Monday, July 09, 2007

Sheehan’s, A Saga of a Fallen Heroes Family

July 9, 2007

From one outlook or another we all have heard of the exploits of Cindy Sheehan, as she became the darling of the anti-war left and the Democrat party, as long as she served their political usefulness. When her antics no longer suited them and failed to garner them all the support they desired, she was dropped like a hot potato, leading her to Announce her retirement in July, after first announcing her resignation in May.

Whatever our personal feelings about Cindy Sheehan’s antics are, lost in the media coverage is her now ex-husband and the heroics of her son, Casey, as he gave his life for the freedoms of others by volunteering for a dangerous mission in Iraq, April 4, 2004.

In bashing President Bush or leveling charges against his administration of “Bush Lied, Men Died,” gone are references to Casey pulling rank and voluntarily replacing a lower ranking person on the truck that carried him to his fate. Gone are references to his being a grown adult man making a grown adult man’s decision. As his Father, Patrick said, “He was an adult, making his own decisions when he volunteered that day. And he would do it again. Nothing can tarnish that. What he did matters.”

Although Casey’s Father is also opposed to this war, he sees his son is an American Hero, deserving of any and all praise and respect that we have ever given to any of our historic heroes throughout history.

While Cindy jetted around the globe making a spectacle of herself, using up the insurance money and government gratuity paid for Casey’s life, his actual grave in Vacaville remained unmarked for some time, in spite of Cindy posing sprawled out over his grave in the January, 2006 issue of Vanity Fair magazine. After receiving some $350,000 in insurance from taxpayers and another untold amount from a Prudential policy on Casey, it became George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Roves fault that her son’s grave went unmarked so long.

During this time, what I perceive as a quiet and unassuming man, Patrick, Casey’s Father, issued a call, Cindy, go home, as he filed for a Divorce from her. Cindy’s response, as we all now know, was to ignore her family as she stated, "..they're supportive. They understand what I'm trying to do." It was also Patrick that handled all matters concerning Casey’s gravesite, according to Cindy. She also claimed the headstone was very expensive and she had to pay for it herself. Somehow, she missed or ignored that grave markers for deceased Veterans are available free of charge from the government with only the effort of filling out a simple one-page form being required. Then again, the receipt of a $100,000 gratuity from taxpayers for covering expenses related to his death was for what?

Claiming her grief prevented her from purchasing a headstone earlier; Casey Sheehan’s grave was left with no headstone for over two years! Of course, the false cemetery that was set up in Crawford, Texas for public show has white wooden crosses, but her hero son’s actual grave sat with little more than a small marker placed on it with his name.

During the long wait for a headstone to be placed on her hero son’s grave, Cindy wrote a post for the far left Huffington Post in which she said, “For Casey to even join the Army, let alone being killed in battle was the thing that was most uncharacteristic of him. He was a gentle and kind soul who only wanted to help others.” Two months earlier she appeared on a radio interview with Amy Goodman where she said of Casey’s feelings about the War, “Casey was against it, but he felt it was his duty to go because he was in the Army. And he felt that he had to go to protect his buddies, to be there for his buddies, to be support, and they are brainwashed into thinking that even if they don't agree with the mission, they're brainwashed into just blindly following it. I begged Casey not to go. I told him I would take him to Canada. I told him I would run over him with a car, anything to get him not to go to that immoral war. And he said, ‘Mom, I wish I didn't have to, but I have to go.’”

What Cindy didn’t say is that her son, who supposedly opposed Iraq, was in the Army when 9/11 happened, having enlisted in May 2000. His enlistment was up as we were preparing to invade Saddam’s Iraq and Casey re-enlisted, knowing his unit was set to go to Iraq.

Mary Mazzocco, Faculty adviser at Casey’s school said, “He was so sweet and so shy and so quiet, you had a hard time seeing him as a soldier, but he really did get into it. The last time I saw him on campus he was in his uniform and very proud of it and very proud to have made it through basic training.” His father, Patrick also said a few days after his death, “One night he came home after running some errands and announced that we were looking at the newest recruit in the U.S. Army,” surprising his family. Even Mother Cindy first said, “He just wanted to go over to fight for his country, and serve his country.”

