Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Special Messasge To the Anti-War Left

For all of you that demand we immediately withdraw from Iraq, most likely from those that forced us to abandon South Viet Nam and our other allies back in 1973 and 1975, take a view of this 2004 video, Hmong Hunted and tortured -merciless! (WARNING! Graphic Video)

Hmong worked with and cooperated with us back then. We abandoned them too when you got your way and forced us to just 'walk away.' Today, three decades later, they are still being hunted down like animals, slaughtered, raped, tortured, left alive with their entrails protruding from their bodies and mistreated like no human being should ever be.

You complain that we Americans "torture" by placing womens panties on someone's head, but you never utter a word about what these people you supported still do to innocent women and children.

The graphic scenes in the video are your legacy. This is what all the verses of 'Kumbaya' brings to bear. This is what we fight to stop and prevent, both then and now.

One day you will answer for your sins against these people. The sins of silence and not desiring to support freedom, but supporting Communsim then and terrorists today. Like all, you too will face your maker one day and when you do, I only hope he has more mercey for you than I do.



Anonymous said...

Lew...I have seen this before and it is truly tragic.

I am with you. Good thing I am NOT God.

Unknown said...

That was painful to watch. I must say, I'm glad I was born in '68. One thing I would like to see is open immigration for such people, and I would be willing to pay Vietnam for each one they delivered, alive, unharmed and (I assume they all are) willing to leave.