Monday, March 05, 2007

Down Home Hillary

March 5, 2007

I reckon getting hitched to and living with good ‘ol boy, B.J. Clinton all them years in Arkansas got Hillary all fired up yesterday down in Selma, Alabama, where she and Obama visited Black Churches to pander votes and pretend as if they really cared anything about the bloody march held there on March 7, 1965, known as ‘Bloody Sunday.’

Kentucky Fried Hillary

No, she didn’t talk like that through her entire speech. She was quoting a part of James Cleveland's Hymn, “I Don't Feel Noways Tired.”

Still, the sudden molasses in her voice was quite noticeable and not her regular manner of speech, even when not quoting from the hymn.

Her and Barrack Obama both appeared in Selma yesterday, both speaking in churches commemorating ‘Bloody Sunday.’ Neither can have any feel for what happened that day. Obama was 3 years old and is not a descendant of slaves in America. His father came from Kenya in the late 1950s, his mother a white woman from Kansas.

Likewise, Hillary, a white teenager that Sunday in March 1965, came from somewhat of a privileged family in the Chicago suburbs, quite removed from the unrest all over the south during those days of struggle for equality for Blacks.

Clearly they are vying and pandering for the Black vote.

Something that continues to go unmentioned by both candidates and even some Blacks today is that those who attacked and beat Black Civil Rights Marchers in Selma were predominately Democrats. Don’t forget, this was back in the days of the old Solid Democrat South.

It was Southern Democrats that fought the Civil Rights Bill tooth and nail, being led by current Senator and former Ku Klux Klan Grand Kleagle, Robert Byrd, W. Va.

Once was the time people Down South, White or Black, would have seen right through this charade and turned their backs on both of these candidates.


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