Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Aren’t You Supporting Duncan Hunter?

August 16, 2007

American history is replete with examples of the best candidate for political office not being chosen. Our history also shows several examples of candidates thought sure to be losing actually winning, once the votes are counted. In the case of the former, we have been strapped with less qualified candidates obtaining office and giving us a lackluster performance or scandalous conduct, dragging the country through the mud of their less than honorable performance while in office. Some have even ended up in jail or resigning office amid scandal.

The highest office in the land and in the free world is no exception to this. We saw one President forced into a shameful resignation and castigated ever since as poor and corrupt person. We saw one impeached by the House of Representatives over scandalous conduct and corruption, but whom the media loved and now see as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

The former ended a very unpopular war and opened trade with a former enemy and was re-elected in the one of the largest landslide victories in American history. The latter really doesn’t have much of list of major accomplishments, but is lauded as a great President.

In the case of the latter, his wife, the former first lady, became a U.S. Senator and is currently running for the highest office herself. Such is the admiration of the media towards this couple that she is given glowing coverage in the media, although she too cannot point to anything specific in her record that would qualify her.

Running against her for her party’s nomination is a young first term Senator that also has no experience and no real record for us to compare, but who is also receiving glowing accolades from the media.

From the other party we have some this same media seems to at least somewhat adore, after spending the last 6 ½ years blasting and condemning the current holder of the office all are seeking and from the same party. Of those we have a former governor who oversaw the legalization of Gay Marriage within his state and who now says he has always been against abortion. This one also seems to offer lackluster support for the War on Terror. He recently won a straw poll after flooding the area with massive amounts of money; some saying his win amounted to about $800 per vote.

We also have a former Mayor who is credited with performing admirably during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. This one has a background of opposing our Second Amendment rights to bear arms. He also seems to have suddenly become strongly opposed to illegal immigrant rights.

A third candidate is a U.S. Senator who is known for being a “maverick” and who has time and time again undermined the desires of the current President, in hopes of appearing to be the great compromiser.

All three suddenly seem to brag about their conservative values but have little history of it. At best, I would say they are moderates.

Of all the candidates of both party’s, only one has a history of being The Most Consistent Candidate, Duncan Hunter. In viewing conservative forums and speaking with others, I hear comments of, “Who is he?” “If there was ever anything I’d like to be proven wrong on, it’s my opinion that Hunter’s going nowhere. He’s a good man.” “I am all for Duncan Hunter, BUT - he doesn't have the recognition that he needs, or deserves.” “I like Hunter, I just don’t see him going anywhere.” “The only thing I have against Hunter at this point is that he can’t win.” “Supporting Hunter is a noble cause, but it's also a rapidly dying one.” “He is my favorite candidate. I anxiously await for him to make a move.”

Nearly all agree that he is hands down the best conservative and most consistent in his record. Yet, he has little support among most conservatives at this time. I find it ironic that so many agree that he is the best qualified candidate but are waiting for him to do something to gain notoriety within the media, the very same media that is gushing accolades about the opposition candidates and moderates.

Once was the time that we conservatives didn’t rely on a heavily biased media to inform us of who is the best for us. Once, we told them who we wanted based on the candidates record and current stance on the issues. As the media condemned or ignored our choice, we bypassed them and spread the word of who was the best bet for America.

Today, we have the internet that makes the spreading of support for a man like Duncan Hunter even easier than we did years ago. Yet, we have a significant number of those who say they want to support Hunter, but don’t see him doing well in polls conducted by what I have come to call the Hillary supporting media.

Can you not see the disparity of waiting for a good man to receive accolades from them when it is obvious that they want for either their choice to win or someone who will follow the lead of their first choice, whose college thesis was a glowing account of a Socialist radical, Saul Alinsky?

This is the same media that tried to force a left-winged Senator on us last time that is best known for spreading lies about those of us who served in the Viet Nam War. This is the same media that broadcast fabricated “document” about the current Commander in Chief and who embarrassingly had to withdraw the document, costing one well known Journalist to lose his job, even though reluctantly.

Yet, nearly everywhere word is spread of a great candidate like Duncan Hunter, we still hear, “who?” “He can’t win.” “He has no support.”

Well, you are wrong. He does have support and as his message is spread, his support is growing, even if slowly. People are waking up to the manipulations of a biased Hillary Supporting media and are beginning to ignore them. People are watching Hunter’s message spread and are seeing they don’t need to wait for a biased media to tell them who is best for America. They know who is the best candidate and are joining many others in bypassing the media again and are spreading the word of Hunter to friends, over the internet, in phone calls, bumper stickers and yard signs.

He has a good chance of gaining the GOP nod for President, but not unless his support and donations grow. He can do it, if we give him the tools.

These times we live in are too perilous to allow another faulty candidate the biased media adores occupying the White House. We cannot continue allowing them to make our choices for us. We have too many examples of mediocre people who became popular and accomplished little or nothing for the good of America.

The next time you read of Hunter and are about to say “he is great, but,” think twice and ask yourself, “Why am I not supporting Duncan Hunter.” If you find yourself agreeing with his platform and ideas, stop waiting. Get behind him and let’s make America the great country we all know she is.

If you like what he says and stands for, WHY AREN’T YOU SUPPORTING DUNCAN HUNTER?


UPDATE: Another Hunter Supporter lists his qualifications and wonders where is the GOP support for one whose records is what they say they want. Duncan Hunter Doesn't Match GOP Shallow Boomer Values


Truth Teller said...

Read that story and tell me you are voting for Duncan Hunter.

Marine Corps Outsourcing Training
to the MOB?


by Mike Giorgino

Why has the Marine Corps outsourced its combat training to a former pornographer with mob connections? And why don’t local police and politicians seem to care?