It doesn’t sound to me like Casey Sheehan “was against it,” or that “he wished he didn’t have to go.” Sounds more to me like he is the type of young man that made America great and free.

Within a few weeks of hero son Casey’s death, the Sheehan family was invited to Ft. Lewis, Washington near Seattle to meet with President Bush. After that meeting Patrick said, "We have a lot of respect for the office of the president, and I have a new respect for him because he was sincere and he didn't have to take the time to meet with us," noting that Bush wasn't stumping for votes or trying to gain a political edge for the upcoming election. Even Cindy said, "I now know he's sincere about wanting freedom for the Iraqis. I know he's sorry and feels some pain for our loss. And I know he's a man of faith." She even asked the president to “make her son's sacrifice count for something.”

Of that meeting, Cindy later claimed that President Bush seemed "totally disconnected from humanity and reality."

Another parent who was present at that meeting with President Bush, wrote the following email to Melanie Morgan of Move America Forward, which was posted at Michelle Malkin.

“I have an e-mail from Jim Krause, whose brother Elmer was killed in Iraq at the same time as Casey Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan was with Mr. Krause at Fort Lewis, Washington when President Bush joined them in the chapel.”

“Mel, let me tell you his guard was down. He was real. He was genuine. He was sincere. His eyes teared while we told of our loss. He said he was sorry. During that time we all could have blasted out our anger, criticism and contept. He would have stood there and taken it.”

What happened to Cindy Sheehan, while her family and several others maintain their support for Victory? By the account of another Vacaville Mother, John ‘F’in Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) is what happened. According to the poster, Mom of Two Soldiers, Vacaville resident, posted on Free Republic,
“We knew of the John Kerry campaign coming out to visit them just after it occurred, as they tried to do with many other families. We knew of the referral to the Fenton Communications agency. Most of us know how she has been used.”

“Most frustrating are the times in which Casey died. In March of that year, John Kerry stood up for Al Sadr, the Muslim Cleric who called in his newspaper for the deaths of U.S. troops. Kerry stated in public radio that Al Sadr had a legitimate voice (to call for the deaths of American soldiers in Iraq) and that the military should not have shut down his newspaper. It was Al Sadr's people who killed Casey Sheehan. It was John Kerry who approached her and used her after that occurred. None of us can understand why Cindy Sheehan would embrace someone after that occurred.”

The saga of Cindy Sheehan appeared to be headed for obscurity when she announced her ‘retirement’ from the anti-war movement. That, or she was out of Casey’s insurance money and couldn’t afford to keep buying all the publicity. Whatever the reason, it was short lived as she is now announcing her plans to organize a march from the Crawford Property she reportedly sold to progressive talk radio host Bree Walker, after refusing to sell it to Move America Forward, who desired to erect a Memorial to Fallen heroes, like Casey Sheehan, on the property. That’s right, she even refused others an opportunity to erect a memorial to her own Son, among others.

On this march, she now claims that Bush’s commutation of L. Scooter Libby’s jail sentence is the “straw that broke the camel’s back” of her short lived retirement into peaceful obscurity. So incensed is she that she has now threatened to run against Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi if she doesn’t seek impeachment of Bush immediately. Somehow, I fail to see wealthy veteran Democrat Pelosi quivering in her leather slingback shoes.

In all of this, Cindy misses and doesn’t ever speak of the heroism of the son she so lovingly misses or his heroic sacrifice the day he ordered a soldier of lesser rank out of the truck so he could take his place on a rescue mission of fellow soldiers that he sacrificed his life for. Missing are the thoughts of his Father, Pat, who wishes his ex-wife no ill will and doesn’t want to be pitted against her, who says, “I would rather that Casey be viewed with dignity.”

