Friday, May 18, 2007

Baghdad Rosie Equates Our Troops to Terrorists

See it for yourself on MSNBC's Scarborough Country

This woman continues to go too far. When will ABC and Barbara Walters can this piece of slime?

As long as Baghdad Rosie is on ABC, I will have nothing to do with that network!


Anonymous said...

I caught that this morning on FOX. She needs a 243 to the forehead as well.

LewWaters said...

All of her previous imbecilic shenanigans I can write off to stupidity. Not this.

If memory serves me correctly, she was one of the "I'll leave America should Bush win" crowd back in 2000. Well, Rosie, he's been elected twice now, don't let the door slap you in your robust posterior. (fat ass, for those of you in Rio Linda) ;)

Flag Gazer said...

I blocked ABC on our TV -