Saturday, August 11, 2007

Duncan Hunter, The Most Consistent Candidate

August 11, 2007

As we all know the 2008 campaign season is well under way, early as it is. We are faced with a unique choice in that the sitting vice-president isn’t running this time. We are also embroiled in the middle of a war, although you couldn’t tell by the actions of every day America.

We have a multitude of candidates to choose from, from both parties and most assuredly, lesser knowns’ from various secondary parties will throw their hats in the ring trying desperately to draw supporters.

We have wealthy businessmen, a former first-lady turned Senator, an ex-POW, a doctor turned politician, a first term Senator, a couple governors, an ex-Mayor and more. We have anti-war candidates and those that support the current quest to give others a decent chance at freedom.

Most are either opposed to President Bush or distancing themselves from him. Most seem to take a softer stance on illegal immigrants in the country, seemingly courting the votes of proponents of illegal immigrants rights.

We have the darlings of the media who receive extensive and glowing coverage. It would appear to me that our media has already decided whom they desire to run and are manipulating the public once again by their slanted coverage of favorite candidates.

Candidates have started slinging unpleasantries towards each other as they try to make themselves appear better suited to lead the country in one direction of the other. Past records are thrown about comparing them to their campaign speeches and calls today.

Reading or viewing all of this silliness associated with the political campaigns of party front-runners, it is easy to overlook better qualified candidates who receive little or not coverage from our media outlets and whose records have been consistent throughout their political and private careers.

Sadly, most that vote read headlines and maybe some of an article on the candidates the media desires to win or whom they oppose, and form their opinion of who to vote for. Too many voters fail to actually search a candidates record and history and we end up with second-rate politicians because of it, passing over the better qualified for the popular.

Duncan Hunter, a Republican Congressman from California’s 52nd District running for President of the United States is one such candidate. His record is clear, concise and unchanged. No flip flopper, nor a braggart running on a false history of war heroism, Hunter very humbly states that as a young man, he served in Viet Nam and did “nothing special.” As a Viet Nam Veteran myself, having served in Viet Nam about the same time as Hunter, and in a unit that often supported the 173rd Airborne, let me tell you that his service with the 173rd and the 75th Ranger Regiment was undoubtedly more than “nothing special.” However, that alone does not qualify one for the highest office in the land or leader of the free world, as the failed 2004 Democrat candidate for president found out.

A review of Hunter’s record since he was elected to represent California’s 52nd District 27 years ago shows his outstanding qualifications for the presidency.

On the issues facing America he once again presents a clear and concise history to standing for all Americans as well as being the lone GOP candidate to appear before The National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials in Buena Vista, Florida this past June. During his Congressional career he has been instrumental in advocating curbing illegal immigration, being responsible for having a section of fence erected along the Southern California Border.

Being a veteran himself and having a son serving in the War on Terror , he has no trouble countering the likes of cut and run advocates, as he recently did in a debate with fellow GOP/Libertarian long shot, Ron Paul. You Tube video. Michael Moore would be hard pressed to ever try the sand bagging tactics he did with Representative Mark Kennedy (R. Mn) in his farcical so called documentary, Fahrenheit 911.

We conservatives seek another Ronald Reagan, forgetting that Reagan died. Reagan was a one of a kind who gave America back our National Pride and led us towards the end of the cold war. He showed compassion when needed and stood firm when need be. Liberal Democrats hated the man, but he stood up to them and led America through some difficult times.

Duncan Hunter is from the mold of Reagan. Duncan Hunter has the gravitas needed to lead America through this current war while securing our borders to prevent infiltration of more terrorists hoping to carry out another September 11 style attack on our soil. As far as I’m concerned, Duncan Hunter is the right man at the right time.

Hunter needs our support. The media doesn’t like giving Hunter as much airtime as they do the more moderate candidates that will assuredly allow Democrats to sweep into the White House and retain control of Congress. We need to get behind him and show the media that we decide who best leads America, not them. We don’t need to be led around by the nose and vote for who they decide we should. We need a strong conservative like Duncan Hunter leading America during these troubled times.

Elect Duncan Hunter and I predict than in 10 or 15 years, American Conservatives will be pining for another Duncan Hunter, as we have been for another Reagan since 1988 when he turned the country over to George Bush Sr.

Support Duncan Hunter. Support a Strong America.



S.K. Johnson said...

Thank you from a fellow Duncan Hunter blogger! We still have time to pull this up!

-SK Johnson

Unknown said...

Thank you for this GREAT article!!!! You are right on!! I'm adding you to my blog roll!!!

LewWaters said...

In addition to my blog, I also mention Hunter everywhere I go. We need to get people looking at and listening to Hunter.

Our lamestream media isn't ignoring him for no reason.

He is what America needs!

Gary C. Huggins said...

Thanks Lew. Duncan Hunter is the best candidate of choice! Great article. We stand with you in your support and appreciate your time in promoting Mr. Hunter.

Allan S. said...

I think I was one of the bloggers wwho triggered Duncan Hunter's bid for the Presidency, having come out very strong for him on the F.A.I.R
blog, (Dan Stein Report) comments,
back about two months prior to his
announcement. I was SO proud of him
in his remarks at the Iraq report
yesterday. To call that fine soldier,"General BetrayUs" is sheer
political blasphemy...indecent political exposure! Duncan is such a great person, and I pray he will be considered for V.P. if he doesn't break all the way out to the first tier. Frankly, I think an 8% standing would bring him into the second job, because we need a
strong voice on border control and
the war effort.

LewWaters said...

No argument from me, Allen. Hunter's support is growing, but slowly. The lamestream media refuses to give him much coverage, I believe because they know his message is what America desires.

I'd like to se him break out and get the nod, but would setle for V.P. if he doesn't.

We need many more like him in our government.