Monday, September 03, 2007

Democrat Leahy Cries “Double Standard”

September 3, 2007

On yesterday’s Fox News Sunday program, discussing the current flap over the 2 month old misdemeanor guilty plea of Republican Larry Craig, Vermont Democrat, Patrick Leahy blurted, "One, I say there's a double standard. Secondly, I don't think they'll ask him (Vitter) to resign because, of course, he'd be replaced by a Democrat. It's easier to ask Larry Craig to resign because he'd be replaced by a Republican."

Of course Senator Leahy continues the canard of “Culture of Corruption” that Democrats deployed in 2006 to win Congressional power back, while dismissing their own Caucus of Corruption.

Leahy is attempting to point out that the resignation of Senator Larry Craig is to hush up a “scandal” of epic proportions because Iowa’s Governor will replace him with another Republican, while no calls for the resignation of Senator David Vitter, who would be replaced with a Democrat, constitutes a “double standard.”

No need to rehash either one of these “scandals” as our lamestream media has ensured you have read extensively of them. But, what of Leahy’s calls of a “Double Standard?” Is it really? Does a “Double Standard” actually exist in Washington D.C.?

Yes, it does! But not as Senator Leahy alludes to.

The Real Double Standard is how this 2 month old misdemeanor plea became headlines as the news of a Major Democrat fund raiser was discovered to be a wanted fugitive on a 15 year old felony warrant out of California, and allegedly, no one knew about him, was being hurriedly pushed to the back pages.

Since this ‘flap’ over Senator Craig is being now called a ‘sex’ scandal, further proof of the Democrat “Double Standard” was the calls for Craig’s resignation from members of both parties, while news of similar scandal of a Democrat result in only Republicans making that call for resignation.

In a shoot down of Matt Lauer over the slanted coverage of this, Tom DeLay said it best when he said, “There are scandals that need to be addressed. Republicans address them, Democrats re-elect them.”

Time and again, we see reports of Democrat party members acting in a scandolous manner being quickly hushed up while any inkling of a Republican acting in such a way makes major headlines endlessly.

Democrats ran on a ticket of “cleaning up Washington.” Current presidential candidates talk of “cleaning up Washington.” Yet, all we see is nother power grab by calling any untoward conduct of a Republican a major scandal, while ignoring their own.

From Ted Kennedy’s 1969 scandal of Chappaquiddick, in which a young lady died while Ted swam away, to Barney Frank’s Gay lover operating a prostitution ring from his apartment. From B.J. Clinton’s sexual escapades in the Oval Office and subsequent lies to the American people about it to William Jefferson’s indictment over accepting $100,000 in bribes and $90,000 of marked bills being discovered in his homes freezer, we see scandal after scandal coming from our elected officials of both parties, but only one party, the Republcians, is held acountable for their misconduct, real or trumped up.

Yes, Senator Leahy, there is a very obvious “Double Standard” in Washington D.C. today and if you and your fellow Democrats would hold each other as accountable as do Republicans, maybe we could get decent Representatives and Senators back in government.

I suspect, if that were to ever happen, Senator Leahy would be hard pressed to explain his own lack of candor in condemning Republicans, while turning a blind eye to fellow Democrats.


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