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Investing In Defeat

March 7, 2007

Read any newspaper, watch any of the news reports on TV or review many of the leftwing blogs online and you are inundated with cries of “stop the war,” “bring the troops home,” and even “free the troops.” The anti-war left, along with Democrat party leaders, have pulled out most all of the stops to run interference and bring America another defeat in this War on Terror, especially in Iraq.

Once such example of this would be the recent protest held at the Port of Tacoma in Washington state. Protesters opposed to the war assembled and tried to block the shipment of Stryker ICVs to the Troops in Iraq. A video filmed from the protesters side is available at Taunting The Troops In Tacoma on Michelle Malkins website. Pay particular attention to the chants, taunts and especially, the one with the bullhorn saying the Sergeants are “douchebags.”

One of their chants, “free the troops,” is very noticeable. During Viet Nam, we had a draft and were given no choice in avoiding the Military. Today, it is an ALL VOLUNTEER Military; they are not there against their will. What is it they need “freed” from?

On a blog site of the protesters, one protester going by the name of Molly Gibbs (I assumer her real name), posted under the entry of Mantra for Port Protests “5 reasons they protest.” Amongst the list is “We have a democratic [and] legal obligation to resist.”

Ms. Gibbs, may I ask, just what are you “resisting?” There is no draft, people are not forced into the Military, and you face no conscription or coercion into joining the Military. Is your life so shallow you feel the best way you can “support the Troops” is by attempting to block much needed supplies to keep them safe and alive?

Perhaps in their eagerness to live up to the history of the 60’s protests, Ms Gibbs failed to ascertain that this particular shipment of Stryker ICVs were equipped with medical intervention equipment, medical supplies that our soldiers need desperately and the very equipment that keeps our Troops alive. That is what you were protesting being shipped to our Troops, Ms. Gibb.

She also states, “We have an economic obligation to resist,” citing “our state and local governments lack sufficient funds to address basic human needs and maintain essential public infrastructure.”

I find this one particularly humorous as these are among the same people who voted down a latte tax in 2003 in nearby Seattle, which was designed to pay for child care and preschool programs.

She concludes with, “We have developed and intend to pursue a continuum of actions designed to achieve our goal. Non-violent civil disobedience is part of that continuum.”

Non-violent is only “part” of their continuum? Makes me wonder what else they may have in store.

We also saw yesterday the conviction of Lewis “Scooter” Libby of lying to a grand jury in the bogus investigation of who “outed” the name of Valerie Plame, leftist analyst in the CIA who sent her husband to Niger to do a hit piece on Bush’s pre-war intelligence. That she wasn’t covert, wasn’t “outed,” since her husband, Joe Wilson, former Ambassador, had made her name known, and the real person who “leaked” her name to the media, Colin Powell’s assistant, Richard Armitage, was known to investigator Patrick J. Fitzgerald very early on in this “investigation.”

That this supposed trial had nothing to do with the War on Terror did nothing slowing down anti-war Democrats as they wasted little time in trying to tie the two together, along with their willing accomplices in defeat in the media.

Add to this the recent “revelation” of such poor care for our Troops at Walter Reed Army Hospital. Again, that the deplorable condition is in one building does nothing to stop the Democrat party from their quest at bring America to its defeat, again.

A former employee at Walter Reed sees this “scandal” for what it is on her blog at Walter Reed Primer and Walter Wonderful. I also refer you to the March 2007 edition of Readers Digest magazine, pages 126 to 133.

No, I am not saying there are no problems. There are some and they do need to be resolved and corrected. But, Army hospitals and VA Hospitals have been being complained about since they were first opened. Congress receives many letters about them, some warranted, some not. Complaints are not new and the Democrat party held Congressional power for 40 years prior to 1994. And, they act like they just heard of this?

Why did they not fully fund the Army health system and VA hospitals long ago? Why wait until just now and create a scandal, absolving them selves, but pointing fingers at Republicans and President Bush?

I’ll leave that to you readers to figure out. Don’t forget, when they regained power last year, Democrats Pledge Array of Investigations in nearly everything except how to defeat terrorists around the globe.

That is the one thing we never hear from the Democrat party or the anti-war left, VICTORY, how to pull together and win against terror. After unanimously approving the selection of General Petraeus as Commander in Iraq and calling for more troops in Iraq, when President Bush announced he was sending more, what did the Democrats do? Did they applaud? No. Did they say “about time?” No. Did they even approve? No, they all of sudden opposed any reinforcement of our Troops.

We have two options in this war, win or lose. I hear no one from the left or the Democrat party giving any suggestions on winning. If asked, they reply with something nonsensical like “no one knows what win or victory means.” When asked, they don’t try to answer, they just repeat their mantras of “Bush lied,” “war for oil,” “Free the troops,” or whatever.

Our Troops seem to understand Victory. We supporters of the troops and their mission have an understanding of Victory. The Iraqis have an understanding of Victory. Even the Terrorists understand Victory. Only the Democrat party and their supporters can’t seem to find any room for Victory in this war.

Every step they take, they just invest deeper into the defeat of America.


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