Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cindy Sheehan Now Slanders General Petraeus As Well

September 27, 2007

Earlier this year I posted about anti-everything, Queen of the Moonbats, Cindy Sheehan as she Labeled Viet Nam Veterans “Rightist Haters of America”.

Since then, the on again, off again antics of hers grows stranger every time she opens her mouth. Her latest tirade, an ‘op-ed’ she wrote for titled “Pro-Democracy means Anti-Fascism” appears more like Ms. Sheehan is ready for those nice young men in their clean white suits to come and take her away, after fitting her for the latest style in a straight jacket.

We all are familiar with her antics since the Kerry campaign enlisted her to oppose President Bush in the 2004 campaign. Apparently even Kerry saw that she was a loon as he dropped her quickly. That didn’t stop Cindy Sheehan from continuing on her own and dancing on her hero son’s grave, grabbing all the attention she could for herself, alienating her family to the point that her husband divorced her.

Her “grieving mother” shtick wore thin quickly as she announced she was sitting in a ditch outside of the Crawford Ranch of President Bush until he saw her in person. She neglected to tell the world that President Bush had already met with her in person and Sheehan had no complaints then.

Her ditch escapade lost steam as people grew tired of her and Kerry lost any way. She moved on to bigger and better things, still dancing on Casey’s grave, which was left without a headstone for nearly a year, as she squandered his insurance money traveling the globe and making a spectacle of herself with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, crying about machinegun nests in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and making a nuisance of herself at the United Nations.

Not receiving the attention she once was, she announced her retirement from the anti-war movement, but within weeks was back to her old antics, culminating in this article as a bench warrant was released for her arrest after she failed to appear before the Court for her arrest for Disorderly Conduct stemming from a September 10 protest.

Tiffany Burns, spokeswoman for Sheehan said, "She wasn't aware that there was a court appearance today. We'll have the attorney deal with this immediately, so as soon as she's rescheduled to appear, she'll be there."

Sheehan’s ‘op-ed’ claims, “I was supposed to be in court today in Washington, DC for my last arrest. I didn’t go because I am not under allegiance and repudiate the fascists that run our government and the enforcers who are doing their best Nazi-job of “following orders” in oppressing our rights as Americans.”

Her anti-American tirade contains the usual litany of Bush bashing, America bashing, false claims of conspiracy nutcases, and even a new call for “Impeach Bush and Cheney-post presidency so they can’t receive federal benefits.”

Not content with her usual Anti-America, Anti-Bush, Anti-Cheney, Anti-Republican, Anti-Democrat rants, twice she invokes “General Betray-Us” in her diatribe, mimicking the recent New York Times ad that has drawn much heat for the leftist group from most Republicans and even Democrats.

Most dangerous for Sheehan is her call of, “I am also very skeptical of a “professional” and fascist military leadership taking their oath of service seriously and above their corporate-military allegiance to the Executive Branch recently and so tellingly revealed by General Betray-Us, so a military coup is out of the question and has the tricky element of becoming a military dictatorship.”

I take that as she would be willing for a “Military Coup,” should the “right” Military people lead it.

In the past she was primarily a nuisance, a loud mouthed boorish attention whore full of herself. Now she is becoming a danger, not only to herself, but to the country as she advocates illegal activities and wild antics that even a few might listen to.

I can only hope that whenever she does appear before the Court, the Judge sees what is going on and commits her to a Mental Institution for her own sake.



Unknown said...

I do think Cindy and Ward Churchill would make a wonderful couple.


LewWaters said...

Yes, but couple of what? ;-)

Roger W. Gardner said...

I agree with gecko. I don't know whose worse. But you're right, they do deserve each other.

Flag Gazer said...

She was entertaining and annoying, but this 'post-retirement' stuff is crazy and she could easily prompt other some crazy to do something seriously wrong.