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“We Will Bury You” Part Three

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August 30, 2007

As said earlier, Socialist Democrats tried desperately to change the outcome of the 2000 election in Florida to keep a Democrat in the White House. No one blames them for wanting a recount of such a close election, but some of the techniques employed to “determine a voters intent” that did not properly cast their ballot was almost laughable.

As if by clairvoyance, agents searched ballots for any sign that they pin may have touched candidate Al Gore’s name to add that ballot to his count. Sorry, but if you are voting and cannot push a simple and small metal pin through a paper ballot, you have only yourself to blame for your vote not counting.

In Palm Beach County claims were made that the ballot, what became known as the “butterfly ballot,” was too confusing and voters were misled into voting for someone besides Al Gore Jr., who was assumed to walk away with the election.

The ballot was condemned and castigated as another Republican Trick. What they neglect to say is that the ballot was designed by a Democrat and approved by both major parties.

Claims were made that Republicans disenfranchised Black voters and prevented them casting their ballots for Democrats. The claims were subsequently proven false.

Most disturbing, but not really surprising, was the Democrat effort at denying Military Absentee Ballots, while chanting, “every vote should be counted.”

Having failed in changing the outcome of the very close election results in Florida in 2000, Democrats grabbed at their next chance in the Washington State Governors race in the 2004 election.

Once again, it was a very close election between Christine Gregoire and Dino Rossi. Rossi, the Republican, won by a narrow margin triggering a recount. In that recount and a subsequent one, he still won. Democrats resorted to their old “manual recount techniques” and with the help of heavily Democrat King County finding lost ballots, switched the outcome of the election to Democrat Gregoire.

The words once said by the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin, "He who votes decides nothing; he who counts the votes decides everything," never rang truer.

Not very long after the horrific Terrorist attacks of 9/11, we were shown the Patriot Act, measures to augment Law Enforcement in apprehending and stopping further Terrorist Attacks. No sooner had it passed into law than the leftist groups were crying and complaining about it. Safeguards written into the law to prevent innocents from being perceived as potential terrorists went largely ignored as cries of “Big Brother” spread across the land as the government was going to watch what everyone read from libraries or they would follow you to see what you did on public computers.

That it wasn’t happening mattered little, just the possibility was enough to launch campaigns opposing this “infringement upon our liberties!”

What many don’t see is that our real liberties have been being restricted and lost, ever so gradually, from leftist groups that are very slowly removing them and instituting Socialism on us.

Second Amendment right to own firearms has been under assault for a very long time and our right to own and protect ourselves with a firearm is currently restricted in many areas.

Smoking bans became very popular and supported by the majority due to repeated claims for decades of how harmful it is to those who use tobacco or are continually near those that do, especially small children. Smoking isn’t a good habit, we all can agree on that, but doesn’t a free society include rights to choose for ourselves? Does the nanny-state need to oversee all aspects of our life they deem inappropriate?

Many states have now passed laws banning smoking inside of any business, especially bars and restaurants. The business owners lost their right to cater to the clientele of their choice while nanny-staters boast of cleaning up the air. Many went out of business and many lost their jobs, but that matters little.

As studies found Passive Smoking Not As Harmful As Previously Thought, findings were ignored and the bans continue spreading further and further into our everyday life. Many blindly accept this due to the obnoxious odor of tobacco smoke, but don’t wake up enough to see that smoking bans are opening the door to even more restrictive bans and restrictions upon our lives.

Outrageous and ever increasing taxes are placed on the legal product, justified by lawsuit settlements and claims of needing extra money to pay for health care costs. Little effort has gone into banning the product completely, though, as was done in the past when products as DDT were banned to protect the public health. (more on this folly later).

To show the greed of the left on tobacco money, the North Dakota legislature attempted to totally ban all tobacco within the state in 2003. The ban was overwhelmingly defeated due to testimony from anti-tobacco groups that testified against the tobacco ban, including the North Dakota Medical Association, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, North Dakota Public Health Association and North Dakota Nurses Association.

Why would anti-tobacco groups oppose a total ban on the sale and use of the product they are fighting against? Money! They are the beneficiaries of outrageous taxes imposed upon the sale of the still legal product!

Oddly enough, smoking of marijuana is being pushed for legalization at the same time.

Smoking bans did not originate in the Soviet Union, but can be traced back to another Socialist country, the National Socialist Party of Germany, the Nazi’s, of World War Two infamy.

While I support banning smoking in public buildings where people mingle, it is going too far to ban smoking within one’s home or car, when their children are present, or for companies to mandate employees may not smoke at all, on the job or off.

If you support this intrusion thinking it is all for the better, we also see employers now going after those they deem unfit or overweight. We see fatty foods being regulated and fast food restaurants coming under fire to serve what the government and leftist “I know better than you” groups deem as “healthy.”

We see environmental groups joining forces and pressuring the government to regulate certain vehicles they consider “gas guzzlers,” and imposing a tax upon purchase of these vehicles. Airbags are mandated, as are emission controls that add large cost increases to car prices. Seat belts and side airbags are required with explosive devices to ensure rapid deployment in case of an accident, raising the price even more, all government mandated and automatic, for the good of all.

In an effort at instilling class envy and showing how they would “stick it to the wealthy,” Democrats passed a 10% “Luxury Tax” in 1990, adding a 10% tax on luxury items costing over $100,000. Democrats billed it as the wealthy paying their “fair share.”

The result was upwards of a 93% drop in sales of these items as yacht builders went out of business across the nation; ending thousands of jobs for the working class Democrats said they were helping. The tax was repealed a couple years later, but as Democrats once again regained power in 2006, it appears their quest to take from the rich has not ceased.

Socialist never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

Class Envy seems to be the cornerstone of Socialists power and the Democrats use it effectively, convincing many that the rich don’t pay taxes and the so called poor are overburdened and mistreated by those that own the companies and supply the jobs and wages.

Bolsheviks spent decades preaching this message until they gained political power in Russia towards the end of World War One and used it to build one of the most oppressive regimes ever to exist.

Humans have an innate desire to better themselves and improve their lives and those of their children. Our society has thrived and grown immensely since the birth of the nation due to this innate desire. Socialism robs humans of their ability to improve due to the government giving you what they deem you need and taking any improvements you may build and giving them to others that don’t share your drive.

The quality of your economy flounders and you slip into second-class status or lower. Black Markets thrive as entrepreneurs illegally supply what some desire to survive in a slight modicum of comfort. Your natural desire wanes as you realize you will not ever be able to get or keep what you work for, but it will go to others that are lazy or unable to develop your talents.

That is what Socialism does and why it ultimately fails.

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