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Exit Strategy, What Is It Good For?

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August 26, 2007

Borrowing the title of the 1970 Motown Song sung by Edwin Starr, “War, What Is It Good For,” I feel compelled to compare it to Exit Strategies that the left maintains we must have in fighting terrorism.

In the song, Starr answers his question with “absolutely nothing!” 1970 was deep into the counter culture of anti-war and anti-American sentiment over our involvement in Viet Nam. 1970 was also the year I spent in its entirety in Viet Nam and believe it or not, the song was fairly well received those I served with and me. That is young soldiers for you.

My comparison begs the question of Exit Strategy, What Is It Good For? Primarily a business phrase for knowing when to bail on an investment or venture, applied to our involvement in war it carries a similar meaning, pre-planning how far we will fight and when we will just up and stop, surrender, cut and run, whatever you label it.

In business investments it can be a good strategy to keep you from losing all of your investment capital. In war, it can only be disastrous. Can you seriously imagine General George S. Patton telling his beloved Third Army or the Americans trapped in Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge that he would only go so far in rescuing them? Can you imagine General Douglas McArthur broadcasting to the Philippines that he had reached the point of his “exit strategy” and they were on their own now against the vastly superior Japanese Army?

This is where we are at today in the War on Terror, especially in the Iraq Theater. The job is only partially accomplished and anti-war leftists and other kooks desire us to have entered the venture announcing to the world what our “exit strategy” was. According to them, we passed it long ago and must now abandon the effort, wasting well over 3,000 lives of America’s Bravest. Their sacrifices would be meaningless.

If our enemy’s have foreknowledge of our “exit strategy,” will they not just hang on, wearing us down to the point we abandon the effort and they step in and conquer who were supporting? Yes, that is what the North Vietnamese did to South Viet Nam by 1975, as we stood by and watched. The kooks on the left turned a blind eye to the carnage that followed in South Viet Nam and today, some even have the audacity to say the Vietnamese are better off or that it never materialized. Just because some may be fairing better today or may have progressed to a higher situation doesn’t negate what happened as we cruelly allowed them to be overtaken by the oppressive Communist regime of North Viet Nam.

Osama Bin Laden, leader of the Terrorist Group, Al Qaeda stated in his 1996 ‘fatwah’ against America, "You have been disgraced by Allah and you withdrew. The extent of your impotence and weaknesses has become very clear.” This was said about our “exit strategy” in Somalia under the Clinton administration after the “Black Hawk Down” incident when terrorist drug the dead bodies of our Troops through the streets. Instead of annihilating the terrorists, we executed an “exit strategy.”

Bin Laden also said, “The youth were surprised at the low morale of the American soldiers and realized, more than before, that the American soldier was a paper tiger and after a few blows…would run in defeat.” Perhaps he didn’t realize that in today’s America, “running in defeat” isn’t that at all. It is the implementation of an “exit strategy!”

Bill Powers of the American Thinker says in part, “To plan an exit strategy … implies that the National Command Authority anticipates failure.” Our enemies see that point of failure, or “running in defeat,” and work diligently to bring us to that point. We lose the war and ultimately, our freedoms.

War is not a gentlemen’s game. They are brutal. They are dirty. They are expensive. They require great sacrifices. They are bloody. That is why we strive to avoid them. But when despots try to dominate the world and take away our God-given freedoms, they become very necessary. Announcing to your enemies that you are only willing to oppose them a little makes them all the more worse.

That is what an “exit strategy” amounts to, telling your enemy that you are only willing to oppose them a little. Once you reach your pre-determined point of quitting, they win by default.

What a waste of lives of our Brave Troops!

Comparing again to Edwin Starrs song, Exit Strategy, What Is It Good For? I can only answer, Absolutely Nothing!!

For any who disagree, feel free to state the “exit strategy” of our enemy, the radical Jihadists.



irtexas44 said...

