Monday, August 13, 2007

Duncan Hunter Q&A on FreeRepublic

Posted by the poster pissant, Republican Conservative candidate for President, Duncan Hunter, answered questions posed by commenters. 15 questions asked;

#1. Conservatives applauded the Senate when it voted a few years ago to toss out the Kyoto protocol from consideration. However, thanks to Al Gore and others it seems to be making a comeback. What is your position on so called Global Warming that is being pushed by so many on the left and is even creeping into the GOP now?

Hunter: While historic measurements of temperatures do indicate that warming has occurred [according the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration the mean temperature for the contiguous U.S. has increased by 1.1 degree Fahrenheit] the apportionment of warming to man’s activities versus the natural cycle is unclear. The Kyoto Protocol would have been disastrous for those who advocate less greenhouse gasses as well as Americans who want to maintain the industrial base of the United States.

Kyoto exempted Communist China and India from limitations. Thus, U.S. industry would be incentivized to move production to these two “smokestack” countries, thereby increasing pollution-per-product made.

I believe strongly in achieving energy independence for the U.S. This should be accomplished by cutting taxes on the production of alternative energy systems, including geothermal, nuclear, wind, solar, etc. In the meantime, ANWR should be open for U.S. petroleum development.

I reject Al Gore’s and others’ doomsday alarmism on the subject.

#2. How soon after you take office could we expect to see real results with respect to strong internal enforcement regarding illegal aliens and REAL efforts on sealing the border?

Hunter: I wrote the law that mandated the construction of the border fence in California that reduced smuggling of people and drugs by more than 90% in our sector. I also wrote the bill, signed into law on October 26, 2006, which extends the California fence 854 miles across the smuggling routes of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. As, President I will build the border fence, all 854 miles, in six months.

If you examine the record throughout my entire career in the US Congress, you will see that no one has put in more effort to force the Federal government to enforce the existing internal laws. As President, I will do so, without question.

#3. Mr. Hunter, conservatives are often dismayed by the lack of “fight” in our GOP leaders, specifically regarding vicious and very slanted attacks from the democrats and their Main stream media allies. How do you plan to fight back?

Hunter: Just tune in to the floor debate or press conferences that I am engaged in and I think you will see lots of Conservative “fight.”

#4. You worked, as I understand it, as a public interest lawyer helping Mexican immigrants for free with their legal needs in California when you started out in a legal career. Is this correct and can you explain how this informs your current views on immigration?

Hunter: When I got out of the Army in ’71, I farmed in Idaho for a year and moved to San Diego because they had a law school I could get into without a college degree. After passing the bar in 1976, I set up my office in the Barrio of San Diego, near the waterfront. During that time I helped lots of folks in the Hispanic community, often without reimbursement. I wasn’t reimbursed by any federal program. During this time I gained the insight that the Hispanic community in the U.S. is not aided by open borders, but rather their wages are the first to be lowered when cheap illegal labor flows across the border.

#5. What is your position on homeschooling? Please elaborate. And how do you plan to reign in the bloated Department of Education?

Hunter: I like homeschooling because it offers a clear choice for parents who want to impart values and knowledge to their children. I would substantially cut the bureaucracy in the Department of Education, top to bottom.

#6. Mr. Hunter: A few weeks ago I heard you mention, in a radio interview, examining legal channels to enforce the enactment of the funding and building of our border wall. I got the impression you were speaking about a civil lawsuit, such as a Writ of Mandamus or some other injunctive relief. Is this indeed being looked at, and, if so, what is the current status?

Hunter: The Congressional Research Service has reported that they find no court actions that can be pursued by Congress with respect to the fence.

#7. Congressman Hunter, would a crackdown on employers using the current laws be sufficient to remove job prospects for illegals? If not then are you for increasing penalties on employers who hire illegals, and for implementing an easy way for employers to verify who is here legally?

Hunter: Once the border is enforced and the revolving door stops swinging, there will be enough U.S. agents available to concentrate on interior enforcement, using current laws. I would like to see the pilot program for employers, which allows them to log in employee information on new hires with the Department of Homeland Security and receive a quick determination which relieves them from the burden of further determining authenticity of the employees documents, be made mandatory.

#8. Representative Hunter, you have extremely good conservative positions on social policies, defense, and immigration. However, some fiscal conservatives on Free Republic are worried that you won’t do enough to cut the size of government. Could you please list some government programs and/or agencies that you consider wasteful and would cut? Or, in the alternative, could you please explain what policies you would support to cut the size of government?

Hunter: I would eliminate such programs as National Endowment for the Arts and dozens of programs identified in the Bush Administration’s “cut list.” (These include programs from HUD, the Departments of Justice, Labor, Energy, Agriculture, Commerce, Transportation, Interior, HHS, DHS, and the EPA). Additionally, I would freeze discretionary non-defense spending, while increasing defense spending to a point between 4.5% and 5% of the GDP.

#9. The State Department is in serious need of a kick in the pants. What, as President would you do to bring that department back into line with way most Americans think (pro-American interest)?

Hunter: I will ensure that the leaders of our State Department do not come from the “Blame America First” crowd, but rather have a philosophy which embraces freedom and appreciates America’s role as a freedom beacon. I will not hesitate to remove any diplomats or bureaucrats that do not follow through on my pro-America agenda.

#10. Do you, Congressman Hunter, think it is important to keep God in public view? If so/not, why?

Hunter: God is in public view every time we review the Declaration of Independence and every time we exercise the inalienable rights given us by God, not government. We should be as willing to acknowledge God in the public forum as was George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

#11. What are the significant differences as you see them, to recommend you over Fred Thompson, another conservative candidate who will likely be the front runner when/if he enters the race?

