Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Harry Reid Tries To Establish Iraq ‘Litmus Tests’

May 15, 2007

In yet another anti-war move by Democrat Senate leader, Harry Reid, comes the effort to set litmus tests by proposing and cosponsoring two Iraq redeployment amendments to the water-resources bill.

Says Reid, “As badly as we all recognize we need to get a bill to conference, we’ve not on this side of the aisle … lost sight of the fact that the American people have concluded the president’s Iraq policy has failed.”

Other than the slim margin of wins in last November’s election, what is this based on, surveys of 900 people? And they say Bush is in a bubble?

Democrats Feingold and Dodd are pushing for a vote on tougher withdrawal language as an amendment to the Senate’s next supplemental. Reid hopes to head that off. Why, I don’t know.

If Democrats are so convinced how wrong the war is and that we need to withdraw, they have the constitutional power and responsibility to just vote to cut off funds for it, forcing their desired effect and taking all responsibility for what happens after.

That is what they don’t want to do, accept any responsibility for the outcome. The goal is to make a shambles of the war and point fingers at Bush and Republicans for failure.

To power mad Democrats, it is always about their next election and grabbing power, the good of the country is secondary to them.

This can be seen in former Senator John Edwards recent call for anti-war displays at Memorial Day Events.

In the meantime, our Troops in Harm’s Way are starting to feel the pinch as they are not receiving needed funds for neither materials nor Congressional Support they so desperately deserve.

Playing political football with our Troops as they plead for support from Congress is just wrong.

Democrats, fund the Troops or pull them out now, accepting the consequences! Stop playing with their lives as you jockey for power!



Anonymous said...


reid needs to STFU, resign and go home.

The Gentle Cricket said...

"To power mad Democrats, it is always about their next election and grabbing power, the good of the country is secondary to them."
This is spot-on! This is why the congress has a 29% approval rating. This is why they don't back-up their statements with action. This is why they ignore all the good news coming out of Iraq, like the dramatic decrease in attacks on US soldiers in the Anbar province.

Anonymous said...

Congress is functioning by 'bully-pulpit' and not by action. They have no courage and no convictions save hating...

Anonymous said...

I have a litmus test for reid.

I am in the woods camping, fishing, hunting. In the middle of Davy Crockett National Forest.

I have eaten the typical camp-site outing meals for the last three days and I am seeking a tree.

Use your imagination.

Litmus test THAT, reid you friggin' moron!