Monday, May 28, 2007

Edwards’s Memorial Day Protests

May 28, 2007

As posted before, the “Breck Girl,” Democrat former Senator and presidential hopeful, John Edwards, called on supporters to Support The Troops, End The War by displaying anti-war material at Memorial Day events today, on Memorial Day!

Several people, from both the right and left political spectrum condemned this call as a bad idea, knowing full well that, as often happens things go too far.

As expected, that is what happened this morning in Orcas Island, Washington, the second-largest member of the San Juan archipelago, a string of islands located at the northwest tip of the state. Best known for kayaking opportunities and whale watching, the string of Islands of less that 10,000 population is ordinarily a sleepy quiet community.

That wasn’t to be this morning when vandals not only took American Flags off of the graves of Veterans and burned them, but replaced them with hand drawn Swastikas both on Sunday and again on Monday, Memorial Day!

Oakdale Minnesota saw this also happen this morning when a woman there woke up to find one of her Flags in a pile of ashes on her lawn. She says she feels threatened and intimidated by this violation of her homeowner rights and freedom of expression.

I know the leftinistra will say there is no proof of this being Edwards Supporters and so far, that is true. Police are lifting fingerprints and seeking the vile scum that perpetrated this hate crime. But don't forget, it was Edwards who put out the call highjacking Memorial Day.

I’m sure Edwards will issue the obligatory condemnation, no matter how hollow, that he doesn’t support these acts, but Edwards did ask people to make their statements known today and to send him photos to display of their acts.

Now, I wonder if Edwards will display the fruits of his call for protest photos that he asked to be sent to him?

An Angry Lew

UPDATE: Not flag burning, but watch how the anti-war leftists here appreciate their words being filmed by others. Veterans For Peace


Miss Beth and Carla said...

Lew, this is absolutely OBSCENE! How low can these people stoop? The depths of their insanity never ceases to amaze me!

LewWaters said...

In March, in Portland, Oregon, they burned a soldier in effigy, burned a flag while a protester took a dump on it.

This is about as low.

Let the leftists scum defend this act!

Miss Beth and Carla said...

Lew, I'm going to try to cross post this at my place. I hope the pictures come out right.

Anonymous said...

I was also going to post on this and just left a comment at Pastor Eds post in regards to this.

THIS is an OUTRAGE and I will eagerly await edwards' response to this.

LewWaters said...

Edwards can't say he didn't hear about this. I just emailed links to the original stories about it to him.

Dean said...

This needs to be shoved down breck girls throat.

I abide by the laws of this land but this sort of stupidity makes me wonder why.

Pray to God that I never come face to face with slime balls that commit this sort of vile insanity.

Anonymous said...

A better!

There was also a flag burning at the Gathering of Eagles. Ya shoulda seen the v-vet boys come out swinging at the ones who carried it upside down and dragging on the ground...lucky they are still living.

LewWaters said...

Thanks defendusa, that is a very nice tribute.

Here is a link to it,

Memorial Day Memories

If you have a link or anything about the GOE's actions, let me know and I'll post it too.

This particular post isn't intended as a 'tribute,' more of a complaint about ill treatment of Vets and Memorial Day by moonbats.

For many tributes, please visit Do The Right Thing. Well worth reading.

Anonymous said...

I read the news report on this last night and just got angry. Orcas Island isn't that big - they should be able to figure this out. This is beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I was so appalled when I read about the desecration. And so saddened for the families of those buried there.
That is not freedom of speech and god help anyone who says so.
I am so sick and tired of the this sort of thing pretty much getting a free pass in this country.