Saturday, July 07, 2007

Think Gas Costs Too Much Now?

So, if you think gas is too costly at the pump now, watch what your Democrats do now that are back in control of both Houses of Congress.

Dingell to propose 50 cent gasoline tax increase

You read that right, Democrat Dingell, from Michigan, wants to raise the price of your gasoline another 50 cents. Just as gas prices are beginning to fall, you can always count on Democrats to come up with a way to part us from our money.

We conservatives tried to warn you all, but hey, you get what you ask for!


UPDATE: Congressman Dingell now states the proposed tax hike is to show that Americans are not willing to face the real cost of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. His message appeared to be that Democratic leaders were setting unrealistic legislative goals. Counting on Failure, Energy Chairman Floats Carbon Tax. Is it Rocket Science to see citizens, already complaining about costs of gas, will not like a tax hike on gas?


Canuckguy said...

Your gas is underpriced, it needs a lift to encourage more conservation. You know, make the Hummer and SUV types feel the pain.

So Lew, what vehicles does your household possess. Got some gas gobblers? Is that why you are squealing in outrage?

LewWaters said...

Actually, Canuck, you misunderstood my intent. I was saying more about those who are openly bellyaching about the price of gas and demanding the government do something about it. Democrats have been talking gas price controls, windfall profits taxes and such, pandering to voters because gas prices are up.

I find it ironic that the Democrats in our Congress join in with the bellyaching about gas prices and then, propose a huge tax increase tacked onto every gallon of gas. That is why the post, to point out their hypocrisy over this.

As to what "gas gobblers" my wife and I drive, I have a Dodge Dakota, 3.9L V-6 5-speed without AC and 2 wheel drive. My wife has a Honda Accord with the 2.3L 4-Cylinder. Sorry to disappoint you, but neither are gas gobblers at all. In fact, I drive my truck maybe 3000 miles a year. Due to her job, she drives the Honda maybe 7000 a year.

My apologies if I ruined your expectations of some fat cat using more than his fair share.

Oh yes, I also don't have Private Jets at the ready to carry me where I desire to go, like some Politicians crying about Global Warming.

Additonally, FYI, I am also a state certified Auto Emmissions Specialist and have never written any waivers for autos failing their emmissions tests. They fix them right or take them elsewhere, as far as I'm concerned.

Makes one wonder just who is really caring about the environment, doesn't it?

u∃∃l!∃ said...

I am still Bummed that they have not yet implemented the Car Insurance Tax that was talked about before the elections.

Have you ever agreed with 100% of what you expected to get from those you voted for?
Because one votes for someone does that mean they have no right to complain when they don't like the way the person is doing the job, even if it was a known?

I agree with canuckguy on the fact that we pay too little for gas.
I don't think we pay enough to pay for the true externalities of the product (but the problem is that what we do pay doesn't go to cover them anyway).

I asked a few people I work with if given this choice, what they would choose
- Choice 1: a 100,000 dollar car that caused zero pollution or harmful effects
- Choice 2: a 10,000 car that caused lots of pollution.
But they both cost the same to drive and operate (I wanted to take the long term money saving out of the formula).

Guess what, people were NOT willing to pay that much money to not pollute. They talked around doing it if it saved them money in the long run, such as less fuel usage and such.

Hard Cheese said...

We should start receiving the promised benefits of all that liberated Iraqi oil any time now.

LewWaters said...

Not to worry, Cheesey, any benefit we ever receive from anything will be taxed by Democrats. Face it, Democrats have never met a tax they don't like.

As for this "proposed tax" by Dingell, he is claiming he is doing it to show fellow Democrats that we citizens are opposed to it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize most of us are opposed to any tax increase in such across the board things as gasoline.

Washington's current Governor, Christine Gregoire, who was given the seat as heavily Democrat King County elections board mysteriously kept finding missed or lost ballots in the recounts in 2004 until she had enough, even though there turned out to be some 3,000 or more ballots than voters, wasted no time in raising taxes, in spite of the state having several millions left over in the budget each year.

Included in her statewide tax increases was 9.5 cents per gallon tax on gasoline earmarked for, you guessed it, repairs to roads and bridges in heavily Democrat King County. In defending this increase, Gregoire said, "Today it's Seattle and the viaduct; tomorrow it's Clark County and the bridges to Portland. Someday I'm going to ask the citizens in King County to invest in Clark County."

Well, the aging I-5 bridge spans across the Columbia River, a major arterial route for the entire west coast and one span first opened in 1917 and the second additional span being built and opened in 1958, is in dire need of an additional bridge or replacement and how much "help" are we hearing we will get from heavy Democrat King County?

The main help we might receive would be if they travel south and cross the bridges between the two states of Oregon and Washington and have to pay the proposed tolls.

Canuckguy said...

OK Lew, I see your point.

Talking about gas prices, in my province of New Brunswick(on Maine's eastern border for any geographically challenged), we are currently paying $1.08/liter: to put that into your language taking into account currency exchange, that would be $3.84US/US gal.

We are use to that, there is a lot of tax but much of it goes to maintaining infrastraucture. Lowering the tax in order to enjoy your low prices will only result in the government raising income taxes to make up the short fall. I rather the gas gobblers feel the pain.

By the way Lew, I see you gave your right wing buddies a spanking on the B4B site. Good point.

Hard Cheese said...

So let's see, we have a proposal, that is not even in commitee let alone being voted on by the Senate and House and we have an administration that created the largest deficit in history with no real plans as to how it is to be repaid. It is always better to point to what the opposition might do rather than to what your own people have done.