Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Democrat Party Intimidating the Media?

April 11, 2007

Last month I wrote about Nevada Democrats Caving to Far Left Kooks by canceling their participation in a debate scheduled for August amongst state Democrats due to it being partially sponsored by the Fox News Channel. The far left Socialist wing calls Fox News “conservative propaganda” and in true Socialist fashion, demands no one have anything to do with any news network that doesn’t kowtow before the altar of the far leftist agenda in America today.

Now, barely a month later, John Edwards withdraws from debates scheduled and co-sponsored by Fox News and the Congressional Black Caucus. Within hours, other Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama withdraw from the debates as well.

Rush Limbaugh labels this move as “Part of the Democrat Party Civil War” over who runs the party, the Howard Dean side and the far left-wing blogosphere or more traditional and moderate Democrats. Other conservative commentators ask, “What are you Democrats afraid of?”

I don’t see them actually afraid of anything other than Americans hearing the views of conservatives opposed to the far left kook fringe of the once great Democrat party. I see something a bit more sinister going on. More sinister even than the Politics of Personal Destruction the Democrats have become known for.

Towards the end of World War One, a movement came to power in the country of Russia, Bolshevism which ended up becoming the Communist Party of the Soviet Union by 1924.

One of the many steps the Bolsheviks used to win their revolution was take over the media of the time, the press, and determine what the populace read. Dissent was seen as widespread and spoon-fed to the populace to sew more seeds of discontent. World War One was unpopular and propaganda from the Bolsheviks made it even more so.

In time, all of the media was state owned and controlled. Whereas dissent was seen as Patriotic, in the overthrow of the Russian Tzar, it became forbidden once the Bolsheviks had power.

Today, we see similar actions from the far left kooks who claim they now own the Democrat party. CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, and major printed media broadcast and publish nearly only bad news about the War on Terror, especially in Iraq. President Bush is labeled as a simpleton, a buffoon that can hardly tie his own shoes. Yet, they also tell us he is crafty enough to mislead and lie the entire Democrat party into voting for an unnecessary war. They tell us 9/11 wasn’t the acts of Islamofascists, but George W. Bush, Karl Rove and other Republicans to justify the war we are currently fighting.

Many of our own populace fell for this nonsense, rarely if ever hearing anything truthful or positive about any but the Democrats that ‘tow the line’ of the far left kooks. That is, until the birth of the Fox News Channel. Fox, it appears, has the audacity to give both views, liberal and conservative and actually tells some of the good news coming out of the war. The “we report, you decide” is actually true.

To the far leftist, this cannot be allowed as people can see the situation in the country isn’t as bleak as they make it out to be. They only want their far leftist view to be seen, heard or read. While they call dissent “patriotic” when against conservatives, dissent against the liberal view is “a vast right winged conspiracy” or a “smear campaign,” as over 250 combat decorated Viet Nam Veterans, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, are labeled for exposing the long standing Socialist liberal actions and agenda of former presidential candidate, John Kerry, who served in Viet Nam.

Fox News Channel threatens the far left kooks. Hence, they must be silenced. They don’t have the political power to completely stifle them, yet. So, they ridicule them, label them biased to conservatives and do whatever they can to minimize them, encouraging sheeple to not listen to or watch them.

In their minds, having the top three contenders for the Democrat Party nomination for president in 2008 refuse to appear on debates co-sponsored by Fox News minimizes them. It hurts their viewership. Without viewership, advertising dollars dry up and the business fails. It stops the populace from hearing dissenting views against the left, having to resort back to the lamestream media they control and who share their far left views.

Part of the First Amendment to our Constitution reads, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” While no law has been passed, freedom of speech and of the press (media) has been a long held inheritance of our Democratic Republic. Efforts to stifle or intimidate one segment of our media breaches the very foundation of our freedoms.

This attack and intimidation of Fox News from the far left kooks of the Democrat party is such a breach. A breach not unlike that seen in the days that led to the establishment of the oppressive Soviet Union.


UPDATE: Emmett Tyrrell At Town Hall adds his excellent commentary on the intimidation by the far left. The Naked Bloggers


Mark Harvey aka Snooper said...

Ain't it something? Talk about blowing with the wind and the Party of tolerance, eh?

The Leftinistra leadership is jammed packed with two-faced liars and it never ceases to amaze me that they whine and complain but never offer any viable solutions to anything they whine about.

What kind of leadership is that?


yankeemom said...

I live in a town where most think Fox News is a Rove Conspiracy. The tolerance here is underwhelming.
The links are great!