We do, Mr. Sheehan, in spite of the actions of your ex-wife.



Unknown said...

I think we can all agree that Sheehan used her son Casey for material gain. Well I do anyway.

Casey must be turning over in his grave with embarrassment ever since his death. Though I must point out, Cindy must have passed a *few* good patriotic genes on to him!!

LewWaters said...

Be it Cindy or her husband Pat, someone passed a sense of duty and honor on to Casey.

Every thing she has done since being stirred up by the Kerry Camp has been dishonorable to the free adult choices her heroic son made.

The country is in sore need of more brave souls like Casey Sheehan.

kloin said...

Let's keep this war going for Casey's sake.

LewWaters said...

Kloin, how about we win it, for all the Casey's sake?

He, and so many others, weren't quitters. Why is the left, that for the most part, not even involved in it?

kloin said...

Unfortunately the deceit and incompetence of this administration has precluded victory as a possibility.

Hard Cheese said...

We only have half of the number of troops needed to secure Iraq. If we are unwilling to take and hold, we should start withdrawing all of our troops completely.

The tactics are not working.

It is regarded as "unpatriotic" to mention that W & Cheney have no kin "in harms way". It is also "unpatriotic" to mention that by lowering taxes we have had to borrow, and much from China and the middle east,etc.. so that they effectively own us. It is also "unpatriotic" to question the larceny that was written into the contracts for Iraq, licenses to steal. Or to point to Cheney and the administration for encouraging such practices. Or to Cheney stonewalling revealing records that might reveal collusion and disregard for the US and blatant criminality.

Cheney and his fellows went looking for an excuse for the war in Iraq as far back as 1997. See their
When the folly of this travesty became apparent to all but the most die hard of arm chair warriors, Bush/Cheney insisted on "staying the course". Opponents were labeled as unpatriotic, if not cowardly, by the noncombatant politicians who populate the Bush/Cheney administration.

They now decry the terrible results that will follow, if our troops are withdrawn "before the mission is accomplished". They used to say that the mission was "to spread democracy". Yet, when Hamas prevailed in a democratic election in Palestine, they did everything they could to undermine that "democracy".
The movement of the centrists toward a withdrawal from Iraq, although late, may not be too late to salvage America and its just position in the world from the trauma inflicted by the Administration

Lonsdale said...

No doubt about it. The tipping point for withdrawal from Iraq will not come from the Sheehans or the leftists of this world. It will come from Republican party members putting pressure on the President and/or voting for withdrawal.

LewWaters said...

Kloin, the deceit, incompetence and politicization of the War on Terror by the Congressional democrats and their zombie eyed followers will make an Al Qaeda victory a possibility.

"War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse."
John Stuart Mill

Cheesey, the vast majority of Americans have no direct connection to this war. Nor did they during Viet Nam. So, why the strong opposition? During Viet nam it was fear that some might have to put themselves on the line for others. Proof of this is that the protesting stopped in 1973 while the war kept on until 1975.

Today, some of that same is apparent, but I doubt as strong as it once was. Liberalism has transformed the old "better red than dead" crowd into today's wusses that feel nothing is worth fighting for. They have become convinced America is evil, accepting Bin Laden's 'America, the Great Satan' scenario.

Many feel that September 11 was our just rewards for oppressing the poor and downtrodden. They fail to see that today's terrorists are often wealthy and well to do that have fallen under the spell of religious extremism and a false interpretation of the Qu'Ran.

You're DNC, DailyKOS talking points are old and disproven several times over. Throughout the 90's, need I remind you that is was the Clintons that actually did wage war against Iraq and Saddam by bombing and launching missiles into Iraq?

Need I remind you that it was Democrat Senators who time and time again made speeches calling for the ouster of Saddam and urging Clinton to make even stronger steps?

Today's Democrat doves were speaking like hawks when Democrats had the White House and Bush, Cheney and such were not involved in the Federal governing of the nation.

It takes no stretch of the imagination to see what changed.

