Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hot 4 Hill???

The subliminal screams in this youtube presentation,


Is this what our politics have degraded to?


Jon said...

Oh dear... I just say some clips from that on Red Eye (Fox News late show). Very strange. Thanks for adding a little more conservative light to the web. I started a conservative digg alternative called GOP Hub ( Anything you can do to help spread the word would be great. Plus you can post on it any articles you write on your blog. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

According to Dick Morris this is now a must to reach the "young voters." They can have it, they can keep their votes. With bimbos like this floating around no wonder our country is in the degraded state it is in.

BTW Lew, did you note that children were used in some of these quite provocative scenes? Where are the parents shrilling and decrying child abuse and or neglect? Or how about child endangerment?

I have hear no one, not even BOR comment on why there are children in this "adult" video.

Soft porn sells and they used young children to make their point. Where is the outrage.

I have a four letter word for this: SPIT!

LewWaters said...

What I mainly noticed, Layla, was the not so subtle references to lesbianism, with the children being a part of it.

I'd be cautious listening too much to Dick Morris, though. Read his book, Rewriting history, and you will find many subtle praises of Hillary from him. Makes me wonder if he isn't a planted shill for the Clintons.

After all, why would someone involved with a prostitute have to resign from the Clinton administration and what with all the speaking out he does against them, they remain quiet. usually, they destroy anyone exposing or opposing them.