Sunday, June 10, 2007

Dennis Miller Goes Nuclear on Harry Reid (D. Nv)

Click on the link and view this evenings Dennis Miller segment, The Buck Starts Here, from Fox News's The 1/2 Hour News Hour show. Dennis Miller Goes Nuclear on Harry Reid.

Long overdue that someone of some National Prominence called this Senator on his defeatist hateful rhetoric that is emboldening our enemies.

While at HotAir viewing the video, be sure to click on their link above the video to see Rasmussen's polls place Reids approval rating at a dismal 19%.


Miss Beth and Carla said...

Since they replaced Laura Ingraham with Dennis Miller on my radio station, I get to listen to him every weekday morning.

This is EXCELLENT! Mind if I swipe it? Pleeeeeeeeease?

LewWaters said...

Feel free, Miss Beth. I'm sure HotAir won't mind.

Anonymous said...