Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Roosevelt’s D-Day Prayer

June 6, 2007

What a difference between Democrats and Americans, then and now.

Roosevelt’s D-Day Prayer

On this 63rd anniversary of the beginning of the liberation of Europe from the throes of Nazism, it is tragic that we need reminders that today, we have men and women just as brave, courageous and determined to protect freedom and fighting to keep another people free in another far away land, but they receive so little support and backing from the American people, politicians and especially our media.

If President Bush made a similar speech/prayer today, how long do you feel it would be before the ACLU would file injunctions and suits against him, with the full backing of the Democrat party?

It is really tragic that the “cut and run” Democrats don’t listen to their own anti-war “experts.”

General Anthony C. Zinni, a retired four-star general and staunch critic of the war, "When we are in Iraq we are in many ways containing the violence," he said. "If we back off we give it more room to breathe, and it may metastasize in some way and become a regional problem. We don't have to be there at the same force level, but it is a five- to seven-year process to get any reasonable stability in Iraq."

Strife foreseen in Iraq exit

Take time out today to remember these brave men who stormed the beaches and faced with insurmountable odds, a Commanding General who thought the invasion was a disaster and was considering a withdrawal as well as a well dug in enemy, took the initiative and fought their way off those bloody beaches. Pray we keep producing people of such courage and bravery and then consider, What if D-Day had failed?

Then ask yourself, what if we fail in the Global War on Terror?


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Anonymous said...

Great piece, Lew. I will be posting about this as well. It is indeed a special day for me. I was almost not born!