Sunday, April 29, 2007

The causes of the Iraq War

One of the most excellent articles I've ever read concerning why President Bush invaded Iraq. By logic and evidence, the author effectively blows the left's claim of "war for oil" out of the water.

The author makes no conclusion about the right or wrong, just presents an actual evidential discussion about the reasons. A long read, 22 pages in pdf format, but a real eye opener.

What was it all about after all? The causes of the Iraq war

From the article:

"The ‘war for oil’ argument errs, however, on logical and evidential grounds. As some observers have pointed out, if all the Bush administration cared about was oil, it would have lifted sanctions on Iraq’s oil sales and cut deals with Saddam instead of invading the country. Such a policy would have satisfied both the oil companies and America’s long-term needs for oil. Moreover, there is no evidence that oil companies lobbied the Bush administration to topple the Saddam regime. In fact, prior to 9/11, the oil lobby in Washington generally favoured the relaxation of US restrictions on Iraq, not Saddam’s removal. After 9/11, most oil companies were
wary about the Iraq war because they were worried that the war could bring instability to the Gulf."

"Eliminating a major potential source of WMD for Al Qaeda by overthrowing the Saddam regime was only one reason, and likely not the most important one, for going to war with Iraq. The reasons for the Bush administration’s war decision went beyond Iraq. As an aid to Cheney admits, ‘The imminence of the threat from Iraq’s WMD was never the real issue [for us]. WMD were on our minds, but they weren’t the key thing. What was really driving us was our overall view of terrorism, and the strategic conditions of the Middle East’."


Anonymous said...

AMEN, Brother! Spread the word indeed!!

Unknown said...

Anybody who's anybody knows the REAL reason we went to war. The BDS. Bush Derangment Syndrome.


In fact every thing that happens is BDS. Bush Lied, people died. Blood for oil, etc, etc.

Hey Lew, I'm lost w/out an Executive Summary w/ this book of yours. Help!

Important to remember: All looney Leftists are irrational. and cannot think straight.

How may times have all of you heard that the US has unilaterally invaded Iraq, & it was a mistake, with our allies, 1000, maybe 2000 over 4000?

I was so fed up and w/ one phone call of 2-3 minutes I was told there were 24+ in the initial Coalition. No names given for obviously reasons, fear of retribution. Obviously Pope Paul had faulty intelligence. I consider my source as very credible.

One other item I'd like to mention It occured to me there is NO statute of limitations w/ finding these elusive WMD's. Tell the Loonies

Lew, where's the spellcheck?

LewWaters said...

Sorry, Gecko, not my 'book.' I didn't write it, although I wish I had.

BDS has to more to do with extreme opposition for everything the man does. Nice try, though.

Too bad the article is over your head, though. It is actually the first thing I've ever read that is actually objective and doesn't advocate either side in the argument, just gives an honest and logical assessment based on evidence.

sasaram said...

i cant belive that ppl are making up lies for this war! the bad thing i feal is that everyone is talking about the war! no one is talking to the soldiers!their story their wored their war!
i mean theywould know why this is hapening

LewWaters said...

I see, whatever you neo-coms disagree with is a lie?

Uh, many of us do talk to the soldiers, since were also wore the uniform and fought in war. The handful the media chooses to use to destroy support do not represent the rest.

Does it escape you that so many are re-enlisting and voluntarily returning?

Put down the kool-aid, clean your oversized sweater cap, extinguish the joint, take a bath and pull your head out of your ass.

Anonymous said...

Could this be any more biased? Also, here is a free tip: when arguing with someone, it does not help to accuse them of being a communist or drug user.

LewWaters said...

And, we are to believe all the major media these past few years is "unbiased?"

You "free tip" is duly noted and filed away appropriately.

Then again, one is left wondering why no such "free tip" is offered to those who express just biased hatred of Republicans and conservatives in general.

Obviously missed by many who oppose my support for the Troops and their mission is that I have been there, done that.

I think that entitles me to my bias in their favor.

jstevens said...

i agree a hundred percent with Lew waters my cousin is in the army and hes re-enlisted. He said what they are doin over there is a good thing and he would not want to leave there just because people that arent over there like to complain about it.