Sunday, February 25, 2007

Troops Appeal Congress For Courage, Shameful

How shameful that while our Troops are voluntarily in harm's way, fighting for the freedom and protection of not only the Iraqi people, but to defeat terrorists that flooded into Iraq from other areas, where they were poised for future attacks, that our brave Troops ever have to feel the need to petition Congress for the Courage to complete their mission.

Appeal For Courage

Seeing our lamestream media publish every account from any of the few Veteran or Troops dissatisfied with Military Service or the War on Terror in Iraq, it is a even bigger shame that this majority of our brave Troops and their request to Congress will never see the front pages.

Our Troops should never have to feel the need to request support, shame on Congress for letting these Troops down!


UPDATE: As expected, the lamestream media, CBS's 60 Minutes in this case, ran a story this evening, February 25, 2007, titled Dissension in the Ranks where they give coverage of those that are not in agreement with the War. Not one word about the growing numbers redressing Congress for support.
Surely, CBS's vast news staff could have or should have uncovered and known about both sides of this.

"Fair and Balanced" seems to have escaped them this evening.

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