Sunday, May 27, 2007

Open Letter To Colonel David Hunt, Fox News Analyst

Reading the Fox News website last evening I came across the article written by Fox News Military Analyst, Col. David Hunt (ret).U.S. Military: Leaders Can't Lead

Taking exception to some of his claims, I sent the following in email;

Colonel Hunt, I am sorely disappointed with your assessment in the article "U.S. Military: Leaders Can't Lead."

Throughout our history, our Militaries have had poor leadership and great leadership. What made many battles won was the spirit of the fighting man in the trenches, not the Generals. The best a General can do is devise an overall plan and allow the Junior Officers, NCOs and enlisted the latitude to get it done. D-Day would be an excellent example of that as General Bradley was considering retreat of invading forces until those on the beaches decided to get off the beach.

Of course this current war hasn't been without mistakes, but what war wasn't? Leaders have been replaced, maybe not soon enough, but replaced just the same. You seem to lay all the blame at the feet of the administration and a good bit deserves to be laid there, agreed. However, since the onset of this war every little thing has been criticized, complained about and opposed. Our media gleefully reports each and every death of one of our Troops while rarely reporting any accomplishments. Missteps made are front page headlines while bravery, if reported at all, is buried on page 32. World War Two had the political parties come together and work together to defeat our enemies, not score political points to either retain or regain political power.

Officers that oppose the war are paraded as heroes while Officers, NCOs and Enlisted that see the dangers of three decades of not facing the Jihadists remain ignored. Politicians play "chicken" with the Troops lives while they cater to lobbyist groups opposed to the war. Some of these same Politicians loudly complain about the treatment of our returning Heroes and conditions at Walter Reed Hospital, yet they control the purse strings and were bragging about frequent visits to that same Hospital weeks and months before the expose' and either never saw this deplorable treatment, or ignored it.

We hear cries this time of "I support the troops, but not the War." Bring the Troops home to show support, with no regard to how the Troops themselves feel. However, those making that call somehow do not feel the need to withdraw the Police from high crime areas of many major American cities where Police face dangers and death. Are not their lives as precious?

Others demand Troops out of Iraq because it is now 'just a Civil War.' What is Afghanistan if not also another Civil War? Are not the current Afghani government and the deposed Taliban both Afghans too? And, what about those calling for Military intervention in Darfur? Why are they deserving of intervention and Military Actions in their "Civil War," and not the Iraqis as well? If Troops are transferred to that theater, how soon before these same Politicians are decrying our involvement there? And, wouldn't the "poor leadership" you mention still be in place?

To be sure, I agree. Poorly performing leaders should be identified and replaced. As you paint our Officer's Corps as inadequate, sir, need I remind you that once, you too were part of that same Officer's Corps.

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