Friday, December 15, 2006

Jeb Bush Caves to Bleeding Hearts on Executions

December 15, 2006

The spineless brother of the President has today caved into bleeding heart opposers of the death penalty, labeling Wednesday’s execution of heinous murderer Angel Nieves Diaz as a “botched execution” and has suspended all executions. He will not sign death warrants until a commission he created to examine the state's lethal injection process completes its final report around March 1.

It is claimed to be “botched execution” due to the 34 minutes it took for Diaz to die. A medical officer claims that officials botched the insertion of the needles that delivered the lethal chemicals.

Governor Bush says he wants to ensure the process does not constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

Governor, putting someone to death prematurely is cruel and anymore, unusual, considering that bleeding hearts have managed to make a death row stay last 20 to 25 years. However, those on death row just may deserve cruelty as they meted out to their victims.

Why worry about the feelings and suffering of someone who has taken a life for no reason other than they could, or to steal from them and stop the victim from identifying them later? Sorry, they deserve a cushy cell with amenities and strength building equipment readily available to build their strength to use against the next victims, should they escape as Diaz repeatedly had.

Governor Bush, I thought your spineless lack of actions towards Terri Schiavo in your refusal to stand up for a disabled woman put to death by her estranged husband, blind circuit judge and gruesome attorney was an anomaly. It appears I was wrong. You have no spine to stand up to those destroying our nation by coddling murderers and eventually, terrorists as well.

Don’t bother running for President, you will never have the support of me or my family.

In a related court ruling out of California today, a lone federal judge has declared the majority of voters in that state invalid when he handed down his ruling that California Executions are Unconstitutional.

This stems from a case by convicted murderer rapist Michael Morales, who kidnapped, tortured and raped 17-year-old Terri Winchell 25 years ago.

Morales first tried to strangle Winchell, but the belt used in the attempt broke. Then, he hit Winchell at least 23 times in the head with a hammer, knocking her unconscious.

Then, he raped her.

After that, he stabbed Winchell four times in the chest and left her northwest of Lodi in a vineyard, naked from the waist down and with her shirt up over her breasts.

An investigating officer said, "It was one of the most brutal and gruesome crimes I've ever seen."

And, this is a person deserving of leniency by federal judge, Jeremy Fogel?

Like Diaz, Morales deserves to be put to death and who gives a hang about their comfort, pain or suffering? They sure didn’t show any leniency to their respective victims. Yet, they cry about “cruel and unusual?” I feel they deserve no less than they gave and swiftly.

Now, thanks to Bush and Fogel, Morales and others who preyed on victims in much the same way will be sitting in a cell, watching color TV, working out on weights and waiting for a chance to escape and repeat their crimes.

Who shows any mercy to the families of the victims? When do they get a reprieve from the cruel and unusual pain and suffering they have felt since their loved ones were murdered all those years ago? Why does no federal judge rule to end their suffering?

When do we relegate these bleeding hearts back into the woodwork, where they came from? My only prayer is that if any of these animals do escape prison and prey on more victims, those victims will be the ones holding candlelight vigils outside of prisons every time another murderer pays with his life, decades after murdering their victims.

The death penalty isn’t about rehabilitation; it’s about ensuring that certain criminals who showed no regard for their victims ever has the chance to kill innocent people again. Pull the switch, tighten the rope, drop the pellet or inject a rusty needle, rid society of these killers.


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