Saturday, December 23, 2006

Miss USA Gets Second Chance, Miss Nevada Fired

December 23, 2006

By now all the breaking news alerts have told the entire world of the news that Miss USA, Tara Conner, 20, has received a second chance and, for the time being, is retaining her crown as Miss USA. She is to enter rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.

About the same time, Miss Nevada, Katie Rees, 22, has been dethroned after photos taken of her prior to the contest kissing other girls and flashing her breasts as well as depictions of lesbian acts were posted by a ‘friend’ on the internet. Initially stating it was a “youthful indiscretion” when she was just 17, it is now being admitted she was actually 19

The ’pardoning’ of Tara Conner by Donald Trump, co-owner of the Miss USA Pageant, has sparked a verbal feud between Trump and the often brash Rosie O’Donnell.

Of this ‘feud,’ I’ll leave it between them as neither are high on my list of most popular people, but Rosie just may have bitten off more than she can chew, this time. We will see.

What I will address is the disparity in the treatment of these two young women. Censored photos that were used to fire Miss Nevada are readily accessible on the internet through links above. I don’t know of any photos of Miss USA’s conduct on the internet, but reports of her behavior and conduct are and it appears to me to be very similar and close in age, as well.

Miss Nevada issued a tearful apology and asked for second chance from Donald Trump like he granted Miss USA. The final decision is anybodies guess, but I imagine Trump will remain firm in his decision, only time will tell.

What is being missed in all the reports of this current scandal concerning these young ladies is what do we attribute their conduct to? Why do women as pretty, well to do and competing in pageants to become Beauty Queens and models to others engage in such conduct?

Stop and think a minute about how we have been raising our children the last few decades. Our daughters are taught sex at an early age is okay and if they become pregnant, no big deal, hide it from your parents and have the school officials, that may not give you an aspirin, take you somewhere for an abortion, legally!

We have glorified nudity in movies, on TV and in periodicals. Girls receive sexy clothing at early ages and through videos like “Girls Gone Wild,” where young ladies at places like New Orleans Mardis Gras are filmed flashing their breasts and other body parts. This is considered ‘cool’ among many of the young today.

Often, due to the misdirection of the 1970’s feminist movement, instead of urging equality for women, they were taught they could be just as sexual as men and the old “if it feels good, do it” attitude led many to public conduct that a few decades ago would have publicly shamed them and their entire family.

Oral sex in the Oval Office between a White House intern and the then President was written off as no big deal. A celebrity flashing her bare vagina at paparazzi recently was similarly poo pooed as just prudes complaining. A popular female singer a couple years ago lip locking other females on stage was credited by some as enlightening as homosexuality is now being taught as merely an “alternative lifestyle.”

We raise children with a “party on” attitude and are shocked when we discover they do it. Our daughters receive the sexiest of dolls to play with at an early age and parents often encourage sexuality in young women by paying for breast implants while in their early and mid teens. Some allow them to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana at home, thinking they won’t when they go out.

Too many parents abdicate their parental authority to schools, daycare, television and computers or video games, not monitoring what they do. And then, when they are exposed in such conduct as this, we are appalled that anyone would object or would post the pictures.

This scandal goes well beyond the indiscreet conduct and behavior of two young ladies out of control. It goes right straight to the heart of our society and what we have allowed ourselves to become as we slide further and further towards a leftist ‘no rules’ society.

The final decision in the handling of this scandal rests squarely with Donald Trump and the Miss USA pageant, but as he contemplates, we as a society need to look long and hard at what we teach our children, both sons and daughters, that would make them think conduct as this isn’t anything abnormal and something to enjoy.

They are the future and will act as we teach them.



u∃∃l!∃ said...

The Bratz doll (the fashion doll with the over sized head and slut look) has actually won multiple People's choice awards over the years.
Now they even have younger looking Bratz dolls, just as slut looking, but representing young children instead of teenage children.

These dolls make the Barbie doll of my generation seem rather mild, yet some considered her a bad influence on children.

It does not suprise me that kids want these dolls, it suprises me that Parents buy them.

I own a few, I like the accessories. I like the spa set that came out a few years ago, and the limo. I should not have given the company my money since I don't approve of the dolls as toys for children. But I did.

LewWaters said...

Coboble, my wife sells Barbies and accessories online. She has looked at the Bratz line and just can't get interested.

The dolls aren't the cause of how girls act today, just maybe the beginning of the downward slide they find themselves in today.

My own daughters had Barbies in their youth as well as My Little Pony, Strawberry Shirtcake and others. Only in their adulthood did they finally realize that I was fairly strict when they were little and as my oldest now has two sons herself, she sees the necessity of teaching them values at a young age.

While I won't excuse what the former Miss Nevada did, parents need to remember their children usually turn out how they raise them.

Reel Fanatic said...

I often also just how people can subject their daughters to all this crap and think it's a healty choice (though I don't have daughter myself, so perhaps I shouldn't be so judgmental) .. The end of the movie "Little Miss Sunshine," with all those poor young girls made up like whores, was just a powerful scene because it speaks so loudly about the world we live in