Hunter: I’ll have to let Fred Thompson speak for himself, as I am not closely familiar with his record yet, but I do know that all of the Senators presently running for president, including Mr. Thompson, Brownback and McCain voted for Permanent Most Favored Nation status for Communist China, which I strongly oppose. I voted aginst PMFN with Red China because the chinese are clearly using US trade dollars to buy ships, warplanes and missiles, some of which are clearly targeted on American forces and interests. With respect to the rest of the Republican field, major differences are manifest in my support of fair, not free, trade. The industrial base of the United States is being pushed to China, India and other nations as a result of our acquiescence to extremely unfair trading rules that result in U.S. manufacturers being double-taxed and our competitors being subsidized. Also, I believe I am the only candidate in the field besides John McCain who is a Vietnam Veteran and the only candidate with a son (Duncan D.) who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan. (McCain’s’ sons may have deployed at this date). In this era of difficult wars, it will be increasingly important to have a commander-in-chief who has shared in the burden of military service. I also know that none of the candidates have been as consistent on border and immigration enforcement as I have, in fact some have worked for the opposite result, or recently flip flopped on this vital issue. Please reference my 1986 vote against Amnesty. Also I'm the only candidate who has actually built a border fence (through directive legislation and directed appropriation). The San Diego Fence represents my ability to get things done, no simply take positions. Lastly, as Chairmen of the Armed Services committee, I increased the size of the US Marine Corps and added hundreds of millions of dollars to the defense budget to give better protection to our troops in Iraq and Afganistan through additional body armor, armored vehicles, and jammers to protect against roadside bombs (as well as many other types of combat equipment)

#12. What is the one thing you would most like to do as president to reduce our national debt and the tax burden it threatens to place on subsequent generations?

Hunter: The most effective way to attack the national debt is to restore the massive productivity of the U.S. industrial base, especially in the manufacturing sector. I would reduce taxes on domestic manufacturing to zero or as close thereto as possible and immediately stop China’s cheating on trade that is moving high-paying jobs offshore. When a manufacturing employee loses a $75,000 a year job to China and replaces it with a $15,000 a year job, the government revenue accruing to that worker falls “off the cliff.” Obviously, a conservative approach to government spending is the complement to this “pro-growth” policy.

#13. Do you support the Law of the Sea Treaty? If not, will you revoke it if it passes before you take office?

Hunter: No, in the past I have opposed the Law of the Sea Treaty. I expect that to continue. There are serious issues of sovereignty involved, and as in the past, I have no intention of letting US sovereignty be eroded.

#14. What is your opinion about CAIR and the political correctness that is running rampant in our country concerning islam’s war against the west, and here in the U.S. in particular?

Hunter: Any group that acts as an apologist for terrorism and attempts to undermine legitimate US law enforcement activities, will not get an ear in a Hunter Whitehouse.

The best way for Islamic nations to have a good relationship with the U.S. is to actively and openly oppose the anti-American and terrorist groups in their nations. Few of them are willing to do that.

#15. I see a multitude of countries combining their resources to thwart the United States, to minimize its influence: Venezuela, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea. How will you deal with this looming global crisis of fascists and communists joining together against us?

Hunter: The answer to this combination of antagonists is to maintain a strong U.S. military, utilize the leverage of our economy to deny the positions that several of these nations enjoy in the world economy (for example, energy independence), and to utilize our resources to consolidate allies whenever possible. With respect to China, we must reverse our massive trade loss, which is being used in part to purchase arms. With respect to Iran, at some point Western intervention may be necessary to deny the development of a nuclear device. With respect to North Korea and many others, the further development of Western missile defense systems is paramount.


I invite all to visit Duncan Hunter's web site at the links above and ask you get behind him.

We need stong leadership in the White House. We need Duncan Hunter!


dragonfly said...

Reinforces my beliefs about Duncan Hunter. He may be a dark horse now but it is early. The socalled frontrunners will be forgotten a few months from now, believe me. They will wilt and fade from overexposure soon. He is actually to the right of Ronald Reagan and at this point in time exactly what we need! Mr Hunter has been a beacon in a stormy (blue) sea here in the Golden(red;)state. With him,I know OUR SIDE WILL WIN!

LewWaters said...

I couldn't agree more, dragonfly. That is why I have decided to support his candidacy so early on.

What leaves me astonishes are those who claim to be conservatives and agree he has the best message for America, but won't support him because he doesn't yet have much support.

It doesn't make sense to me and tells me that instead of voting for the good of America, they desire to be behind who we are told is the most popular.

Duncan Hunter has said he is in until the end. I will be behind him all the way. He is exactly what America yearns for and only needs the support of conservative Americans.

dragonfly said...

And we will not let people forget he is a veteran of Vietnam and his son right now serving in Iraq, semper fi I believe. Hunter can win--he is strong, and time is on his side (and ours).

LewWaters said...

Unlike the previous offerings from the Democrat party, also short term Viet Nam Veterans (technically), he pulled full time and doesn't brag about medals, always saying he didn't do anything special.

My friend, my unit flew in support of the 173rd at times and believe me, they did a lot that was "special." I can't say I ever met him over there, I doubt it (our tours overlapped each other) but he is a real Veteran, not one to wave phony medals obtained under suspicious circumstances.

Funny watching the Democrats today. In 1988, 2000 and 2004, serving in Viet Nam was essential to be president. In 1992 and 1996 it had no bearing. Once again, apparently Military service has returned to a no bearing status from them.

President Duncan Hunter has a very nice ring to it, doesn't it?