Friday, May 25, 2007

Appeals court bars Cheney foes from West Point

In my previous post, War Protesters Not Welcome, I mentioned a group of anti-war protesters being denied entry and permission to the grounds of West Point Military Academy, to counter a speech being given by vice-president Cheney this weekend. Undeterred, they took it to Federal Court for appeal.

I am happy to report that today, a three judge panel upheld the lower court ruling and the group, the Democratic Alliance of Orange County, are still denied permission to protest Cheney.

"Although the vice president is a political figure, he is also an incumbent official in the United States government," the court wrote. "As such, his mere presence on campus to address members of the United States military on their graduation day does not convert the West Point campus into a public forum, nor does it serve as an open invitation for 1,000 or more outsiders to engage in freewheeling and potentially distracting, if not disruptive, acts of political expression."

I originally said, "I cannot fathom a Federal Judge... ruling that members of the Military must be subjected to those who will denigrate and ridicule their chosen profession."

It does my heart good to be right and to see this Court state that the left doesn't have the run of our Military Bases as they think they do. I cannot imagine what our Troops would think if they had to be subjected to the constant drone of the moonbat left.

Read more at Appeals court bars Cheney foes from West Point

UPDATE 1: Vice President Cheney delivered his speech today unhindered by the moonbat leftists. Complete text of his speech can be read at Cheney Remarks at the United States Military Academy Commencement. Protesters rallied in the village of Highland Falls outside a gate to the post.

UPDATE 2: Wherever the leftist protesters appear, they are being met by counter protesters, mostly by the Gathering of Eagles. Eagles, doves clash at Academy protest


Anonymous said...

I dare say that if we in The New Media and the GROWING number of the Silent Majority being silent no more, and the GROWING voices of the Gathering of Eagles had NOT been vocal, the court decision would have been differently.

We win...they lose.

This is GREAT news.

LewWaters said...

No doubt that the rising voices in the country seems to be helping some judges to interpret laws by the law, not their emotions.

The Gentle Cricket said...

I would be willing to wager that these same people, who would protest the military on the very grounds of West Point, would be the types to laud the slogans of "dissent is patriotic" and "support the troops, bring them home". Do they not recognize the irony?

LewWaters said...

Cricket, can you imagine the demoralization of our Troops as they were deployed after being forced to listen to these kooks, had the judges ruled the other way?

From the article, "The protesters' attorney, Stephen Bergstein, said the military gets too much respect."

"No other institution in our society enjoys the deference that the military establishment enjoys," he said. "There are things you can't do in our society, and protesting at a military institution is one of them. It's a shame because they invite Cheney and he can say whatever he wants."

Irony barely covers seeing their attorney say the Military gets "TOO MUCH RESPECT!"

Yet, these same people will do anything they can to block conservatives on college campuses.