Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kerry Plays Sympathy Card for Failing Non-Amnesty Amnesty Bill

June 21, 2007

John ‘F’in Kerry (D. Ma.) failed 2004 presidential candidate (who also served in Viet Nam) came out today making a plea of compassion on behalf of the wife of one of the two missing Soldiers in Iraq, Specialist Alex Jimenez. His wife, Yaderlin Hiraldo, who entered the United States illegally in 2001 from the Dominican Republic, and married Jimenez in 2004, which brought her illegal status to the attention of ICE.

Prior to being deployed on his second tour, Specialist Jimenez appeared in immigrant court on April 29, 2006, where the judge granted the couple a temporary reprieve by placing any proceedings on hold until the return of Purple Heart recipient, Jimenez.

Jimenez is currently missing in action, being overcome in an ambush that left several others known dead and the whereabouts of Jimenez and Pvt. Byron Fouty unknown at this time.

Kerry and our lamestream media have apparently jumped on this heart rendering story as if she were currently handcuffed and being placed in an ICE van, to be immediately returned to the Dominican Republic. Said Kerry, in a letter to Michael Chertoff, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, “As Yaderlin waits to hear what has happened to her husband I ask that she be allowed to stay in our country, I believe this is a very real test of our government’s compassion for a military family which has already made enormous sacrifices for the United States.”

He went on to say, “My heart goes out to the family of Specialist Jimenez and I am determined to do everything in my power to make sure his wife is not deported from our country while our military is frantically searching for him.”

Senator, I believe the hearts of the entire country go out this Military wife, illegal or not. We are not a heartless nation, as you have tried to portray us for three decades now.

However, I must wonder why the hard push at this time, when public sentiment is so heavily against the proposed legislation. Is he playing the sympathy card in an effort to build support for this ill-conceived and disastrous bill?

To me, he must be because he ignores that any proceedings were placed on hold last year by immigrant court judge, Philip J. Montante.

After this “plea” of Kerry’s, ICE spokeswoman Jamie Zuieback stated that the case is in an inactive status in a New York immigration court. "There would have to be a proactive effort to reopen it, and that's not something that's been done in the last year and a half, and there are no plans to do so,” Zuieback went on to say.

Teddy Kennedy (D.Ma.) and co-sponsor of this flawed bill, chimed in with, "I'm very concerned about the situation facing Yaderlin Jimenez, and for millions of others, across the country. I've been in touch with the Department of Homeland Security on her behalf, and my office remains in touch with those assisting Ms. Jimenez and her family. I'm happy to assist her and Spec. Jimenez's family during this difficult time."

Vincent Morris, a spokesman for Senator Kerry, said the senator is also looking into whether this is a more widespread problem in the Army. Widespread problem, Senator? Does he think that our Troops line up to marry illegal immigrants? I think not.

Kerry also said, "Under no condition should our country ever deport the spouse of a soldier who is currently serving in uniform abroad."

Need I remind the junior Senator from Massachusetts that Jimenez’s wife isn’t facing deportation at this time?

Kennedy spokeswoman Melissa Wagoner revealed a glimmer of light of the motives behind their action when she said, "This is a good example of why the immigration system in this country needs to be fixed."

An immigration attorney, Charles Kuck, further revealed the motives behind this when he said, "When you're deporting the spouses of U.S. soldiers, I think the law's harsh enough. Essentially we're punishing U.S. Citizens. That's why it's so essential to have comprehensive immigration reform."

Also ignored as they tug at our heartstrings to build support for their legislation is an Army spokesman who said, "We are concerned about the welfare of the Jimenez family. ... When Mrs. Jimenez became an Army spouse, she joined a family that will never leave her." Army lawyers have also been in contact with the family lawyer to provide assistance, and a casualty assistance officer was assigned to Yaderlin Jimenez once her husband disappeared.

I also feel that American citizens, be they conservative or liberal, stand behind this lady and would support a waiver to her status. We don’t need to rush through flawed legislation granting amnesty to millions of other illegals and further neglecting our open borders.

If Kerry and Kennedy were honest, they would put through a special piece of legislation to expedite Hiraldo’s Green Card while she and the whole country awaits word of her missing husband.

What we don’t need are Senator Kerry’s sleazy tactics tugging at our heartstrings deceiving us into believing we are dishonoring our Brave Troops fighting in the War on Terror by deporting their wives while they are overseas.

Tacky, Senator, really tacky.


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