Saturday, June 23, 2007

The “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon

June 23, 2007

Lest you think I mean “Fine” in the sense of “in good order,” think again. I mean ‘Fine” in the sense of City Government ripping people off, especially if from out of state or not a member of the correct minority.

Most people in the Pacific Northwest are familiar with the “FINE” city of Portland, Oregon and know that it is much like a separate country, a mirror of the failed Soviet Union in many ways. Anti-war sentiment is rampant as are anti-Christian phobias. Legitimate businesses that conduct their business contrary to the whims of leftist groups are not protected and are encouraged to either give in to these leftist groups, or leave. Ask the owners of Schumacher Furs how much support they received from the “FINE” City of Portland.

But, that is another matter being dealt with elsewhere. The purpose of my little rant is to expose the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon in what I perceive as either racism or ‘selective fining’ imposed on drivers who dare bring their automobile into the “FINE” City of Portland to conduct business there.

The following is a true story as related to me by my wife, another ‘victim’ of the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon.

My wife works for an Inventory Company that travels all over the Northwest under contract to inventory businesses. On the morning of June 18, 2007, she and another co-employee were sent to the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon to conduct such an inventory at a store located on SW Jefferson Street. Arriving shortly after 7 AM, each in their respective vehicles, they sought a parking space, difficult in the “FINE” City of Portland.

Thinking they had gotten lucky and spying two open parking spaces along the street, they parked one behind the other. Exiting their vehicles to unload the inventory equipment, along comes a Meter Maid beside my wife’s vehicle, blocking her car in and informing them in a rude fashion that they were in a Truck Loading Zone and couldn’t park there. Fair enough, you might think, as they both said they didn’t realize it and didn’t see the signs and would move their vehicles immediately.

Be it to fulfill a quota, which all Police claim they don’t have when it comes to vehicle Citations or because the Meter Maid, a Ms. P. Harris (OFC number 46) is prejudiced against people with Hispanic features from Washington State, only one Parking Citation was issued, to my wife, who was trying to relocate her car but couldn’t at the moment because Ms. P. Harris blocked her in long enough to issue the citation and preventing her from relocating.

You may view this as acceptable and my rant is just sour grapes over a $60 Parking Citation, but you are only partially correct. If you note, I said there was only ONE citation issued that morning, only to my wife with the Washington State Plates and who is a Native Born American of one Hispanic parent.

The co-worker that was conducting inventory with her that morning, a White Male driving a vehicle with Oregon License Plates, did not receive a Parking Citation for $60 and was permitted to relocate his vehicle, which was parked immediately in front of my wife’s vehicle and in the exact same Truck Loading Zone.

Neither left their vehicles that morning as Ms. P. Harris descended upon them immediately when they parked where they did. So, the question is, why does a Native Born American woman with Hispanic features and Washington State License Plates receive a $60 Parking Citation for wrongfully pulling into a Truck Loading Zone and who said she would relocate her vehicle immediately, while a White Male driving a vehicle with Oregon License Plates, who also wrongfully parked in the same Truck Loading Zone and who also said he would relocate his vehicle immediately, was allowed to relocate without any Parking Citation issued?

My guess is that only Ms. P. Harris, of African descent, could answer that. But, appearances don’t bode well that it was due to anything other than prejudice on the part of Ms. P. Harris, against a woman of partial Hispanic Heritage and from out of state.

It may strike you as odd that I could assume a female of African descent working for the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon could be prejudiced as well, but experience has shown me that the most ‘intolerant’ of all are the “tolerant leftists’ that gorge the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon.

We will pay this fine without any trouble. As excessive as $60 is for wrongfully parking in a Truck Loading Zone for maybe two minutes, most of which was spent due to Ms. P. Harris blocking my wife’s car in and preventing her from relocating, it is a lesson for all of what to expect in the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon.

My wife now understands why I have always expressed a strong dislike of the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon and despise even driving through the City on my way elsewhere.

It is little wonder why many businesses and residents of the “FINE” City of Portland, Oregon are fed up with the Socialist Mecca and are leaving.



u∃∃l!∃ said...

So you are going to hold the behavior of ONE meter maid against the entire city of Portland?

Both your wife and her co-worker should have received tickets, if the area was clearly marked.
Otherwise neither of them should have received tickets.
But if the meter maid was only capable of blocking one vehicle long enough to issue the ticket, then maybe it was just random that it happened to be your wife's vehicle.
And maybe it is predjudice, such predjudice is not unheard of.

LewWaters said...

Yes, Coboble, such prejudice isn't unheard of and believe it or not, it is very prevelant among those claiming to be the most tolerant.

No, this one incident isn't why I condemn the City of Portland, it is but one more example.

Although the meter maid said the spot was "clearly marked," it wasn't when they pulled up as a truck was blocking the signs from their view.

In essence, they are vendors when they inventory a store and this meter maid had to have witnessed them pull into the spot and get out of their cars as she was on them within seconds. Neither ever left their vehicles and were unloading their counting equipment and scanners.

Portland, like many big cities that lean far left, like to portray themselves as a cities with hearts. My experience is that if you agree with their politics and live in the city, they have a heart. Otherwise, you are fodder for their coffers.

In this case, the meter maid descended on them and issued the ticket as they were preparing to leave, but only to one, the one with Washington plates.

I see it as what we used to call the 'Tom McCall attitude' of Portlanders being better than others.

Additionally, don't you find $60 to be a bit outrageous when the car was never unattended and was moved right away?

Anonymous said...

Right Wing law and order types howl the loudest when they are caught breaking the law. Excuses, excuses. No AMNESTY for Lew

LewWaters said...

Just a little off track, anomymous. I didn't get the parking citation. In fact, I haven't had any traffic citations since May 1967.

That being said, I often see you lefties whine about heavy handed police tactics. Many of us on the right join you in decrying that. Amazing that the left cannot return the favor and enjoys seeing others discriminated against.

More of the intolerance of the "tolerant?"