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Three forceful Neo-Con supporting voices worry Impeach For Peace

March 18, 2007
Received in my email last evening was this email sent out by the worrisome leftists at the site Impeach for Peace, known for their salivating, wishing and praying for impeachment of President George W. Bush over any trumped up reason they can conjure.

That being said, as I am one of the “three forceful Neo-Con supporting voices” who had the audacity to challenge the ‘dream world of impeachment at any cost’ found at this Neo-Com website, I now exercise my right to respond.

“This is going out to everyone who posted on the following thread on our news blog:

Just this week we have received confirmation that Valerie Plame was an active agent as confirmed bythe current U.S. Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (commonly: Assistant National Security Advisor)Stephen Hadley himself when she was 'outed'.

The potentially treasonous war-time 'outing' of Plame was a concerted, conscious effort by multiple members of the Bush Administration - as Libby Trial testimony, and a graphic submitted to the current Congressional CIA Leak Investigation clearly reveals:

This after four years of incessant Neo-Con loyalist and covert employee ( 'troll' ) chatter that she simply had a desk job and that it was common knowledge that she was CIA 'around town'. Trace back who has been pushing that lie and you can easily see whose loyalty is to party, power and profit over truth, justice and the best interests of our national security.”

I find it not only laughable, but also pitiful that their “new evidence” consists of a chart used by a heavily partisan commission to create a scandal that not only doesn’t exist, but also never did. After a lengthy investigation by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald ostensibly designed to find anything to bring down the Bush administration, the one and only charge able to be brought was a charge of “perjury” against vice-President Cheney’s Chief of Staff, ‘Scooter’ Libby. This due to Libby contradicting himself in subsequent testimony before a Grand Jury, obviously due to poor memory. Had he invoked the Clintonian rule of testimony, “I don’t recall,” “I have no memory,” or “I don’t remember,” there couldn’t have been any charges at all. However, being forthright and attempting to give the Grand Jury as much information as he could recall, a trumped up charge of “perjury” was used to try and convict him before an obviously biased jury, who afterwards stated they wanted Karl Rove or vice-President Cheney. An obvious miscarriage of justice.

As to Ms. Plame’s claims of “being outed,” leading her to dramatically state, "I felt like I had been hit in the gut," apparently S.P. Fitzgerald disagrees as he states, “I do not expect to file any additional charges," adding "We're all going back to our day jobs." Don’t forget, after over two years of probing, NO ONE WAS CHARGED WITH ANY “OUTING.”

It has been the claim that she was “outed” in retaliation for her husband, Joe Wilson’s July 6, 2003 op-ed What I Didn’t Find in Africa in the New York Times. Left unexplained in this contrived scandal, is Richard Armitage’s telling her name and relationship to Wilson BEFORE that July 6, 2003 op-ed was published. Of course, the admission by Armitage doesn’t satisfy the left because the truth reveals there was no deliberate “outing” of Ms. Plame, just a State Department official talking too much.

Disturbing is that since S.P. Fitzgerald declared CIA leak investigation was now inactive, is the Democrat party’s Henry Waxman convening a Kangaroo Commission hearing into a closed matter. Equally disturbing is the revelation from Rep. Tom Davis (R. Va.) of the limitations placed on questioners by the Democrat party, ostensibly due to CIA secrecy concerns. Ironic given that the Democrat party does not share that concern when it comes to the New York Times publishing Security Secrets to the world during wartime.

Most peculiar in Plame’s ‘testimony’ before Waxman’s contrived kangaroo commission hearing, beyond the question of whether she was properly placed under oath, is her admission to Representative Tom Davis (R. Va.), in spite of her numerous claims of being “covert,” the Intelligence Identities Protection Act did not apply to her.

Victoria Toensing’s Testimony also showed her status did not fall under the act. Victoria Toensing, you recall, helped draft the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

For all the media hype of Plame being ‘silent’ about this matter over the past 4 years, just how ‘silent’ was she with a 7 figure book deal, motion picture deal in the works, requesting donations online for their “legal support trust (neither she nor her husband are charged with anything, yet), allowing Vanity Fair Magazine to publish the article “Double Exposure” about her and her husband, complete with a full color photo of her and her husband, launching a very public lawsuit and posing for Time Magazine in her pajamas?

If that is their idea of “silent,” I’d love to see their idea of “covert.”

Plame also reluctantly admitted to belonging to the Democrat party during all of this. Previously, it was revealed that Joe Wilson was advising John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. It makes one wonder about the involvement and sincerity of both of them in this so called “outing.”

“We at ImpeachforPeace see no coincidence in three forceful Neo-Con supporting voices converged on our blogsite Press Release for today's March on the Pentagon leading up to Monday's visits with members of Congress.”

And they shouldn’t. A problem with putting up a Public Blogsite, even if in an obscure corner of the internet, is ‘riff raff’ conservatives are liable to drop in and counter the leftist bovine scatology with some truths.

“Nice to know that we are a threat to your lies.”

I love good comedy. However, if “ImpeachforPeace” thinks they will bring peace should they succeed, they are more deluded than I feared. If they wanted to “Impeach” some terrorists, maybe they could accomplish something.

“Another lie, as put forth in the same blog by 'Kateri' - that Muslims, Iraqis and Iranians are hateful, evil, sinister villains hellbent on the destruction of all things American is also revealed to be a falsehood below:”

A pure canard. While there are some who oppose all of Islam (inconveniently from all aspects of the Political Spectrum) most see the difference between mainstream Islam and the radical elements comprising today’s Jihadist movements, terrorists. If the intent of ImpeaceforPeace in this prevarication is to deny terrorism exists, they need only look to 4 Decades of Worldwide Terrorism to see what the small percentage of Islam that constitutes Terrorists have wreaked upon their fellow man.

President George W. Bush is the first U.S. President, the first World Leader, to finally stand up to terrorists, to take the fight back to them and for that, the likes of ImpeachforPeace castigate him.

How many more innocent people of the world will have to die before the rest of the world sees the threat posed to Western Culture, to peaceful Muslims, to the worlds citizens, by this small percentage before they stand up too?


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