Saturday, September 29, 2007

BATTLE CRY, A Poem By Forrest Langley

It is both my privilege and an honor to post this poem by request by Forrest Langley, Pfc (ret) United States Army.

For those that do not know Forrest, he is the 41 year old who enlisted in the Army to fight in the War on Terror and has suffered traumatic brain injury due to multiple IED explosions. He has now started this to raise money to help other families of Veterans who have been wounded and are waiting dissemination of their claims by the VA, which as we all know, can get drawn out at times.

Feel free to pass this along to any others you desire, as he requested I do.

Battle Cry

O` The depths of wars horrors to others are unknown,
I have no vocabulary to explain; I just sigh and groan,
Soldiers died now their families no more will them see,
They bled, and died O the awesome cost for your liberty.

The IED Blasts caused soldiers brain damage; now blasted insane,
Post Traumatic Stress disorder causes Soldiers to be deranged,
The person I was before the war, that person doesn’t exist anymore,
When im alone I cry rivers, O god my God the unseen horrors of war.
The cries of the children for their father; silent dead in his grave,
Yet he died a hero His humvee exploded in flames. he died very brave,
~Kaboom~ horror settles upon them like a terrible black nightmare,
Numb by the bomb blast. His legs blown off, just too much for him to bear.
From war soldiers come home, and see ghosts that no one else can see,
Traumatic nightmares and flashbacks just will not let them go free,
They rode and they marched and seen comrades blown slam apart,
The depths and horrors of war. Cries of families with a broken heart.
From the Army disabled Soldiers are discharged with such little pay,
Spouse has to quit work and stay home her lost soldier is just not ok,
Black darkened gloom set in the money we have wont make ends meet,
O Will we lose our land, car, and home and have to live on the street?
The Terrors of Wars horrors don’t end they’re still haunting us today,
Lord God let me come home from wars terrors please help me this day,
Please don’t misunderstand me all this is a pleasant misery I do endure,
a great honor to sacrifice for my country to make freedom more sure.
Please donate to “independence fund” for soldiers and there families show them you care.
The wounded and dead soldier’s families are in poverty depression, and despair.
Before they went to war and fought for your freedom they had plenty and not one need.
This brain injured soldier begs your help for wounded and dead soldier’s families.

Poem written by Forrest Langley to raise funds for the wounded and soldiers who have fallen families.

Go to to donate

A message from Forrest Langley

When I was discharged from the Army they only gave me a 40% disability rating even though I had Traumatic Brain Injury, ptsd along with many other ailments. That gave us 673.00 dollars a month. My wife had to quit her job to take care of me. I have 2 children to take care of. We spent the savings we had and almost lost our home, car, land, and most everything.

They’re thousands upon thousands of soldiers in this shape.

Please I beg you to help the wounded, and there families. I became suicidal because of all the things that had come upon me at once. Your soldiers are bleeding and dying upon the battlefield for you. It is your duty to help them bear the burden as they bore the burden of war for you.
May God bless America

I have wrote a lot of other poems if you like this or are interested in other write me at.

Not one dime of this money goes to me. I don’t need it. (Forrest)

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Anonymous said...

Hello Forest,
I too am a TBI survivor, however mine is due to a motorcycle accident not fight for us the way you were. I have a blog and forum I'd like to invite you too.
It is a place just for TBI survivors and there loved ones, to talk, exchange stories etc. No pros just us. Stop by and see if you would like to join my forum, you will see that I have invited any soldier willing to share their story. It's different for all with TBI's and that is what I want to learn about. People. Each one. I know how it can change your life believe me.
You will be very welcomed.
Take care, Shelley