Sunday, April 01, 2007

Swift Boat Backlash

April 1, 2007

In an opinion piece written March 30, 2007, Fox news contributor and Legal Professor, Susan Estrich, lends her voice to the glee being expressed over the withdrawal of the nomination of Republican, Sam Fox, for Ambassador to Belgium.

Swift Boat Backlash

From her article, we read, “No one ever suggested that Mr. Fox didn't have whatever qualifications are required to be ambassador to Belgium.”

And, quoting Senator Chris Dodd; "Tough politics I accept," said Sen. Chris Dodd, Kerry's fellow Democrat, a committee member and current presidential candidate. "Strong partisan views I accept. But he went over the line."

She continues with, “The issue is not retribution, but responsibility.”

Really, Ms. Estrich? May I ask where are your calls for “responsibility” for George Soros,, DailyKOS and other left winged groups who went so far as to actually fabricate documents in their futile effort to prove President Bush’s Military Service in the Texas Air national Guard dishonorable? What about Michael Moore, Ms. Estrich? Did you miss his fraudulent ‘documentary,’ Fahrenheit 911? Should he not be held responsible, as well?

What about Rosie O’Donnell’s outrageous conspiracy theories she spews daily on ABC’s, the View? Not only is she ignorant of what she speaks, she spews lies as facts and falsely accuses the President of the United States of War Crimes, while she advocates for the enemy of the United States. Where is the call for her “responsibility,” Ms. Estrich?

What I find especially ironic is that just two days earlier, March 28, 2007, Susan Estrich wrote another article decrying the intent of Monica Goodling to invoke the Fifth Amendment in testimony she is to give concerning the trumped up non-scandal scandal the Democrat Party leaders are trying to build over the Bush Justice Departments firings of 7 U.S. Attorneys, completely legal, even according to Democrats.

Taking The Fifth

The claim of scandal against these firings is that they were purely “politically motivated.” According to the statement released by Ms. Goodlings attorney, "The potential for legal jeopardy for Ms. Goodling from even her most truthful and accurate testimony under these circumstances is very real, One need look no further than the recent circumstances and proceedings involving Lewis Libby."

Libby, you recall, was recently convicted of perjury for the non-outing of Valerie Plame, a purely “politically motivated” trial over his lack of memory during questioning about this alleged “outing.” I say, “alleged” because all along who released her name was known to the U.S. Prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald. That did not stop the “politically motivated” witch-hunt trying to create or find evidence of a crime not committed and tie it to the White House.

Ms. Estrich says in the second article, “Based on what her lawyer is saying, Monica Goodling has no right to invoke the 5th Amendment. If she has nothing to hide, she has to testify.”

Sorry, Ms. Estrich, but Kangaroo Investigations set up to entrap people over any charge that can be trumped up is sufficient cause for me to understand her invoking the Fifth Amendment to protect herself from potential charges and tried in a very biased court, as was Libby.

Senator Dodd said Mr. Fox “went over the line,” yet neither he nor Ms. Estrich explains how, other than he donated to a grassroots effort comprised of highly decorated combat Viet Nam Veterans and ex-POWs who openly and legally opposed the candidacy of Senator John ‘F’in Kerry over his treasonous acts after his scant 4 month tour in Viet Nam.

What I find sanctimonious in her Swift Boat article is that she excuses the “Politically Motivated” denial of Sam Fox’s nomination over who he donated money too, something we have every right as American Citizens to do, while decrying the Justice Departments legal firings of the 7 U.S. Attorney’s over Democrats cries of “Politically Motivated.”

I guess you have to be a Liberal Socialist to have everything your way in today’s Political Climate.



Desertmoon said...

I love your title... and I know that you are RIGHT in a Left World when you say that you are a conservative. I'm glad that we can provide a little muscle to clear the debris away from the eyes of that Left World.

Daisy said...

I have the feeling that Mr. Fox and the Swiftboaters will rise again ---

Nice post.

-- Gull

LewWaters said...

Desertmoon and gull, than you both for dropping by and commenting.

Gull, I'm sure Fox will be back, but as for the Swifties, I'm not too sure they will reform.

They stood down after the 2004 elections, as a group, their mission of exposing Kerry being done. Those guys went through pure hell for exercising their constitutional right to oppose and expose the charlatan, Kerry.

Some have broken off into Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation, but most just returned to their lives.

John O'Neill seems to still be active in continuing to speak out against Kerry's Senate roll.

We still discuss on their forum, but it isn't anywhere near as busy as it was leading uo the election.

They gave us all a good lesson and example to follow. The rest is up to us now.