That so many of you willingly fall for it and are so easily deceived, when the safety of your very lives are at stake is amazing.

That some GOP members are abandoning ship for political expediency is their political death wish.

The left and newly ordained wusses from the right wish to coddle the extremists, just as Europe has been doing. It hasn't done very well for them, has it?

Like it or not, they have been at war with us for decades and there are only two ways to stop it. Either we surrender to them,a s Democrats want, or defeat them, as ones like Casey went of to do.

I desire for us to write the history as Victors, not the extremists who openly call for world domination under their control.

lonsdale, your "tipping point" will only be the start of the death of our nation as a free Democracy (Representative Republic, actually).

Try listening to the extremists instead of DNC DailyKOS talking points. They are very open about their intent.

Hard Cheese said...

“will make an Al Qaeda victory a possibility” Al Qaeda were not in Iraq until after the invasion. Why weren’t we able to keep them out? Who should we side with, the Sunnis or the Shiites? I am confused.

"The vast majority of Americans have no direct connection to this war. Nor did they during Viet Nam." Exactly, if you do not have the public support, you cannot win. "So, why the strong opposition?" During Vietnam it was fear that some might have to die for nothing.

When left to the devices of the conservatives, Republican administration, solid Republican Senate and House what did we get? Now an attempt to shift the blame onto the Democrats/ Those who are bringing this war to an end will be treated like the fireman who are blamed for water damage. I am not convinced that America is evil. In fact Bush's low opinion polls and the polls against the war are encouraging. I am convinced that this administration is deceitful and incompetent. What a combo. We do not accept Bin Laden and wonder why the President is content with Bin Laden running free to taunt us.

I do not think that September 11 was our just rewards for anything except perhaps a poorly operating defense system.

I remind you that it was the Clintons that actually did wage war against Iraq and Saddam by bombing and launching missiles into Iraq? (Clintons? I do not recall Hillary Clinton being in a bunker like Cheney.) So what? How does that compare with an ineffective and poorly planned occupation?

“That some GOP members are abandoning ship for political expediency is their political death wish.” This may be quite the opposite. Stay tuned for 2008 election results

LewWaters said...

Uh, Cheesey, I hate to pop your liberal bubble, but even ABC News ran a documentary linking Al Qaeda's Bin Laden to Saddam Hussein's Iraq, in 1999, two years before Bush was elected and long before we invaded Iraq.

You may view a segment of the broadcast, if you dare, at,

The Saddam Connection To Osama

More at,

Saddam’s Secrets

Abdul Rahman Yasin was a member of an al Qaeda cell that was behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and remained at large during the Clinton years. He fled to Iraq. Our Military discovered a cache of documents in Tikrit, Saddam's hometown, that show that Iraq gave Mr. Yasin both a house and monthly salary during those years.

If you listened to more than just DNC talking points and DailyKOS, you might see that Iraq and Al Qaeda did indeed have ties before the invasion. Even the 9/11 Commission acknowledged the ties, although they found no conclusive link in ragrds the 9/11 attacks themselves.

Cheesey, even you should be able to see through the facade the Democrats have thrown up now. They voted to authorize the inavasion of Iraq and almost immediately started opposing it. They claim Bush lied to them about evidence, but many of them were claiming the same thing during Clinton's time in office.

Now, once again, they voted unanimously to approve General Petraeus to command Iraq and once again, are doing what they can to deny him the support they pledged him.

Doesn't it ever strike you as odd that not one Dmeocrat running for office ever speaks of winning? Only ending?

Research what happened after we did the same thing to Viet nam in 1975 and what happened afterwards. Seek out and speak to any Vietnamese refugees you find. Ask them about after 1975 and the 'boat people.'

Then multiply it ten times to see what is awaiting Iraq and America as once again, we allow an ally to be abandoned by America.

Now, do you have anything to say about the subject of this post? Or is is yet another highjacking to bash Bush and our efforts at a Free Iraq?

kloin said...

