Monday, December 11, 2006

Sheehan Convicted of Trespassing, Told Don’t Do It Again

December 11, 2006

Cindy Sheehan, whose grown adult son made a conscious decision against his mothers wishes to reenlist in the US Army and volunteer for a dangerous mission he did not have to, that cost his life in 2004, was convicted today of trespassing for trying to deliver an anti-Iraq war petition to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.

She was Arrested this past March, along with 3 other women for refusing to disperse and trespassing.

While facing up to a year in jail, the women received sentences of being ordered to pay $95 in court surcharges and told to “stay out of trouble for six months.”

Of the sentencing, Sheehan commented, “This verdict, however, will not stop us from continuing to work tirelessly to bring our troops home."

After the sentencing, the women immediately left the courthouse and headed for the U.S. Mission to redeliver the petitions, where this time, they were accepted by Richard A. Grenell, director of external affairs for the U.S. Mission, and Peggy Kerry, the mission's liaison for non-governmental organizations and sister of Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who is rumored to have served in Viet Nam.

Mr. Grenell said, “We accept petitions every single day, even without an appointment. What we don't do is accept them in front of a staged media event.''

It’s my opinion that it’s too bad they accept them from media whores at all.

It should be noted that Sheehan has shown herself to be a willing tool of pro-Stalinist activists and no matter how patriotic she claims she is, her very words show the hatred she really has for America.

Sheehan has said; “We are not waging a war on terror in this country. We’re waging a war of terror. The biggest terrorist in the world is George W. Bush."

“I know that George Bush and his band of neo-cons and their neo-con agenda killed my son.” About the one who actually pulled the trigger that killed her son, she says, “The person who killed my son, I have no animosity for that person at all …. I have no animosity towards that person."

America has been killing people …. since we first stepped on this continent, we have been responsible for death and destruction. I passed on that bullshit to my son and my son enlisted. I’m going all over the country telling moms: ‘This country is not worth dying for.’”

“I would never have let him go and try and defend this morally repugnant system we have.”

“I told Kristen if you have any actions and you need a ringleader, that I only live about an hour away. I’ll be here. If I can sleep on somebody’s floor, we can have this, we can camp out, do whatever we need.”

“We are waging a nuclear war in Iraq right now. That country is contaminated. It will be contaminated for practically eternity now.”

"You know Iraq was no threat to the United States of America until we invaded. I mean they're not even a threat to the United States of America. Iraq was not involved in 9-11, Iraq was not a terrorist state. But now that we have decimated the country, the borders are open, freedom fighters from other countries are going in, and they[American troops] have created more terrorism by going to an Islamic country, devastating the country and killing innocent people in that country. The terrorism is growing and people who never thought of being car bombers or suicide bombers are now doing it because they want the United States of America out of their country."

Sorry, but I don’t see the terrorists as “Freedom Fighters.” If they were, shouldn’t she be proud that Casey was killed by a “Freedom Fighter?”

Earlier on she said, "He just wanted to go over to fight for his country, and serve his country,"

Today, she says, “I would never have let him go and try and defend this morally repugnant system we have.”She also says, "Casey was against it, but he felt it was his duty to go because he was in the Army.” “I begged Casey not to go. I told him I would take him to Canada. I told him I would run over him with a car, anything to get him not to go to that immoral war.”

It should be noted that Casey VOLUNTARILY enlisted, not once, but twice in the US Army. He VOLUNTARILY went on a rescue mission he did not have to go on, since he was a mechanic on Humvees, not a combat soldier. In the truest spirit of bravery and heroism, he died trying to protect and rescue his fellow soldiers. He is a HERO, not a victim of George Bush. The only victimization of Casey Sheehan is how his mother, Cindy Sheehan, stands on his grave to further her anti-American, anti-Bush, pro-terrorist agenda.

While she should be ashamed of her leftist actions, we need to refrain from falling for leftist buildup she receives in our lamestream media. There is ample evidence of her true intentions and how she dances on her heroic son’s grave, revealing herself as what she really is, just another looney, blame America first, dishonest, leftist, useful idiot.



Anonymous said...

The more "against" American military deployment people are, they tend to see enlisted soldiers as either children or brutes, innocents or criminals, babes or beasts.

That woman deserves no quarter. My nickname for her is to call her "War-moan-al" (like "hormonal").

Actually, I saw her in Berkely earlier this year. We were seated across from each other in a cafe. (Another reason to have some digital camera device on you at all times!)

LewWaters said...

During the 2004 campaign, information came to light that Kerry (who I've heard might have served in Viet Nam) had a lot to do with getting her going.

Apparently, after he saw she wouldn't do him any good, he dropped her like a hot potato, but she just keeps going and going.

I'd like to know where the money is behind her.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when I was in the 5th grade, my teacher played an audio story, called "the Man without a Country". It was a very sad story about a man who after insulting this country, was sentenced to not set foot in the country again. No other country wanted him either, and he spent his life out at sea.
By the time he died, he loved the very country he had been so critical of.

I am a left leaning centrist (at least I think I am, some might disagree). Yet, I am disgusted with Cindy's statement.
I can see that this country has done (and is doing) harm, to 3rd world countries, for the benefit of our large companies. Denying this is as blind as denying the good we have done. But Cindy went way over my line, when she stated that this country is not worth defending. (Did I mis-understand what she said?)

As far as Cindy goes; I think we should ship her to Mexico as part of my "Trade American Citizens for Hard Working Mexican Immigrants" program.
(Which is an idea of mine, which is sort of a joke, but I think has some real potential).

- Eileen (Coboble)
(I would not use anonymous, but blogger is not taking my password right now. Earlier today it would not even take anonymous. However, the non-beta worked all day. And google thinks this beta is ready to go)

LewWaters said...

coboble, we disagree on the treatment of many third world countries, but that's okay. Personally, I think more harm is being done to us by shipping jobs to the third world countries.

As for the "Man Without A Country" story, Philip Nolan, the character in the fictional story by Edward Everett Hale, made his outburst in a fit of anger and regretted it. In the story, he was confined to a ship for the rest of his life and no one on the crew was permitted to mention America or share any stories with him about the country.

Although fictional, his outburst of “Damn the United States! I wish I may never hear of the United States again!” should show how hating our own country and working from within to drag it down should be rewarded.

For Sheehan, I lost any sympathy for her long ago. Her own words betray her feelings for her grown son, Casey, who I consider a hero in the greatest traditions of America and our Military. Too bad his own mother doesn't.