Tuesday, March 13, 2007

‘Vast Right Wing Conspiracy’ Redux

March 13, 2007

Here we go again. Hillary Clinton, aka “Her Thighness,” is slipping in polls in her quest of becoming the first woman President. In true Clintonian fashion, she returns to the decades old Clinton Playbook, rehashing what they think worked years ago.

In this case, in New Hampshire and before Democrat municipal officials, she dusted off all the cobwebs and reused the tired old phrase she used when her husband, B.J. Clinton, was accused of having an affair with then White House intern Monica Lewinsky. As history shows, as well as an open confession in court and before Congress, B.J. Clinon and Ms. Lewinsky were indeed having a sexual affair and over time, I also believe B.J. may have actually learned what the meaning of “is” is.”

There was no conspiracy, vast or otherwise, from the right, just a lecherous President, her husband. Although ridiculed, she has never recanted her declaration of this “vast right winged conspiracy” and now seems to feel is the right time to resurrect it.

According to Clinton, “proof [is] the Election Day 2002 case of phone jamming in New Hampshire, a case in which two Republican operatives pleaded guilty to criminal charges, and a third was convicted.” Also offered as “proof,” “a number of other anti-voter actions, including intimidating phone calls during the contentious 2006 congressional elections.”

Perhaps she missed the DNC memo that the Democrat party won the elections? And, according to them, “WON BIG?”

Maybe that is why she also seemed to miss the extraordinary effort at disqualifying absentee ballots of our Troops overseas in the 2000 election by Gore?

Did she neglect to remember tires being slashed on 25 GOP vehicles in Wisconsin in 2004?

Did she not know that in 2004, the heavily Democrat city of Milwaukee reported 7,000 more votes than voters?

Or, the 2004 recounts in the Governors race in Washington State where heavily Democrat King County miraculously discovered lost ballots every time Governess Christine Fraudaire lost a recount, until she finally won?

Perhaps it is we that should be shouting out about a "Vast Left-Winged Conspiracy."


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