Saturday, November 04, 2006

Military papers: ‘Rumsfeld must go’

November 4, 2006

Under a very misleading headline, MSNBC has written another hit piece on the eve of our mid-term elections designed to sway undecided voters, undermine our efforts in Iraq in the War on terror and suggesting Military Leaders have lost all confidence in President Bush’s Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld.

Calls for Secretary Rumsfeld’s resignation have been ongoing for a long time. He has offered to step down a few times but President Bush has refused him each time, expressing confidence in his running of the War on terror. Statements within the “editorial” of how incompetent Bush and Rumsfeld have handled the war neglect to mention the constant and ongoing undermining and opposition of the war effort starting shortly after the invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq by the leftist and Democrat party.

Don’t be fooled this latest attempt at undermining the morale of our troops and bashing President Bush and his administration. This is just the latest attack. This editorial going out under the guise of “Military papers” IS NOT publications by the Military. It is by a Civilian Publisher, Military Times Media Group, a subsidiary of the Gannett Co., Inc. which prints such newspapers as the Army Times, Air Force Times, Navy Times, and Marine Corps Times.

When I was on Active Duty I eagerly looked forward to receiving the Army Times for news of events in the U.S. Back then, I assumed the publication was unbiased and honest. Looking at what they print today it has very obviously become another propaganda tool of the leftists.

What really outrages me in this is that this same member of the lamestream media has given a total pass to Senator John Kerry and his preposterous statements against our Military, dating back to 1971. Where are the calls for his resignation as he indicated those who join our Military are uneducated and stupid? Where are the calls for his resignation for his statements of our Military “terrorizing Iraqi’s in the dead of night?”

The editorial mischaracterizes Military Leaders confidence in Secretary Rumsfeld so much that the Department of Defense as issued a Response to the Army Times Editorial, setting the record straight on their bogus claims within the “editorial.”

Ask yourself why do upwards of 80% of our Military supports Bush and Rumsfeld. What they think matters and this is an obvious attempt to undermine their will to fight. Editorials as this are nothing more than the left supporting Kerry’s statement of hos dumb our troops are as they ignore what our Military people already know, we are in this fight and we must win it.

Just like Hanoi Jane Fonda's and John Kerry's anti-American stance long ago, the left repeats their outrageous conduct to undermine and defeat America. Unlike Viet Nam, the carnage after we leave will not stay in Iraq. Once we leave, with the terrorists still strong, they will follow us!!

It is my sincerest hope that the Department of Defense bars delivery of these papers to our troops and their families. Our Military people are amongst the most intelligent we have ever produced. They continue to volunteer to stay in the fight and decimate the terrorists numbers enough to give the Iraqi and Afghani people a fighting chance to determine their own destiny. Sadly, not only are we fighting terrorism, we are having to fight the leftist Socialists undermining America to destroy it so they can take over with their elitist agendas enslaving the rest of us as was done towards the end of World War One in Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution that brought about the Union of Soviet States of Russia. Just because it failed there doesn’t stop these leftist from working hard to mislead us and institute in here in America.

We must defeat terrorism! We must defeat the Socialists! We must preserve the free society left us by our founding fathers. Senator Kerry Should Resign


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