I agree with your article. I am so sick of the libs and their exit gargage it's nauseating. Can't you just see Bush standing in front of the cameras when he announced the war and saying "and we will be leaving August 15th in 2006 during a buffalo stampede in Wyoming". Makes about as much sense as the libs. They would have probably nodded their heads and agreed.
They keep talking about their exit plan? If any of the brain dead ones have one why can't they tell us? Their plans that none of them can explain? With their constant hearings and trying to get somebody they have no clue what is going on. What was the libs thinking that we were going there for the weekend? Then everything would be hunky-dorry?

I have looked at your other posts, good ones. I saw the Dick Cavett show. I thought Kerry was a nut then and have not changed my mine. If he was the officer why didn't he do anything to stop what was happening according to him? For only being there 4 months he is a fountain of goooo. Why isn't Murtha in front of a firing squad. I could go on but won't bore you.

Thanks for the great posts.

LewWaters said...

Hi Sue, thanks for commenting. I appreciate your kind words.

What too many don't seem to realize is that the Jihadists have only one strategy, to win, any way they can. Like the North Vietnamese, they are waiting for us to quit.

Once we do, Iraq and the oil fields are theirs, as will be Afghanistan. Of course, this what we face now over 30 years of little or no action against them.

I was in Germany when Kerry did his infamous "testimony" and missed it. We heard that some officer spoke out against us, but never knew who. His actions didn't get much coverage over there.

Thankfully, the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth stood up and those of us who didn't know who it was, or had forgotten, found out who.

That he is in our Senate for over 20 years is an abomination!

irtexas44 said...

Sorry that should be garbage not gargage? I don't think that's a word.

irtexas44 said...

I can remember his droning voice and not believing what he was saying. My brother was in Nam and so was my daughter's godfather. For him to sit there and say all of that was unbeievable then and now. I think the swift boat guys to come out and call him on every thing is great.

I read a great article tonight on "" about Australia's PM Howard's warnings people coming in there and ones already there, it is a very good statement. I would like to bring him here for president. If he can't make it the Education Minister Nelson. I would love to see the libs faces if Bush stood up and said this at his next speech. Watching them all choke would be worth it.

Thanks for a great site. I'm glad I came across it. Mine is "" I have a place to rant when I need it. If it is ok with you I will add you to my blog list. Just let me know.
Have a great day.

LewWaters said...

Sue, feel free to add me to your blog list. I will add you to mine as well.

We all need a place to rant and vent, that's what I do here, after work, of course.

We lost 13 men in the unit I was with in Viet Nam and Kerry's words denigrated them and every name on the "Wall" today. It is difficult for me to decide who is sleazier, him or Murtha.

I do recall when I got back home to South Florida after Viet Nam that hte media was complaining a lot about not being told why we were building up our forces in Khe Sahn. It angered me so much that I fired off my first ever letter to the editor of our local newspaper. I shipped out to Germany two days later, so when it was printed, it was sent to me.

Our lamestream media has only gotten worse since then.

If you'd like someone like Howard, I invite you to check out Duncan Hunter. Even though a longshot, I figure there is a reason the media tries desperately to ignore him.

My dream ticket for 2008 would be he and Thompson together.

irtexas44 said...

That ticket sounds fine to me. I wish Hunter were more well known. I know that everyone keeps trying to put Thomason down but I worked with his office while I was in DC and they were all very nice. I know they won't like him (the libs) because I don't think he will play their games and that should drive them nuts.

I was in DC for the whole Clinton debacle. There is not a chance in the entire area of hades that I would want them back in there. Except Bill will not be with in 3 or 4 states near it while the Iron Lady is there if God forbid some how she gets there.

My daughter's godfather was in Germany too. Even though we all lived in NY at the time when he came home he hated snow more than ever when he came back. She was born in May and he came home for her birth and when he went back and it was still snowing there, he hated it even more.

Hopefully with this campaign starting so far from the the election by next year the people that aren't just so totally disgussed by then will be open to the new voices and faces they will see will vote more normally. I can only guess the next campaign will start the day after the swearing in.

I'm sure we can all wait with baited breath.

Take care.