Prepare yourself Lew. In reference to decisions for withdrawing from Iraq, things are going to happen very quickly in the next 60 to 90 days. Stock up on valium. If you are a drinking man, get some booze, a lot of booze. Find yourself a comfortable chair, preferably one in which you can be strapped down. Your pre-conceived notions of this administration and the Republican Party are about to be sorely tested. And it will not be pretty.

LewWaters said...

Prepare yourself, kloin. I don't really give a care whether it is Democrat or Republican leading to Victory in this war. Unfortunately, most Democrats have chosen to follow in the footsteps of the cowardly hippies of the 1960's.

I won't need any valuim should your scenario happen, I'll leave that to you have allowed yourselves to be deluded that the terrorists really don't mean us any harm and that Bush is worse than Bin Laden. I have my way of dealing with them and will go our fighting, not whimpering from someone to save me.

I also am not a drinking man, dulls the senses and ruins my aim.

It simply amazes me that you all have let your hatred of Bush overshadow any sense of protecting America from harm.

Save the booze and drugs for yourself, you'll need them more than I will, I'm afraid.

Lonsdale said...

There is a clock, not often mentioned, that sits in the Pentagon. It is the Broken Army clock, the service timeline for an exhausted force. Gen. Petraeus and his staff were deeply concerned when rumors of another tour extension, from the current 15 months for soldiers, spread in mid-June. "It would be a last resort," Secretary of Defense Robert Gates told reporters — but troop morale is so iffy that Petraeus quietly urged his commanders to "get the word out" to their soldiers that the extension rumors were false.

According to the Broken Army clock, troop levels will begin to wane in March 2008, no matter what Congress decides in September; the current 20 brigade combat teams will be reduced to 15 by August 2008. There is growing speculation in the military that Bush will try to pre-empt the Petraeus testimony by announcing a gradual drawdown from 20 to 15 combat brigades later this summer. "As if that isn't going to happen anyway," a senior officer said. "But it may give us some political breathing space" — that is, it may subvert the Democrats' calls for a more rapid withdrawal — "if the President makes a big deal of announcing we're drawing down."

The war is coming to an end. Beware the looming spin.

kloin said...

If the President makes an announcement we are drawing down, he will be hated and despised by Lew.

LewWaters said...

lonsdale, General Petraeus speaks of two clocks, one in Washington D.C. and one in Baghdad. He says both are erratic, Washington's runs fast, Baghdad's agonizingly slow.

Imagine, if you will, in your "broken Army clock," if the defeatist Democrats hadn't demonized the war as heavily as they have, discouraging any and all from defending America as they strive for its defeat, how much slower that clock would run.

Maybe that is why both the deaftists in the Democrat party and their willing accomplices in the lamestream media won't publish any reports of success (and there are many).

You all were sold a bill of goods on Viet Nam, much from our enemies in the Soviet KGB about Viet nam and now, their protege's in todays defeatist Democrat party are carrying forth that legacy.

If the President makes an announcement we are drawing down, he will be hated and despised by Lew.

Wrong, kloin. He will have my sympathy for succumbing to the moonbat defeatist Democrats. Should that happen and once the war is on our streets, you'll have to take care of yourselves, I'll be busy defending my own family.

Rightwingwacko said...

Bill of goods on Vietnam indeed. Dominoes anyone? The spread of Communism throughout the world after the fall of Vietnam was staggering. And the Vietnamese did come over here, refugees.

LewWaters said...

That's right, leftwingwacko. Did what happened in Cambodia and Laos after we abandoned the Vietnamese escape you, along with the 'boat people?' Ever talk to nay of the Vietnamese refugees? I have and they don't tell of a very pretty picture as they were "liberated" by the benevolent Communist North Vietnamese and millions ended up dying in Viet Nam reeducation camps, escaping in rickety boats in the South China Sea as well as in the Cambodian Killing Fields and in Laos.

Look up what it still being done to the Hmung for their fathers efforts at helping America back then.

If you didn't go, you wouldn't know.