banner of the catchy phrase, “A New Direction for America,” they have swept into power with expected Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi leading the way and vowing “no paybacks.” Yeah, right!

A comparison is relevant here, I feel.

1. Provisional Government problems
The Bolsheviks succeeded because the Provisional Government was weak and unpopular. When it was attacked, nobody was prepared to defend it.

2. Slogans
The Bolsheviks had good slogans such as ‘Peace, Bread, Land’ and ‘All Power to the Soviets’. Other parties claimed they could never deliver their promises, but their arguments were too complicated for people to understand. This meant that they got the public’s support.

3. Pravda
The party ran its own propaganda machine, including the newspaper Pravda (‘Truth’), which got their ideas across.

4. German money
The Germans financed the Bolsheviks because they knew that Lenin wanted to take Russia out of the war. This gave them the money to mount their publicity campaigns

5. Lenin
A brilliant leader – a professional revolutionary with an iron will, ruthless, brilliant speaker, a good planner with ONE aim – to overthrow the government. The Bolsheviks were well-led.

6. Army
A private Bolshevik army (the Red Guards), dedicated to the revolution, was set up and trained under Leon Trotsky. It gave the Bolsheviks the military power to win.

7. Organization
The Bolsheviks were brilliantly organized. A central committee sent orders to the soviets, who gave orders to the factories. Membership grew to 2 million in 3 months. Unlike the Provisional Government, the Bolsheviks demanded total obedience from their members, so they were well-disciplined (members did what the leaders wanted).

In many ways, we have been witnessing similar actions within the country these past few years. How so?

1. While we don’t really have a provisional government, Republicans abandoned their conservative base and decided to be more like what they felt liberal Democrats were like. As Democrats mounted attack after attack against conservatives, moderate and liberal Republicans just rolled over and allowed it. When a tough stance was required, ones like John McCain formed his “gang of 14” and undermined conservative principles. As Democrats kept attacking, they kept rolling over, trying to “make peace.” As we saw last night, they didn’t want “peace,” they wanted all the power back and Republicans freely handed it to them.

2. Who is better at using catchy slogans than the left? Everything they do is painted in a catchy slogan that ends up fooling the populace into thinking they are getting something better. The current one, “A New Direction for America” is a prime example where everyone is being offered equal everything. No mention of they should work for it, just they are entitled to it. Tax the rich, I feel your pain, responsible redeployment and any other politically correct phrase you can muster would fit the bill.

3. American mainstream media bias is so prevalent they don’t even try to hide it any longer. Publishing classified material while we are at war results in nothing against them. Vitriolic questioning, pro-Democrat editors and journalist fabricating news stories and ignoring other news that might benefit the other party happen every day and goes unpunished. If circulation drops, they just charge more or push to shut down any competition that might contradict their views, soon to be the internet and bloggers, I’m afraid.

Radio personality’s like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity may soon find themselves under some very strict broadcast rules designed to silence them from speaking out about what is going on that the lamestream media chooses to hide from the public.

4. Money? And loads of it, too. For all the cries of stick it to the wealthy, wealthy liberals are abundant. George Soros donates huge portions of his fortune to them. In the last administration, they were caught taking money from foreign governments and again, no one blinked, just asked them to return the money. Corporations, such as Progressive Insurance (the name alone should tell you)donated and backed Democrats and still, any corporation donating to Republicans or their causes found themselves accused of all sorts of impropriety.

5. Brilliant leader? Well, we do have the Clinton’s that apparently can do no wrong, no matter who gets hurt. Pelosi played her grandmother/mother role to the hilt, as if that makes her a better leader? Ma Barker was also a mother; she wasn’t exactly a grand leader.

6. They don’t have quite a separate Army just yet, not in the sense of a Military. But, they do have, DailyKos and some other lesser “progressive” groups that take their marching orders from party leaders and spread out their vitriol everywhere they can. Although there have been charges that Republicans have their groups, that just isn’t so. That doesn’t stop Democrats from pointing fingers while building their own “Army.”

7. They have quietly organized and set themselves up as infallible. Our media barely makes mention of their gaffs and improprieties. Scandals just roll off their backs and are swiftly swept under the rug. Kerry’s comments against the troops, Jefferson’s acceptance of large sums of money, Murtha’s involvement in ABSCAM, Kennedy’s killing Mary Jo Kopechne and more. They just circle the wagons and push ahead.

Under this “New Direction” Speaker-elect Pelosi promises is “Democrats believe that America needs – and Americans deserve – a New Direction that provides security, prosperity, and opportunity for all.” Okay, who was being denied that? Highest stock market in decades, lowest unemployment. Home ownership at its highest and that is a bad economy?

They talk about “responsible redeployment,” and at the same time vow to double the Special Forces. They also vow to stop terrorism by eliminating Osama Bin Laden. But, sentencing Saddam Hussein to death doesn’t change anything. Of course, minimum wage is a big come-on for them. Too bad people can’t see the minimum wage hurts them by raising businesses expenses and when required, that is all they pay.

They vow to tax companies that “outsource” jobs overseas. They neglect to tell you it was they and the Clinton administration that, in 1994 when Democrats controlled both Houses last, that they passed and implemented NAFTA, North American Free Trade Agreement, which set up sending American jobs overseas where labor costs were cheaper.

I could go on and on, but no need. We get the government we deserve. Unfortunately, too many were fooled and now think they have it all.

Thanks to previous Democrat Congresses, we abandoned the Cubans in the Bay of Pigs, Korea is still a hotbed, we dumped on the Vietnamese, bailed out of Lebanon, sold out the Iraqis in Gulf War 1, after encouraging them to stand up to Saddam, ran from Somalia, which is under the control of terrorists now and we are poised to repeat it Iraq again. We disparage the sacrifice of our Brave troops by allowing terrorists, communists and any despot that opposes us to walk all over us. I really can't see any other country looking to "Baby Huey" America for help in their fight for freedom again. We talk the talk, but when the chips are down, don't walk the walk.

But, at least France may like us again.


* Union of Socialist States of America


Kodiak said...


Take a close look at the type of democrats that won on tuesday. I think you'll find that they are conservative not liberal.

LewWaters said...

Kodiak, don't be fooled by sheep in wolf's clothing. Clinton ran as a conservative and won twice. He was far from any conservative.

Pelosi is running things there and trust me, they will have to tow the line to stay in her graces.

Pelosi aims to block Democratic hawks from key posts

u∃∃l!∃ said...
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u∃∃l!∃ said...
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u∃∃l!∃ said...

Is it true that the 2 independents who will be in the new senate, have already declared they will vote with the Democrats, or did I mis-interpret something I read?
How can they make this blanket declaration, without first knowing exactly what the issue is they are taking sides on?
Maybe they were talking about a specific issue, and I assumed they meant it as a blanket statement?

Kodiak said...


You are quite right about the strong possibility they'll be false. My point probably not stated well is that they had to either find canidates that were already near the center or capable of moving towards the center.

Kodiak said...

What if the blue dog demos refuse to vote for Pelosi, what will she do then?

Mark said...

Issues? Lieberman was a Democrat, and you know they are so partisan that they think trying to make peace or give in an inch is really just rolling over letting the Republicans win. What has issues got to do with anything?

(tounge in cheek - unfortunately also true)