Friday, June 01, 2007

Compromise on Immigration Compromise

June 1, 2007

By now, most all of us have heard of the Immigration Compromise bill currently being hawked by politicians and bitterly opposed by several citizens across the land.

Senator McCain and President Bush have both shown very poor leadership in hawking this flawed legislation, in my estimation. Opposition to this bill is gaining and supporters are worried of its failure.

Teddy Kennedy, chief Democrat architect of the legislation says, "Our plan is a compromise. It involved give-and-take in the best traditions of the United States Senate,” adding, “No one believes this is a perfect bill." Queen Pelosi is signaling that any immigration bill clearing the chamber this summer is likely to look considerably different from a Senate bill designed to attract Republican votes.

Arlen Specter, a lead negotiator and RINO extraordinaire claims, "The grand bargainers will hold together, but there are not 51 of us," indicating the mounting opposition and bitter divide across the country over this proposal.

Instead of further dividing an already divided country, may I suggest a “compromise” of my own?

We know that the left wishes to bring illegal immigrants into the country en masse for working on jobs that supposedly, ‘Americans will not do.’ Even some Republicans desire this with no regard to what the effect on our economy will be as they add these millions of unskilled workers to the roles of welfare, Health Care, food stamps and social security funds. Both seem to think they will gain the Illegal Immigrant Vote, supposedly already illegal as well. For whatever reason they have, Washington D.C. politicians are lining up in support and opposition to this proposal.

Several on the left have been telling us for sometime now that we need to emulate Socialist Utopia’s like Venezuela and Cuba. They hawk their grand schemes of government supplying what they deem is appropriate, free socialized health care and of course, absolutely no right wing rhetoric allowed. Actor Danny Glover and filmmaker Michael Moore are among the most notable and outspoken proponents of this.

We realize the difficulty of rounding up some estimated 12 million illegals, but why not gradually round up who we can? Instead of deporting them back to their homeland, we can cut a deal with Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro to help defray costs and simply ship the illegals to them in Venezuela and Cuba, to replace those citizens in both countries that desire freedom or that may soon just disappear as they demonstrate against Chavez’s clampdown on those ingrates opposing his Socialist Utopia.

Those crossing our borders wouldn’t have to worry about not speaking the language or poverty. The left tells us how much better off we would be under such a rule, so it really should benefit those sneaking over the border in the dead of night seeking what already is available in Venezuela and Cuba. Both benevolent dictators should welcome them with open arms to work their fields and show the world how much better they are at caring for immigrants and giving them all the freebies we have to pay for, right?

Who knows, maybe several of the socialist left celeliberals that cried they would have to leave America should Bush be elected will also have a Utopian Socialist paradise to move to. Of course, they may lose their massive wealth they enjoy here, but isn’t that what socialism is all about? Isn’t that what Hillary Clinton, looking rather smart in her Chairman Mao suit, is currently hawking, shared responsibility and prosperity?


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Anonymous said...

Komrade Hillary. Czarina. God help us all.

This is a PRIME example of the CONgress Critters NO LONGER representing We The People.

We The People are overwhelmingly AGAINST this legislation yet the pukes in CONgress plan on ramming it down our throats.