Monday, May 07, 2007

I Thought The USA Was Despised With Bush Leading Us

May 7, 2007

We have all heard the rhetoric coming from the left. America is more isolated and despised than it ever has been. All since George W. Bush was elected. In January 2007, in Davos Switzerland, John ‘F’in Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) said, “I've never seen our country as isolated, as much as a sort of international pariah for a number of reasons as it is today.”

Just last year Ted (hic) Kennedy said, “America has gone from leading the world to being despised by the world.”

Pat Buchanan (A RINO opportunist) said in April 2007, “America is severed from old allies and despised around the world.”

Jack Murtha quoted an article saying, “we're more dangerous to world peace than North Korea or Iran.”

Ever since we invaded Iraq, with several Democrats voting their approval, it has been non-stop rhetoric about how hated we are under Bush and how the entire world despises us. Hardly a day has gone by that we haven’t been reminded by someone from the Democrat party of how hated President Bush has made us.

If not members of the Democrat party, we have the leftist crowd from Hollyweird constantly droning on about how Bush has made America so hated.

In one more exmaple of just how wrong they all are, look at yesterday’s election results in France.

Nicolas Sarkozy, a French immigrant and conservative, handlily won the election over Socialist Segolene Royal. Sarkozy is accused of being more American than French and ran on a ticket of closer ties to America.

No, this does not mean he intends to send Troops to Iraq, but it does mean that he won’t be openly objecting to and trying to block every move made by America as did outgoing President of France, Jacques Chirac. What it may mean is that we now have another ally in opposing Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He describes Iranian leaders as "extremely dangerous."

With a voter turnout of about 85%, 53% voted for Sarkozy knowing they will be closer aligned to the USA.

Lest you think this is just a fluke, or that Karl Rove somehow made it to France to rig the elections there, the May 2, 2007 issue of Germany’s ‘Der Spiegel’ ran an article about their leader, Angela Merkel, “The Road to America,” Merkel’s Crowning Achievement. Even though the article leans towards how she is leading America, the first paragraph says it all, “Germans accustomed to Angela Merkel's domestic track record are hard-pressed to recognize the chancellor as she re-orients German foreign policy and takes it back toward its rightful place: at America's side. Thank goodness!”

As wrong as the Democrats consistently are, it should be no surprise that their assessment of just how despised the USA is around the world is just as wrong.

While these two examples won’t lead to their countries committing their Troops to Iraq, it does signal an end to a lot of the opposition we have faced in overthrowing Saddam Hussein and decimating Al Qaeda and other loosely affiliated Jihadist groups of radical Muslims.

If nothing else, it does show that Europeans seem to like the idea of being more closely aligned to the USA under George W. Bush.

Maybe the time has come for our liberal prima donna celebrities that stated they would leave America, should Bush be elected, to keep their promise. And, take some liberal socialist politicians with you, please.

They may have trouble relocating to France, though. It seem the citizens of France may have had enough of the liberal Socialism that has robbed them of their dignity, wealth and courage.



Anonymous said...

Did they have digital voting machines? Did they have hanging chads? Did they have dumb people that couldn't read? Did they have confusing ballots that were hard to follow? You know. Like, click here really means click over there?


Leftinistra. Morons.

Surely the Leftinistra over here are slithering in their panties seeing that the socialists in France have lost and got mad. Sore losers, eh? Just like ours...go figure.

LewWaters said...

A few actual comments from Democratic Underground

Not good When does the violence start?

The GOP promised violence if Gore got a recount - seems to work

Wonder If Rove Helped Him Rig The Poles?

Oh that KKKarl! What KKKan he not do?

Jesus, what is wrong with this fucking planet.

Sarkozy's vote on electronic voting machine is better than average - anyone surprised?

And The Rightwing uses electronic fraud world wide. They have corporate money paying for them I have no doubt.

What a crock of shit. These machines create election results that can't be audited. Why not cry "voting fraud" after EVERY election regardless of the result until they are removed from operation? Does it really matter if voting fraud is real or not? Why even have elections if they are inherently insecure and completely unauditable?

The right ALREADY controls the presidency in France. So it's not as if it's going to become radically more right-wing under Sarkozy than under Chirac.

Merde! First Mexico, now France. I smell a rat

The looney left just canniot fathom that many in the world are sick and tired of their lunacy.

Dean said...

The Democratic Underground should be buried with the rubble of their own words.

Never in my life have I witnessed more insanity walking down the prim rose path with stupidity than now, in this day and age. And they all have their little pink moonbat tutu's on with fairy wings attached, carrying those signs. You know those signs Lew....the signs that proclaim to the world how utterly stupid the sign bearer is? LOL.

At any moment I'm certain the BDS crowd will be blaming George W. for the advancement of this "vast right wing conspiracy" in Europe?

HAHAHAHAHAHA.....stupid beyond belief.

LewWaters said...

As Rush often says, Dean, we can't make this stuff up, LOL.

The Gentle Cricket said...

I don't think we should count our chickens before they've hatched. While Sarkozy will likely be a better ally than Chirac (and he couldn't be worse than what Royal would have been), time will tell what our relationship with France will be.

Nonetheless, I agree that this is certainly a sign that the French people do not despise us...quite the opposite.

LewWaters said...

You're correct, Cricket. I am looking towards Sarkozy with cautious optimism. I don't expect him to join in against Iraq as he was opposed to that. However, I don't see him leading an anti-America agenda as did Chirac.

My point is that two European countries have now elected conservatives that desire closer ties to America. Bush is still in office so if we are as despised as the left wishes us to believe, why would citizens of those coutnries elect someone who says they wish to be aligned closer to us?

Like many things said by teh socialist left, it is hyperbole designed to encourage voters to elect them when they don't even have a stable platform to run on.