Friday, May 18, 2007

War Protesters Not Welcome

May 18, 2007

On this 27th anniversary of the eruption of Mount Saint Helens here in Washington State, slowly but surely another eruption seems to be brewing. Amid continuing protests against our fighting Radical Jihadists in Iraq and elsewhere, protesters are discovering they are not always welcome.

Those of us from the sixties era remember well the antics of that group of stinking hippies as they ‘marched’ everywhere chanting their infantile slogans and undermining the fight to keep the South Vietnamese people free. From where I stood it appeared they had carte blanche all over the country, save for the May 1970 Hard Hat Riot in New York City. There may have been other incidents of regular everyday Americans standing up to these misguided anti-war freaks, but I was out of the country with the U.S. Army and if there were any others, they did not garner the attention of that one point that America stood up to those who were slandering those of us serving in Viet Nam and elsewhere.

Fast forward to today and once again, we are embroiled in what the left has succeeded in making another unpopular war. No war is really popular, just necessary. But that is beside the point.

All over the country we see these aging hippies, their offspring and other cowards repeating what they felt was successful in bringing about the end of the war in Viet Nam, although in reality, they prolonged it at the cost of nearly 40,000 of the 58,000 American Service Members lost there. From coast to coast, sea to shining sea, we see reports of their cry of “peace and pacifism” and from what is reported in the lamestream media of today, they once again are receiving carte blanche in their quest.

Not so, my friends.

In February 2003 Anti-war protesters lost their bid to hold a march near the U.N. building. A three-judge panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said it could find no errors in a lower court judge's ruling earlier denying them permission to hold their march. U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones concluded the city's response was appropriate in "this time of heightened security."

As one would expect, the New York Civil Liberties Union cried, "This is a stunning blow to democracy, to the liberties we all thought we could rely on, even in times of hostility.” Donna Lieberman, representing the ACLU, called the ruling "an attack on the very values our country was built on and is supposed to be defending."

The earlier ruling by U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones said, “the city's need to protect the public outweighs the right of demonstrators to proceed with plans to march past the U.N. or to march at all.”

Of course, we cannot forget the reception anti-war protesters received this past March 17 in Washington D.C. when they were outnumbered nearly three to one by Veterans and others countering their usual rudeness.

On May 5, 2007 the sleepy little Oregon Coastal city of Newport held their annual ‘Loyalty Day’ Parade. Invited to be in the parade by Lincoln County Democrats was a group from the fringe group, Veteran For Peace, who showed up with a large bus that had signs painted on it saying, Veterans For Peace, Stop the War and American Made Biodiesel Gets Zero Soldiers Per Mile.

Much to the chagrin of these lefty’s, parade officials denied them access to the parade with their bus, sparking outrage by the protesters and now calls for boycotts of the community of approximately 10,000 and their businesses, drawing about 400 signatures on their nationwide petition.

My thanks and congratulations to the community of Newport and rest assured, if 400 won’t ever return, a few thousand right-hearted Americans and Veterans will.

On a similar note, anti-war cretins were dealt another blow in Federal Courts today when District Judge Charles Brieant ruled West Point Can Ban Anti-War Protests on the grounds of the long established United States Army Academy.

Protesters had petitioned the garrison commander for permission to protest the graduation speech scheduled to be given by vice-president Dick Cheney on Saturday May 26, Memorial Day weekend. Protesters claim Cheney is likely to speak in support of the war in Iraq and they should be allowed to express an opposing view.

Uh, did I miss passage of the leftists ‘un’fairness doctrine somewhere?

Colonel Brian Crawford, garrison commander of West Point said, “protests had never been allowed on the grounds and could be inconsistent with the military mission and can detract from the good order, discipline, security, morale or loyalty of the soldiers."

The Democratic Alliance of Orange County spokesman, Michael Sussman says the ruling will be appealed to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for arguments to be heard in Manhattan on Wednesday or Thursday.

Since West Point is an active Military Post, I cannot fathom a Federal Judge, other than maybe the excessively liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, ruling that members of the Military must be subjected to those who will denigrate and ridicule their chosen profession. If a judge rules in favor of the protesters against West Point, I can see a pandora’s box of protests on Military Posts across the nation and that cannot be tolerated. Of course, time will tell.

Since the time of our Civil War, those opposed to our country and it defending itself have been speaking out. For the most part they were ignored or silenced until the 1960’s when they effectively and with the aid of powers opposed to the United States turned public opinon against the war and those fighting it.

Four decades later they are doing it again, but it appears that honest hearted citizens and communities are slowly standing up against these miscreants and their deceit of pacifism.

Is it possible that finally, a slumbering giant is starting to stir awake? I certainly hope so!



Anonymous said...

And the Leftinistra whiners yell foul ball. But if we were to call foul ball, we are considered as intolerant.

Frack 'em.

We win...they lose.

Dean said...

Exactly so Lew and Snooper!

The polluted hippie gene pool has spawned a regurgetation of the idiocy from the 60's.

This time the little creeps carry their black and red banners in lockstep with American communists.

We know the groups and the people involved and it's the same old tired message with the same old tired theme.

Veterans will not sit down for this one. Slowly our ranks are being filled by ordinary citizens who have had enough of these scum.

Together we can make a difference. United we will silence these sub human cowards and their ilk.

In their case I'm all for abortion. We don't need any more of the filthy creeps running the roads and spreading their insanity.

LewWaters said...

Those of us who served in Viet Nam and our supporters from then recall all too well what was done to us and what resulted because of it.

We are not going to allow that to happen again.

Susan Duclos said...

Lew... May I cross post this with credit of course given to you?

I love this piece!!!!

LewWaters said...

Spree, you are more than welcome to cross post anything here at any time and don't need to ask. I'm honored that you wish to.

Susan Duclos said...

Cross posted with my comments at the end...

Thanks Lew, you write sooooooo well.