Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam Hussein Guilty, Sentenced to Death by Hanging

November 5, 2006

Just breaking on Foxnews and other news agencies, Saddam and 7 co-defendants faced their justice today.

Of the 7 co-defendants, one was acquitted due to lack of information, three received 15 years sentences, one received life in prison and three, including Saddam, found guilty and received death by hanging.

Saddam had previously requested a firing squad, claiming to be the Commander of the Iraqi Army, but the Iraqi High Tribunal sentenced him and two others to hanging.

Some had threatened violence upon hearing of a death penalty, but reports are not coming out of any violence just yet.

I certainly hope that once appeals that are automatically granted, cease, this matter can be put behind the Iraqi people and they start working together to secure their country and our forces may come home, victorious.

"Execution is the very least sentence they can hand down to Saddam Hussein," Mohammad Ali Hosseini, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman, said.

Read more at Al Jazeera

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UPDATE: Foxnews reporting violence breaks out immediately in north Baghdad's heavily Sunni Azamiyah district.

UPDATE: Posters on Democratic Underground don't seem to appreciate the sentence and some even say Bush should be the one executed (in other threads). Makes me wonder just who these people are pulling for, the terrorists?

UPDATE: CNN now reporting too.


LewWaters said...

Am I the only one that finds it ironic that the Democrats are comng out in favor of Saddam's sentence, yet each include a bash against Bush and say that his sentence changes nothing about the War on Terror? Yet, these same Democrats all state that capturing Bin Laden will change everything.

Couldn't be them once again speaking out of both sides of their mouths to politicize the war, could it?

Ms Calabaza said...

Yep, I caught that too Lew. Too bad, we can't hand the same sentence to Ramsey Clark for treason.