Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Caucus Of Corruption, The Truth About The New Democratic Majority

Is now out!

The long awaited book by Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan, of Blogs For Bush and GOP Bloggers is just released and available from Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble or the Conservative Book Club.

Learn what our lamestream media won't report and the Democrat party ignores. See for yourself that the Corruption in Washington D.C. isn't so one-sided as claimed during the 2006 campaign.


Harv said...


I was searching google on an unrelated matter when I came up with your blog. As to the Bill the Democrats passed and Bush vetoed, it's now to the point that even generals who served under Bush are saying the war is lost. On the day of the veto two of his former combatant commanders were quoted attacking him.

As for the situation in Iraq, one statistic tells the story- when I was there in 2003-2004, only 17% of Iraqis supported attacks on coalition troops. Now 51% of Iraqis do, and it breaks down to a third of Shiites, almost no Kurds, but over 90% among Sunni Arabs (and it's in Sunni Arab areas where most of our troops are based).

Seeing as how success in counterinsurgency depends entirely on winning at least the acquiescence, if not the support, of the local population I would say these numbers prove decisively that victory is impossible.

I assume you're a Republican, and while a minority of Democrats in Congress went along with the 2002 authorization, your party owns the war. You've gotten everything you wanted when it comes to this war, all the troops, all the money, you name it. And you can bet that after the Democrats make a big production out of it for their antiwar base, they'll continue to fund it without a timeline for withdrawal.

Wake up, they're giving you all the rope you need to hang yourselves. How many GOP Senators are up for reelection in 2008, is it twenty three or twenty eight of the 33 seats? And will the Republican candidates stick with Bush on Iraq and, if nominated, be defeated in a landslide that adds dozens of seats to Nancy Pelosi's majority? Or will they break with Bush now and lose for sure in the primaries?

The Democrats are looking at their greatest electoral victory in decades and all they have to do is be willing to accept another thousand or two dead Americans instead of defunding the war now. The political theater isn't over yet, but I'm betting it's a sacrifice they're willing to make.

As for why Bush is staying in Iraq right now, it's because he's determined not to admit that he made a mistake, and equally determined to leave the messy job of helicoptering the last of our guys off the roof of the Republican Palace to his successor.

LewWaters said...

You needn't 'Sir' me, Harv. I was an NCO and we worked for a living ;-)

One, two or three generals do not have all the answers. Did you ever stop think that part of the reason why Iraq isn't going as well as we wish is because of inept generals who are now retired?

McArthur is historically one of the better generals we ever had. yet, wasn't he relieved of Command by Truman?

Odd that you make the statistical claim you do. I'm sure you realize statistics can be twisted to whatever the presenter desires. Another for you, if you will, since you say over 90% of Sunnis support attacks on the Troops; Sunni Muslim sheikhs join US in fighting Al Qaeda.

Another for you to peruse: Resilient Iraqis ask what civil war?

Seems things might have changed in the last couple years?

You assume I'm a Republican. I was taught in the Army to never assume anything, but that is neither here nor there. I am A Republican only in so far as they remain conservative. Most of my life I was a Democrat but couldn't take the liberal BS.

In the Senate vote for the Iraq War Resolution, 29 Democrats voted for, 23 against. Doesn't look like a minority voted for it, to me.

In the House, 81 Democrats voted for it, 126 against. So, maybe you meant that vote.

Still, this isn't a Democrat or Republican War, except for the Democrat party trying to score political points off the lives of the bravemen and women serving there.

You say I have gotten everything I wanted in this war. Wrong. I want teh Democrats adn the anti-war assholes to stop encouraging the enemy by telling them they are leaving and the War is already lost. If you truly were there, you should realize how that emboldens an enemy, just as they did during Viet Nam.

Perhaps you didn't know that it was B.J. Clinton who signed into law the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, making this America's War, Not Bush's War.

If you have lost the stomach to fight terror before it becomes widespread here in our streets, that is okay with me. Just stand aside and allow those that do want to defeat terror handle it.

Funny you mention lifting the last person off the roof of the Republican Palace. Keep emboldening our enemies and we won't have to, they'll be here blowing themselves up in our Malls, and taking an awful lot of innocent people with them.

Don't take my word for it, listen to Al Qaeda’s Number Two

I wouldn't be too confident about Democrats in Congress. They seem to be losing favor with the public already.

Have a nice evening, Harv. Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

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