Saturday, June 02, 2007

LaGrange Missouri Stands Up

A must see web site, LaGrange Stands Up.

As I have said many times, it is Small Town America that is our greatest strength and the true backbone of America. In LaGrange, Missouri, a Small Town of about 1,000 dating back to 1832, residents woke up to the dis-repair of its monuments and lack of notice towards Veterans buried in the town cemetery, through the outstanding efforts of Pat Livingston, a female Viet Nam Veteran and resident in the community.

Through her prodding, stumping and outright begging, LaGrange's Monuments have been refurbished and residents have gained a whole new appreciation for our Nation's Fallen heroes. I hope reading her story encourages others Small Town America's to stand up with Pat and return America to the greatness lurking within us.

LaGrange Stands Up


Anonymous said...

One person at a community at a county at a time.

We CAN do it.

Flag Gazer said...

What a great story!