When 18-year old Jesse Klingler joined the Marines, he knew the chances were pretty good that he could be wounded or even killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. What he never imagined was that he could be bound, gagged, beaten, and shot at a dusty, second-rate Hollywood movie set in San Diego.

Yet, on September 18, 2004, Private First Class Jesse Klingler was shot at Stu Segall’s Studios’ training at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. An untrained, convicted felon, Lebanese “terrorist role player” fired a blank AK-47 round directly into Jesse’s thigh, causing a gaping wound and massive bleeding. A Marine Sergeant prevented Segall’s actor from firing another round into the back of Jesse’s neck. Segall purposely did not use blank fire adapters, which would have shielded the muzzle blast, so that the Russian automatic weapons would sound more “realistic,” putting everyone’s safety at risk.

Since 2003, more than 55,000 Marines have passed through Segall’s “Strategic Operations” on the way to Iraq, paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for ten days of Hollywood-style pyrotechnics and special effects. Then, they head up to Twentynine Palms for the real Marine Corps desert combat training.

So just who is Stu Segall? And why has he received more than $8 million in military contracts since 2004?

Since Segall started making low-budget television shows like “Hunter” and “Silk Stalkings” in San Diego in the early 1990’s, rumors have circulated about his prior porn career. Segall's earlier works starred such well-known porn stars as John (“Johnny Wadd”) Holmes, who died of AIDS in 1988, and Marilyn Chambers, who got her start posing with a baby for boxes of Ivory Snow detergent. Chambers' 1980 film with Segall, “Insatiable,” is considered a hardcore porn classic.

As America was preparing to celebrate its Bicentennial in 1976, Stu Segall directed Holmes in the “Spirit of Seventy Sex,” an expletive-filled, whirlwind tour of the "real” history of George and Martha Washington, exposing their “dirty little secrets” for the world to see.

What is less well known about Segall is his involvement with organized crime. According to Attorney General Edwin Meese’s Report on Pornography, commissioned by President Reagan in 1986, Stu Segall was a partner with Michael Zaffarano, Caporegime (Captain) in the Bonanno/Galante crime family—the Mafia under boss in charge of distributing pornography in California in the 1970’s.

Zaffarano served as president of Stu Segall Associates which had offices in New York and Hollywood. They co-owned the nationwide Pussycat Cinema chain of adult theaters. Segall, Zaffarano and other mobsters also operated Miracle Film Releasing Corporation in Hollywood, which produced and distributed pornographic films to peep shows and theaters all over the West Coast.

The Mafia’s involvement with pornography spilled over into many other types of criminal activity, including narcotics and murder. In October 1972, mobsters Peter Salanardi and Nicholas Musolino were observed in Los Angeles meeting with Zaffarano. At the same time, Salanardi and Musolino were being sought by the police for the murder of a heroin kingpin in New York. According to the Meese Report, Salanardi and Musolino were guests at the home of Stu Segall in Los Angeles.

To gain respectability after his transition to “main stream” films in San Diego, Segall cultivated friendships with local law enforcement. Segall leases studio space to the San Diego Police Department's SWAT team for only about $1,000 a month, which is headquartered and conducts training on his lot. San Diego Crime Stoppers honored Segall as its Man of the Year in 2006 for his “many contributions to law enforcement.”

Segall also contributes generously to local politicians. He and his wife have given Democrat Congresswoman Susan Davis (who sits on the House Armed Services Committee) $3,300 since 2004. They also gave more than $10,000 to Congressman Duncan Hunter (ranking Republican for Armed Services), as well as $1,000 to his son, Duncan Duane Hunter, an active duty Marine officer currently serving in Afghanistan who is running for his father’s seat in 2008.

Segall has not been so generous with Jesse Klingler. Rather than compensate Jesse, Segall got a high-powered lawyer—Retired Marine Brigadier General Michael I. Neil, a prominent civil attorney who was Commanding General at Camp Pendleton during the Gulf War. Neil and Segall have not only denied responsibility for Jesse’s injuries, they hired a private detective to follow the wounded Marine around Tennessee for months, trying to catch him “faking” disability. The private eye’s “smoking gun” video shows Jesse changing a flat tire! (Ironically, Jesse has such a hard time bending his knee, he had to sit on the ground, spoiling Segall’s money shot.)

Young Jesse spent the year after being shot undergoing repeated surgeries and physical therapy until he was medically discharged. Jesse lives in constant physical pain. His childhood dream of serving as a Marine has been shattered forever. Yet, Segall keeps the cops and politicians happy and the Marines keep spending millions of dollars with the mob’s pornographer. Isn’t it about time for somebody to yell, “Cut!”?

LewWaters said...

Truth(?)Teller, you really had to stretch to tie Hunter to that, didn't you?

Let's see, without the help of the "Mob," instutued by Democrat, Roosevelt, in World War Two, we could not have secured our ports.

Joseph Kennedy, father of the deceased president and current Senator from Massachussetts, was a bootlegger with extensive ties to the "Mob," but that doesn't count against the Democrat Kennedy Klan.

Democrat B.J. Clinton granted several commutations and pardons to some who also may have ties to the "Mob," but again, that's okay.

Democrat Senator, Hillary Clinton, has strong ties to questionable campaign donations far exceeding those of Hunter, especially Hsu, who had an outstanding fugitive felong arrest warrant on him for 15 years, and again, no one bats an eyelid.

There is more, but I'll leave it at that.

Now, a training exercise that may or may not have been an accident results in a lawsuit against a producer that hasn't been settled and who gave a donation to Hunter and we are to tar and feather Hunter?

Sorry, but you sound very much like a 'Paul'bearer to me.